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leonhart83 01-26-2010 10:43 AM

Teemo VS Tristana Comparison
I have been level 30 for a couple of days now and I am trying to get away from Teemo as I think I have got my builds down perfect for the way that I play.

See below.

1. Doran Shield + Health Pot
2. Beserker Greaves / Mercury Treads
3. Malady
4. Last Whisper / Wit's End
4. Infinity Edge
5. Frozen Mallet

Now I have been looking for another hero to transfer to that I could slide into easy with so I have picked tristana. I have had no success following Flashfires or The Dizzles guides and to be honest I have been having more success with my teemo build on tristana.

My questions are for the Tristana players what does Tristana do better than Teemo or at least as good.

Pros Teemo
1.Poison Dart
This imho is the best harassing skill out of all heroes in the game. It allows Teemo to stay dangerous until about lvl6 without going back to buy items.

2.Blind Dart
This move destroys Yi,Twitch,Warwick pretty much anyone relying on hitting you to stay alive.

3.Move Quick
Allows Teemo to gank like crazy and get to the action without relying heavily on Ghost or Teleport.

I use this skill ONLY to control lanes that I am not pushing (As I play AS/DPS Teemo). It allows teemo to push without being there.

Cons Teemo
1. No escape.
This is easily fixed with clease which is why I use this skill. Along with Merc Boots. If you can't survive with these two then you most likely weren't going to survive with any champ.
2. No Stun/Slow
This is why I pick exhaust as the second summoner spell.
3. Squishy
Like most heroes with this stat, dorans shield helps at the start, malady lifesteal during midgame, frozen mallet end game can really help with this. Besides range champs shouldn't be getting hit or initiating team battles.(with some exceptions like ashes arrow)

Pros Tristana
I love the fact that the more lvls I get and the stronger I get the further from battle I can be to avoid damage.
Although I haven't perfected the rocket jump escape it has come in handy.
With quick shot you can clean minions very quickly and take towers down pretty fast.

Cons Tristana
1.Movement Speed
I am finding getting map control by ganking etc with Tristana almost impossible without Teleport/Ghost summoner abilities (meaning no clease or exhaust). Seem to always make it to the action a little too late.
Same as Teemo I guess, but with the need to get Teleport or Ghost in most circumstances you don't have cleanse (as exhaust is almost alway a good idea imho) meaning stuns/slows destroy Tristana.
3.No disables
I am finding that without blind dart Yi/Twitch/Warwick(no cleanse) makes Tristana only half useful with Rocket shot with anyone relying on health. Forcing Trist to have to get Exec Calling.

I would love some good advice on a better Build and tactics from people who are in my situation when it is hard to let go of such a "toolbox" champ like Teemo for Trist. Don't get me wrong I still go pretty well with Trist but in most circumstances I find that I get frustrated (LOL is a frustrating game) and regret not picking Teemo for his usefulness.

JunkRamen 01-26-2010 11:00 AM

There isn't much in common between them IMO aside from the fact they're both good laners (and mids) and both can be ranged carries (Tristana much moreso).

Tristana is pretty team reliant as a carry. Her risky tactics get more and more dangerous to use as time goes on, and the only true way to take advantage of her long range and steroid is for her not to move. This means that she can't be running away from something and her target must also not be running away. As such, I find she works well with positional, pushing tanks like Alistar.

I'm not an expert with Tristana, and I'm sure I'll get flamed for this, but the build I've seen higher players use is starting with boots/pots and then going straight for Infinity Edge from there.

Teemo as mid provides map control and protection from ganks. He can kinda gank but isn't the best at it. Tristana as mid is definitely a ganker and if she misses this opportunity she forfeits the early-mid level damage advantage she has with W and R. Basically: Tristana is a caster until she gets Infinity Edge.

trumpetFrog 01-26-2010 11:04 AM

Some comparison
Hey, took get some info already out there try reading this topic http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...ist+beat+teemo

I have a pretty in depth comparison of teemo and trist on page 3.

