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Ramoreik 03-13-2011 10:16 PM

pls guys recover my account i got suspended cuz my computer crashed in a game plz

spiritburn 03-14-2011 06:44 AM

Hey my account was suspended until today and it still wont let me play on it... anyone fix it for me??

TheGod686 03-14-2011 07:53 AM

I was suspended
Hey my comp is bull **** he's shutting down sumtime .. but wtf.. am i suspended for that .. !?

helioaurum 03-14-2011 10:52 AM

account retrieval
Please retrieve my account that was banned because left the game. i didn't leave the game on purpose, it was because i had a problem with my internet service. the connection was shut down suddenly without notification by the provider. so please, reactivate my account.

jake00361 03-14-2011 11:18 AM

banned for leaving game
hello everyone
my account just got banned yesterday

Please help me unban my account

When i leave a game i have to cause my dad needs to use the Internet and he doesn't tell me when he needs to use it, when he does hes on for about 30-40 min and i now just do 3vs3.

Please Help Me!!!!!!

killin6 03-14-2011 11:26 AM

my league of legends
i want play much league of legends but my pc is so low and i masted close my pc and open it again to play pls pls pls i am bunnen pls make me unban and fix it my acount pls
pls make me to play at league of leagends in my acount i love league of legends so much pls

killin6 03-14-2011 11:33 AM

my league of legends
pls make me to play at league of leagends in my acount

MasterRates 03-14-2011 12:47 PM


I went AFK in one game and I got banned and I'm aware of the rules and I think my account getting banned is fair. What is weird though is that my account says it will be unbanned 3-14-11. Today is 3-14-11. Is it because my account will become unbanned the time I got banned?

AlwaysBeCleaving 03-14-2011 03:51 PM

my account got banned untill 3/14/11 when does it become unbanned

AlwaysBeCleaving 03-14-2011 03:58 PM

Ok honestly can one of the devs answer this question for me, why is it that even though i've dumped a good chunk of cash to buy the game, buy skins, buy rp, and get to lvl 30, why is it that i can get my account from a FREE game banned

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