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dovvntempo 01-15-2010 06:58 PM

where to place wards / mushrooms? (map pic included)
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I'd like to hear everything related to proper warding, and proper mushroom placement. I've found that sometimes I'm the only person on the team who bothers buying wards. They really do help in some games, even in changing the momentum of the game (I hope in those games my teammates will think to buy wards as well in the future).

Anyway, if I know that the golems / lizards will be visited (either b/c I see junglers on the team or I see our enemy with buffs a lot) I will ward them.

Other times, I want to be able to push a lane for as long as I can b/c it's pivotal to gaining the advantage, yet I don't wanna die like every other lone noob out there. So I'll place a couple wards in places where I think they'll show up.

Warding baron is a no-brainer. It all depends on when I / our team feels like they could baron.

When we're losing out on towers, I like to ward near our jungles so our team can venture out a little without getting jumped. When we're winning on towers, I like to ward their jungle so we limit the space they can roam without getting ganked. Suppose they could go nowhere without being seen by a ward. Then the only safe place would be in their lanes, where the enemy late game champions would be limited to attacking minions.

I've attached a picture of a map with green lines indicating the paths you can take, to make it a little clearer where people are going to travel. The dots are self-explanatory. If you would, save the image on your hard drive and edit it to show where you like to place your wards / shrooms, and explain for what purpose, be it general map control or w/e.

Map control isn't discussed so much on these forums, and I'd like to hear more about it.

Bait 01-15-2010 07:02 PM

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great map. i've been looking for a picture like this (even requested it) for a long time now.

x for mines.
purple lines for areas of the map that seemed incorrect.

you also place it on side brushes at start but you don't later on. mines don't stack damage.

True Bandito 01-15-2010 07:13 PM

I'm gonna experiment and buy at least a couple of wards with potions in the beginning and put them in the lane brushes on top or bottom. That way I can see any ganks coming, and the enemy champs can't evade my units by going into those brushes AND my Parrrley will not be canceled when one of those buggers disappear behind the tall grass. Dunno how effective it will be but I will experiment further.;)

dovvntempo 01-15-2010 07:36 PM

interesting guys.

Bait: I can see the logic for the placement. I'll have to start playing teemo all the time and see how fun this is seeing the entire place lit up.

True Bandito: sounds like a fun idea. It's funny using clairvoyance on enemies in the bushes and watching our creeps attack them. On a side note, I've used clairvoyance (and could probably use a ward) to get vision behind a tower that our team is bringing down. That way, we can see when the enemy team is coming and this allows our ENTIRE team to be confident to stay until the very last second in order to bring down the tower.

stimmedcows 01-15-2010 07:37 PM

Sight wards seem like a waste of money, since your team can call MIA and if you're that bothered take clairvoyance to watch creep buffs. The only thing I can see wanting to ward is the brush your opponent is about to flee in to turtle-wait for cooldowns and make you walk into melee range with a ranged hero etc.

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