Since then my opinion has changed only slightly. IMO teemo is a slightly more useful character than trist because he is more versatile. I only use Trist if we are lacking any true physical DPS character, and that happens almost never.
Trist is able to dish out more damage than teemo and stay out of the danger zone better, giving her an advantage as a true carry. And she can surely take out a tower faster than teemo with Quick Fire(not sure if that's the correct name for that ability).

Teemo on the other hand is a great anti-physical DPS character (blind dart), and gives you more map control(move quick, and mushrooms). Plus he can fill the role of a carry, although he will likely never match DPS of a trist, yi, or other carries.

Geekweezul 01-26-2010 11:15 AM

I prefer Trist over Teemo any day.

Trist can put out massive damage...her range get huge as you gain level...her passive splash damage makes farming pretty easy, so getting your big items is easy-peasy...she can stay out of harm's way while fighting and she can GET out of harm's way by putting some massive distance between her and her enemy with her ult followed by rocket jump.

Put a lizard buff on her and it's gg for almost any hero.

EroticBadass 01-26-2010 12:10 PM

you forgot some pro's on Trist

- incredible farming
- less need for atk speed items
- ult can save team mates and great for ganking

Beegly Boogs 01-26-2010 12:43 PM

A big pro for trist is she isn't a Yordle.

lionheart5656 01-26-2010 12:43 PM

There is no comparison. The answer is the Backstreet Boys. Next riddle.

ctidesm 01-26-2010 02:58 PM


Originally Posted by lionheart5656 (Hozzászólás 576298)
There is no comparison. The answer is the Backstreet Boys. Next riddle.

Agreed, thread needs closed, the issue has been solved.

leonhart83 01-26-2010 03:55 PM

I guess the real questions I have are.

1. What is good or bad about my Teemo item build that I should change for Tristana.
Some would probably say that I have too much AS but even with Quick Fire I am not maxed out. And I don't get Quick Fire until lvl8.

2. What tips can be given when playing Tristana, regarding Skills?
I have to get better at the Rocket Jump+Ulti combo. As I am finding that it is a lot harder than it looks to knock the enemy towards the turret. I find that if I am not packing the Ulti that when I rocket jump I am usually in for a death sentence. At the start 1vs1 it seems ok but you don't have the power to kill an enemy unless packing Ignite. With the rocket jump it is also taking some getting used to with placement. Any tips on this?

3. What am I going to work out that will make it obvious that Tristana is better than Teemo?
Can people have a go at least on convincing me that Tristana is the better choice. I am seeing in a lot of peoples compiled tier lists that Trist is nearly always listed the same or higher than teemo.

4. What summoner skills do you recommend.
I have tried Cleanse/Exhaust, Ghost/Exhaust, Tele/Exhaust, Ghost/Tele. ATM my usual Teemo Cleanse (stuns/slows) / Exhaust (killing power) is winning out. But I will most likely change to Ghost permanently as Trist just doesn't have the moment speed. That I will I just buy boots of Switfness.

Nastharl 01-26-2010 04:11 PM

The build i've been running recently is

ExeCalling, Zerk Boots, Zeal, Infin Edge, Finish PD, Get some kinda HP.

Its crud vs tanks, but the crit lets you plow out damage fast. Runed for arpen, i hit about 300-400 damage midgame, and end w/ 500-700 dmg. upwards of 70% crit means that crit damage is now normal damage.

The other fun build i liked was Malady + Cleaver + Thirsters, and just blow peoples face off w/ base damage.

The main thing is. You want SOME as early, but never more than 1 AS item, as everything over 55% is wasted. Does nothing. lvl 18 + 55 AS is near max attack speed w/ quick shot up.

Trist needs damage one way or another + 1 AS. I've been liking exe calling because it shuts down lifestealing champs pretty fast, and the crit means any squishy you fight is probably going to die in a hurry.

Also, always take exhaust. It is your Twitch button. If twitch jumps you. Exhaust him. Kill him in 3 crits. Walk away. If there is no twitch, use it as normal, but if there is a twitch, Dont use it on anyone besides him. It practically hard counters him if you're paying attention.

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