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xen is DTF 02-12-2011 04:44 AM

How to get rid of AWFUL players in ranked.
Riot needs to implement a grade system for each champ you play. The grading starts when you hit level 30 in normal games. And when you enter rank, champs with a qualified grade are only available for you to use. For example, if you have10% winning rate with champ X, that champ will be restricted when you play ranked.

You would say "Nice idea but I have to play ALL my champs in normal decently to make available in ranked? That's GAY!"

You're ****ing right. This will get rid of the baddies playing champs for the first time in ranked. Ranked is supposed to be competitive right? Lets make this competitive then by getting rid of the bads that don't understand basic fundamentals of the game.

While this solution is not perfect and still has holes, the idea here is a grading/rating system for each champ you play. There's gotta be an algorithm for this system.

ElGuapo 02-12-2011 04:45 AM

I had a player play GP for the first time in ranked yesterday. And yes he fed.

Zero74 02-12-2011 04:48 AM

That solution is far from perfect.

Normal games are to accomodate the casual players (95%). Ranked has been made to accomodate the more hard core competing crowd (5%). What you're suggesting would only be fun for the über-tryhard competing gamer (0.01%). Other than that normal games are fine as they are now, I play normal games if I want to enjoy myself and play the game to have fun. Ranked is for when I want to try-hard. The reason normal games aren't so stressing is because they have no consequences.

Instead of what you propose I'd suggest keeping champions restricted untill a player has at least X games with the champion in normal, where X is a small number, like 3.

P.S. Yes I pulled those percentages from my ass.

Trollmanship 02-12-2011 04:51 AM

Yes let's make all the ranked tryhards come rage at everybody who stays away from ranked for a reason.

Also your suggestion does not take into consideration improvement over time and I dislike the entire idea.

Coq Wrangler 02-12-2011 04:53 AM

So what happens when a player who is highly proficient with only a few champions, of which there are qutie a few even at high elo get their best champions banned or are first picked? they have no champs above the quota and suddenly the game breaks?

Switch it from wins to KDA over at least "X" number of games if you really want a system to avoid feeders, assists count for .4 so support and tank players can still get some love.

It would encourage less trolling, as going 0/28/5 with your AD Carry Sona or intentionally feeding because you are raging at your team severly impacts your chances of playing that champion in ranked much more than one win or loss would.

Chisleu 02-12-2011 04:57 AM

Normals are already filled with people doing stupid ****ing ****. Ap panth or whatever.

Their feeding a stacking vlad/panth still brings down my win:loss ratio with my champ if I can't "carry hard enough"...

While I am right there with you in frustration, this idea is bad.

Waynolt 02-12-2011 04:58 AM

The idea is to keep people out who hit 30 and just switch from normal to ranked because it's not greyed out anymore. There should be SOME requirement to being able to play ranked games.

Jeanesy 02-12-2011 05:10 AM

I don't really understand how people could be so effing ******ed as to playing a champ for the first time in a ranked. really makes me wonder

DSG 02-12-2011 05:11 AM

The thing is, casual people play ranked.

Digipyro 02-12-2011 05:32 AM

I'd disagree to this post. if you want to stop the feeding and cancel out a big part of the badies get rid of the free to play champs in ranked. It's no place to test out a champ you dont master. This and preventind re qeueing should be a big step forward.

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