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DragonArmy 01-15-2010 10:57 PM

New Account Can't Find A Game

I started another account. I entered champion select and waited five minutes. Cancelled and started again. About 2 minutes in it found me a game! However, someone queue dodged it. It re-entered me into the queue and I wait until 11:30 seconds and the requeue again. This current Queue I have now been waiting for 5 minutes.

Just FYI if I was a new play and could not join my first game after 15-20 minutes, I may be confused. It might be nice to leave a note to new players that they might have trouble finding other players to play their first game.

UPDATE:not sure why I put this in the wrong forumn...

Hugenaught 01-15-2010 11:33 PM

Try a practice game. It shouldn't take you that long to find a game. Something's probably messed up with the server. Just play a few practice games first. Usually only takes me 20 or so seconds.

Wrong forum btw.

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