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Ramusu Senpai 02-09-2011 11:34 AM

Looking for Tournament Clan/Team
As the title says, Im very interested in playing in some tournaments and winning some prized I believe Ive got what it takes already to be on a some what pro team and excell, I still of course have room for improvment and would like very much to practice with a team for scheduled clan/team events... My elo is currently about 1400 keep jumping around cause I some how seem to get such terrible people on my team that act like 10 year olds all the time, I have almost 500 wins and play all kinds of champs to do different roles, but my best so far are probly Vlad/Renek , Im good with alot more but I think Im in my prime when Im using them. I play usually on a daily basis (pretty much when Im not playing something else lol)

So yeah Im interested in try outs or anything as long as Im on a team thats looking forward to doing tournaments in the near future or currently are...

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