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Shurelia 02-11-2011 04:49 PM

[RP Event] 1.3 - Beyond the Great Barrier ~ A Dark History
A special note from the lore team: Thanks for joining us on the lore forums . We could not have done this without you guys! Without your expression of interest, participation, and initiative to keep the forum a friendly and wonderful place, we simply would not have the resources to continue this event. We're proud of you guys for creating a great forum that is a haven from the usual nonsense, and it's an honor to do this with you guys.

The following event will be different from the past ones, as it has limited slots. After a certain point the story will diverge with those who will be continuing. Please continue to interact IC with telepathy or what not... or OOC to help out and cheer on the RPers. Its our hope that those of you who aren't chosen will still participate!

With that I present you... RP event 1.3!


The Rusty Blade Tavern
February 11th, 21 CLE

“All Are Welcome Here” a sign hangs from the rafters just at the entrance of this back-alley tavern. To those who are connoisseurs the underground world, this was the best place to purchase black market goods, gather information and to hire people for all of those deeds you’d rather not speak of, this side of the Great Barrier. The tavern has always been a neutral place for the locals to meet… but was always a place for the misfits to find a job first.

Recently its been a bit more trafficked due to the influx of visitors since the news of the Nexus that was found there hit the news-stands. But all in all its still the same old run-down place, serving cheap food and liquor.

A special section towards the back of the tavern was special to those who knew about it. It was where people went to hire mercenaries. A large board on the wall held up various requests ranging from- “I need a bodyguard for the evening” to “I need a certain someone taken care of”.

An old man, obviously paranoid from his constant checking over his shoulder, sat down at a table after putting up a very odd post. “I need to travel beyond the Great Barrier. I need to leave tonight and I need mercenaries to help me. I need an expedition team with a balance of combat ability, “southern frontier” experts, and perhaps those with medical knowledge. I am willing to pay with runes and gems.”

Runes and Gems? Seems like a fortune for a simple escort task… although it does reach beyond the great barrier…


Special Notes
1. This is a limited space event. The event can only hold a limited amount of players due to the nature of the event. If your character does not advance into the story you can still interact by posting OOC posts to the players to give input on what they should do. Feel free to interact through visiopath and telepathy if you'd like IC as well.

2. Those of you who continue with the event, please try to stay on course and not venture too far off the path. While we like to keep creativity in your hands, we do have a story to tell!

3. If you are chosen to continue, please at that point mark your posts at the beginning with " | RP | " to designate it is a character post. To give an easier time to readers... please listen to the OOC people and help them feel like a part of the story as well! Im counting on you guys.

1. You may only RP as an original character you have made. Examples: Your own summoner, a citizen of a city-state.
2. Do not force actions upon another RPer.
3. Use parenthesis when speaking out of character. ((Hi I am speaking out of character.))
4. Please keep it clean!
5. Disclaimer: When interacting with an interactable storyline character, it may take some time for them to respond! ((We are busy people.))
6. Please do not force actions upon a canon character Example: Kayle.
7. Prior to RP'ing, make an entrance and introduce yourself / link a profile for your character that other people can reference.

KD Bonez has a good guideline for RPing: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=344760

Roarchat RP channel or Preservers OOC are a great places to coordinate!

Event Ended.

K D Bonez 02-11-2011 04:49 PM

Though few knew of his life, most people assumed that Sebastian Dulore, the Head Servent of the Noxian General Kalis Drekval Bonez, does not leave Noxus, much less the Manor itself. They assume that he dusts desks, sweeps floors, and keep Manor Drekval nice and tidy. That's why when they hear of what he does, it comes as a great shock. Sebastian Dulore, otherwise known as the Servent of Shadows, works as a Mercenary for Hire as a side job. Though his main benefactor and "boss" is General Bonez, he does these jobs for "...the sake of passing the time in a fun manner".

As Dulore makes his way thru the streets of Kalamanda (his usually hunting ground as of late), he makes his way inside The Rusty Blade Tavern. As he walks in, many eyes turn to see this odd, old looking man. To the many men and women wearing leather, metal, plate, and carrying weapons of various sizes and weights, Dulore seems to be wearing nothing more then his servent suit. Some scoffed at the sight, some were confused, but few had the insight to fear this sign; people who come to adventous lands such as this in such clothing tend to be spell casters of some sort.

As Sebastian makes his way to a table near the back, he hears the mumbling of the paranoid old man. Instead of making his way to the table, he turns and starts to walk to the man. Standing directly infront of him, he politely speaks;

"Hello my good sir, I am the Servent of Shadows, a mercenary for hire. May I offer you my services?"

((Sebastian Dulore))

AmusedGlint 02-11-2011 04:51 PM

((I'll be using the Dark Magic practitioner, Ryth http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/220 ))

Lu Caos 02-11-2011 04:51 PM


Lu had been to Kalamanda many times, mainly for his research and it was just on one of these trips he happened to run across the posting in the tavern. "An expedition past the great barrier.." he muttered to himself. Looking to the payment he grinned, the trip alone would be payment enough, but runes on top of that is always appreciated. Gems, he had little use for since he could create almost any gem or material he needed with transmutation. Lu had combat experience, to say the least, and with his transmutation healing was possible, though it was almost never a comfortable process. Now all he needed to do was sign up.. and wait.

