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Slīck 08-11-2009 11:33 PM

FPS dive
Description of problem

I have had a recurring bug that lowers my frames per second into the single digits reaching as low as 5 fps. Last night, I played on my desktop at home and this problem occurred without warning. My FPS fluctuated from 30+ to the single digits. It stayed at the single digits for the vast majority of time with occasional spikes in fps.

Tonight, I was LANning with three of my friends and all four of us were using the same wireless internet. I was also playing with my laptop so the problem wasn't exclusive to my desktop at home. The same problem occurred at the beginning of our last game.

My friend also complained about this bug which afflicted his games before.

So I gathered that this bug is most likely not related to the internet provider (since all of my friends and I were sharing the same one), it couldn't have been a computer issue (since I played on two different PCs and my friend plays his on a mac with windows), and it is not a new bug since my friend was beta testing from almost the very beginning.

I hope this report helps. This is a really demoralizing bug because it does not outright crash my game. Instead, it is serious enough to throw off my micromanagement and make playing unenjoyable but not serious enough to make me completely useless.

Just a recap:

-Bug occurs at night (might be a coincidence because I play mostly at night).
-Drops FPS to single digits with occasional spikes that increase FPS.
-Occurs from the beginning of a game until the end.

Duffie 08-13-2009 02:44 PM

I get nearly the same thing. For some reason I get massive FPS lag out of no where. I'll be cruising along at a solid 80+ fps and it drops randomly to 5 or 3. It is terrible sometimes and makes the game really difficult to play.

It isn't my internet or computer it seems. I play TF2 with maxed graphics with ease without ever hitting a hiccup. I can play Crysis on max with my computer still, but LoL poses a problem somehow.

Your not alone in the issue, there are a few others who seem to have it as well.

Slīck 08-15-2009 09:03 AM

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. Perhaps this is not a new bug since I have heard of this happening for a long time now. I really hope this gets fixed by release.

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