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Soookayyy 01-21-2010 10:16 AM

Guide: Anivia my CryOP
I have been reading a lot on the forums since i aquired Anivia a few weeks back now. No one seems to understand the power of this hero, except for a select few like AFKush who i am glad i read all the comments on Remni guide to the cryOP. This hero is by no means just a farmer/assist hero like i have been reading. This will be my first guide so please be gentle but definitly give me your thoughts. Thanks to everyone who has posted about Anivia so far i learned so much from your arguments and i just wish more people would see the power of this bird.

Here is my approach to Anivia and i hope this can also help a few players play better against her. No one seems to really understand what your doing when you play against them so i hope that by reading this people will know how to fight her better too because there is a serious knowledge gap for non-cryo users.

Your Abilities and Leveling:
People have argued in the comments of other guides about the build. i have taken everything in consideration and i have game tested it all.
FF - Flash Frost - Initiator move, chills enemies, once your good enough this is actualy suprisingly easy to land with proper walling.
FB - Frost Bite - Your main devastating attack. You will max this as soon as possible, its up every 5secs with no CD reductions, its your main move.
C - Crystallize - Your wall, once you master this move you will make your enemies scream in anger!
GS - Glacial Storm - Your ultimate, your other initiating option. Much easier to freeze your enemies then with FF, massive mana use.

from 1 to 18 i personally level
1 - FF - the stun doesnt get longer lvl 1 is all you need until you have lvl 5 FB
2 - FB
3 - FB
4 - C - here i get a lot of people who dissagre with me. The wall is incredible, if you dont think so, learn to use it. play against the computer, learn to time, learn to seperate fights in half, learn to espace with it. this is a very very very useful ability
5 - FB
6 - GS - some people skip there ult to lvl 10. your honestly way off track, your ult is just another setup for your all powerful FB. its much easier to stun someone with FF once they are slowed in your ult and stuck behind a wall.
7 - FB
8 - FF - now you can start to level this more because you will want the extra damage from this now. your ult will slow them, this is much easier to land, again use that wall well.
9 - FB
10 - FF
11 - GS
12 - FF
13 - FF
14 - C
15 - C
16 - GS
17 - C
18 - C

Before we get into item details, all of these are my personal choices, they hit very hard and i personally play like i am a slow glass cannon so my play style allows me to go with all DPS items or very close. maybe your not ready for this, but learn to play as an artilery. see yourself on the field, unable to retreat against any real assassin. This is a fact, but the other fact is, they will run from you when they realise, oh **** this Anivia is no support hero that casts FF and stuns for me .75secs very annoyingly.
If your soloing:
Ruby Crystal
Boots of Speed
if your doing good on time/money:
your going to get Sapphire Crystal and go rod of ages until you finish it, if you start the rod, you rush for it or its not nearly as valuable
if you were against someone who is making your life hell and your cash is low
Haunting Guise -> a bit of everything, the cheapest 20 magic pen out there.
Sorcerer's Shoes
More options come available here
Abyssal Scepter -> very good espacialy against a caster heavy group
Void Staff -> even more magic pen! but not nearly as much defense.
after this, fill in the blanks honestly, Zhonya's Ring i personally like if the game makes it this far but really it wont make or break your build or your game

If you have a partner:
Alot of the same but start your rod differently go with the Sapphire Crystal first
I personally still try rod of ages even if i am laning with someone as long as they arent getting all the cash. But this way you normaly get more money from killing blows and first blood to make up for the solo money lost, i prefer to lane with someone then solo.
if you didnt get your rod, you need something to help you survive and get you more health.
Sorcerer's Shoes very quickly following, should be making half your shoes and half your rod in my opinion here to make up for the lack of early health, but feel it out and go with what feel right at the time.
I go same build most for the rest, high AP items with magic pen items

Sheen/Lich Bane:
I personally am not a huge fan of this. it works pretty good i will admit once you have the Bane but i personally avoid this item.

Not much mana in there if your not getting your Rod of Ages early, this is why i personally run with clarity for summoner spell, i dont spam FF early game much alot more FB to get those double damages in there early and put some fear in them.
You will need to manage your ult very well too, as they leave it turn it off, you want to have it up again asap to reposition it.
you can run with Ignite if your like me and play extremely aggressively.
or you can play with Teleport to help your mana regen with it, you can also teleport when your an egg.

Lane partners:
The best lane partner for Anivia is by far Poppy. Making walls for Poppy just turns her into a killing machine, her stun at the end of her charge forces people to stay in your ultimate much longer and lets you easily re-stun them with FF. This section i will expand on at a later date, but really no one goes bad with a slower/stunner that does insane burst damage. I would not recommend laning with a farmer at all because you can be a great carry even if your not soloing, but not if your short on cash cause Sivir is pwning lanes of creeps instantly. So team up with a tank that has a nice stun or a high dps charater like Shaco.

