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Tamat 01-25-2011 08:42 PM

Champion Sneak Peek: Karma, the Enlightened One
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If you’re a fan of Ionian champions, or just a fan of fans in general, you’re really going to take to this next champion. It is my pleasure to introduce, Karma, the Enlightened One, to the League of Legends. Along with a pair of particularly deadly looking fans, Karma brings an elegant look and a particularly level headed disposition to the League of Legends. Keep an open mind. After all… we can all use a little enlightenment.

Glink 01-25-2011 08:42 PM

Ionian champs are usually interesting to play, lets hope Karma is too!

Blux 01-25-2011 08:42 PM


Sheldons 01-25-2011 08:42 PM

dont believe it, shes not showing any boobs.

edit: whats with the downvotes?

1TBSSD 01-25-2011 08:42 PM


D3210210 01-25-2011 08:42 PM

Looks awesome!

ZSabre 01-25-2011 08:43 PM

Cool, I'm a fan of Eduardo.

You are fat 01-25-2011 08:43 PM

No way, a chick thats fully covered up!

Agilism 01-25-2011 08:43 PM

wuts she do?

Sir Azural 01-25-2011 08:43 PM

Looks interesting.

The model preview is a nice addition.

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