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TheGiantYordle 02-03-2011 01:36 PM

Before you post
Look at the top of this forum. There is a link that says "Guides." That link contains a massive number of guides from items, to heroes, to builds, to general strategy, to game mechanics... basically anything you could want to ever know, and likely more than you ever wanted to know.

Go there, read up on what you're curious about, because im sure its in there somewhere, and then we can keep the GUIDE forum a bit cleaner, and have guides here as opposed to questions that have already been addressed in a myriad of ways numerous times.

Sykomyke 02-03-2011 01:48 PM

Oh hello...Didn't know your new found and self-administrated responsibilities involved being the forum police.

Also, alot of guides become obviated by power creep, item/mastery/rune changes, as well as champion buffs/nerfs. Given the fact that even with updating a guide, it's more relevant to create a new guide (in terms of the contemporary changes to a game), rather then trying to update an old guide that is far outdated. You see this all the time. I don't like the irrelevant threads as well, but hey that's the nature of the internet.

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