Necromonger 02-11-2011 04:51 PM

((Dibs! I'm going to be Scarlet... her missions take her all over the place, anyway.))


- - - - - [ P ] - - - - -

Approaching the Rusty Blade Tavern through the narrowest alleyways, Scarlet was wiping off the blood stains on her black gloves with a stained handkerchief. She took out her cosmetics kit and saw blood on her cheek as well- she cleaned herself up, taking off her brown wig and her 'borrowed face'. She threw her Scarlet coat and a bloody butcher knife into the garbage. The coat's rich luster quickly faded to its original gray color. Meanwhile, she took another coat, dull brown, and wore it- pigments of Scarlet beginning to show. It would be Scarlet by sunrise.

"...Yes master. This is all the information I've extracted from Mr. Reed... I shall leave the civilized areas until the business of the Scarlet Slasher has passed... yes master, I will see you in a few days or weeks." She held up a crystal ball that projected the image of a hooded man. She pocketed the crystal ball quickly after the conversation. She also put on her crimson rimmed glasses, completing her change.

She entered the Tavern, a beautiful and dangerous creature that drew many an odd look from lonely, half-drunken men, and envious glares from less confident women. She walked fairly swiftly for someone in stilettos, quickly reaching the job board the moment eyes unhooked their gazes at her. She greeted the barkeep, an acquaintance she's made since coming to this place. He simply gestured over to the old man.

She walked over to the old man, approaching within his sights. For such a beauty to have graced the old man attention, a second round of looks were thrown in their direction... She ignored them, and presented herself when she say down. "Greetings, good sir... I heard you were departing the region tonight? I am very much in need of vanishing myself. Perhaps I can be of assistance." She smiled and spoke with a polite tone, reading the old man's mood and adjusting herself to appear the most pleasant.

Tourist Fjord 02-11-2011 04:53 PM

((EDIT: Here's my Character for this session))


Shurelia 02-11-2011 04:57 PM

((Right now the event is open to any who wish to participate. The event will eventually branch out to a point where only a certain amount of people can follow. For now... carry on and have fun in the tavern. = ) ))

Shurelia 02-11-2011 05:12 PM

The man squinted an eye at Lu Caos and Sebastian, "What are you're credentials? What can you do?"

Sylph 02-11-2011 05:18 PM

((( [RP Event] 1.3: Beyond the Great Barrier ~ A Dark History (Date: 11 February 21 CLE) has been added for your reference. ))

AmusedGlint 02-11-2011 05:26 PM

((Just in case you didn't see: http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/220 ))

Her heels made a constant tapping noise on the wooden boards as Ryth moved from post to post, reading and thinking to herself, trying to decide which job she should take. It wasn’t that she needed money… she just couldn’t stand the constant bickering between Uncle and his current mistress. Ryth figured that if she took some missions she would be able to leave for a while and earn some gold while at it. Her light blue eyes flickered across the parchments posted up, none of them were interesting. Since her goal was to help people the assassination jobs were immediately out; body guard… no, that wouldn’t do. Ryth continued her trek through the room, her eyes never leaving the bulletin board- that was until her staff whispered something to her.

“Over there mistress,” The skull whispered, causing the blonde haired woman to turn towards a seemingly paranoid old man. Ryth swore under her breath and squinted at the sign, she couldn’t read it from where she was standing. ““I need to travel beyond the Great Barrier. I need to leave tonight and I need mercenaries to help me. I need an expedition team with a balance of combat ability, “southern frontier” experts, and perhaps those with medical knowledge. I am willing to pay with runes and gems.” The staff said once more, its sight far more superior than that of any humans. This of course, perked Ryth’s interest. She had always wanted to travel down to the South, and even though she was constantly passing through Morgon Pass, she never had the chance to go that far south.

“Sounds exciting,” Ryth says to herself as she walked over to the old man who was now talking to another elderly looking figure. “Staff, what can you tell me about the old man with glasses.” The staff’s eyes flashed with a blue light, and then it whispered something low. “****…nothing,” She hissed as she continued to walk forward at a calm pace. One of her eyebrows raised as another man approached to sign up for the job. “My, my, we’re going to have competition, staff.” Ryth finally reaches the three and gives each of the men a smile.

“Hello gentlemen, I do hope you will allow a woman such as me to enter your midst?” She spoke in a friendly voice, yet her posture showed that she was strong enough to hold her own. Ryth looked at the man who had posted up the job and smiled extra nicely. “Hello there sir,” She said as she bowed, “Ryth Leona, at your service. I wield at my command Dark Magic, and the power of enchanting.”

”And of course, the power of telepathy," She added in a telepathic message.

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