I hope this helps everyone understand why i call my pheonix the CryOP. This hero will feel terrible the first game you play, you will probably not understand at all why anyone plays her ever. But play practice games at first, learn to wall like a true champ and stun with FF someone with boots. If your standing behind, casting FF every time its up, your farming, your not killing one by doing this, if you do sorry to tell you but its not you that's good it's your opponent that's terrible.
Looking forward to feed back and again thanks to every one who has posted about her before i picked up alot of these tricks from you guys!

you can get these from the guide list but i wanted to post them here. Never read 1 guide, read them all, draw your own conclusions.

Kvav: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...ead.php?t=4598
Remni : http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...ead.php?t=2761
AFKush : thanks for your comments on the guides i followed them and i completely agree with you, this bird is one OP hero

XrBob 01-21-2010 03:43 PM

I know frostbite is powerful, but do you feel like you lose on farming ability if you don't level flashfrost until later?

DarkVenus 01-22-2010 12:41 AM

Nice guide, i tried but i cant teleport while in egg form, its on cd

IMSavior 01-22-2010 02:02 AM


Originally Posted by DarkVenus (Hozzászólás 554037)
Nice guide, i tried but i cant teleport while in egg form, its on cd

if you teleport right before you egg, it stays on whiel you are in egg and will teleport your egg out


Originally Posted by XrBob (Hozzászólás 552035)
I know frostbite is powerful, but do you feel like you lose on farming ability if you don't level flashfrost until later?

the nuke will help you get like 6-7 kills extremely fast if you are an offensive / aggressive player

once you reach 6 you will have 0 farming problems ulti on for like 2 seconds then flash frost will kill any amount of creeps

Soookayyy 01-22-2010 04:33 AM

its exactly like sAviOrZelda said, you will get the money from killing champions insted at first, then you will have your ultimate, that makes it balance out. If i wasnt at work i could send you some screen shots but i always end the game with bare minimum 200 creep kills. So yes i think not opting into FF for farming is for sure the way to go. People will not fear a 12cd .75 sec stun like they will your FB. And fear wins games :)

Zohariel 01-22-2010 05:17 AM

It's important to know the way the wind is blowing though. If you're not doing so well early on, then Frostbite isn't going to be nearly as useful to you as Flash Frost - in a tough lane you could always try alternating Flash Frost and Frostbite, leaving Crystallize for later. As for boots, I really like the Boots of Mobility. Anivia is slow, but she rarely needs extra move speed in battle as she has plenty of escape mechanisms. Taking Mobility boots lets you move from lane to lane ganking as much as you like, and it also means you don't have to carry Teleport to get you places. You do have to be more careful early game though, since Anivia takes longer getting back into the fight than most.

One thing I would say is this: always get Glacial Storm at 6. Glacial Storm gives you so many more options - it helps you harass with FB and FF, lets you escape with the slow, gives your allies an easier shot at caught enemies, and is a DOT on top of it all. With the recent mana cost reduction buff, you have no excuse not to take it.

Rumbalaka 01-22-2010 12:44 PM

I bought Anivia today and it is sooo awesome. really the mass nuke hero love it. around 40 min I have aprox 250 dps form ult combined with the 2 nukes I can hit someone for about 1500 within 2 sec and then theyre still trapped:) needless to say it is not that hard to get some kills with also the egg ability is super nice I tricked quite some players into suiciding on me so that my team would kill em and i would be a lil egg. played 6 games with it so far won first 5 then lost the last 1 thx to 2 leavers :@ kind off feel that is undeserved but I guess that comes with the game like with dota still ban those people for a week or so maybe then they'll learn you should not ruin the game for other people. The only downside with Anivia is the movespeed. it is quite low so I took ghost as 1 of my spells. Does wonders:) just pay attention to the minimap so you know when that assassin (Twitch:@) comes for you. luckely with the mass nuke and all twitch usually drops quicker then Anivia at least that is what I saw today.

Extraxi 01-22-2010 02:04 PM

I'd just like to hear input on laning with Poppy. Mostly just the walling.

Does crystallize in fact count as a wall for Poppy to smash into? I was putting up a wall behind an enemy and I didn't see Poppy charging into him. She charged him through the wall, and she was blocked off through the jungle. :( (Luckily we were winning, lol.)

This could just be due to the fact that Anivia's wall and Poppy's charge are both fairly glitchy, and that was only one time. So for those who have done this, does it reliably work for you?

Soookayyy 02-17-2010 04:39 AM

Extraxi, not anymore no :( poppy just goes tru the wall. At the first release of poppy me and a friend had tried it right away and it seemed to work but maybe like you said it was just glitchy. Can definitly confirm that this does not typicaly work anymore :(

I am still playing alot of Anivia and going for full magic penetration is still extremely powerful.

hunters guise
sorc shoes
abyss scepter
void staff
zonja's ring if the game is somehow still going on. I was pretty much comboing teemo and ashe in less then a second with stun dealing double damage, dropping ult and frost bitting.

new skin is meh, was really hoping for more but its not terrible

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