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v1ru5 01-16-2010 10:02 AM

Best Runes for Ashe Please
Best Runes for Ashe Please

Avloren 01-16-2010 11:13 AM

Marks can be either armor pen (good all around mark for any physical dps) or critical damage (better than armor pen for late game, but weaker early/mid game). Glyphs you really want mana per 5 per level (the scaling one), the other glyphs are all pretty bad for Ashe, mp5 supports your volley spam especially mid/late game when it's down to a 4 sec cd. For seals and quints I just go with hp/level and flat hp, safe bet for any champion, you could go with critical damage here too if you're worried more about damage than survivability.

Dominoes 01-16-2010 03:10 PM

my main is ashe and im using armor pen in red and crit dmg glyphs seals and quints

u end up with 17 armor pen and around 28% crit dmg

Viro Melchior 01-16-2010 04:51 PM

As i will typically pick up a Last Whisper for my Ashe builds, I don't find armor pen runes quite as useful as taking Furor for marks. I've been a big fan of -cooldown in glyphs, but they just don't give enough to be a sizeable difference for anything but Crystals Arrow.

I'd say stick with mana regen for your Seals, and whatever you fancy in the glyphs (9 marks alone net you over 22% bonus crit damage, which, with IE, means you crit for 300%.

I'm a fan of move speed in Quints (4.5% is a 14 point boost to your total movespeed right off the bat, or about 1/3 of what buying boots provides).
Skipping that, I would focus on further crit damage.

Typical Ashe build for me to take proper advantage of these runes:

Infinity Edge + Phantom Dancer. These provide a healthy damage boost, the further +crit dmg boost, some attack speed, a bit of movement, and plenty of crit chance.
Last Whisper, or if the enemy team has no tanks or anyone stacking armor, a second Phantom Dancer.
Warmogs + Frozen Heart. These give Ashe survivability. And Frozen Heart provides plenty of mana/cooldown for helping spam Volley and such.
Add in a boots and you're golden, if a bit low on mana regen. But there's always Golem buff if nobody else on your team is taking it.

The primary focus for me playing Ashe is assists with Crystal Arrow and Volley in team fights, staying as far back as I can. The extra 100 armor and 1400 hp from the two defensive items though allows Ashe to easily take some pounding.

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