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Draken Frosthand 01-08-2011 07:03 PM

[Application RP] Coldthron Spire, Basilica of the Void
Ironspine. The second largest mountain range of Valoran, only behind the Great Barrier that splits the northern and southern portions of the continent.

Zoom in on it a bit.

North of the Institute of War, northwest of Noxus, northeast of Demacia, in these great mountains, is a mage's tower. A vast fortress-spire in the windsweept cliffs, this is Coldthorn Spire, and since before the League, it has been the abode of Draken Frosthand.

But now, it becomes more, as men and women hear a call from beyond, leading to this place, for the hallowed lands of Icathia are distant, and the powers in the spire can lead those who there gather with ease.

For the tall Coldthorn Spire and the village that surrounds it and the vast caves underneath are now sacred ground too... Sacred ground to the dark and horrific gods of the Void and those who revere them, and here congregate their greatest and most terrible servants.

List of Participants
Draken Frosthand - Draken Frosthand, Herald of the Broodmother
Transience - Transience, The Father's Representative
Kasmiria - Alina and Hakim Althorn
NecrololiKing - Wong Fuhai, the previous necromonger
Undead Mantis - Keen, the Undead Mantis
Kahzel - Antheon Nifleward, the Voidmage
azombiepants - Ethan, Peasant of the Void
SixFingerMan68 - Farrow Wraithband - Deceased.

Undead Mantis 01-08-2011 07:11 PM

I wish to partake, good Frosthand. How do I do so?

EDIT: I have done it!

Draken Frosthand 01-08-2011 07:14 PM

((Well... First things first. It is an IC thread soo... I will need you to give at least one character, profile is useful too. >>)

NecroLoliKing 01-09-2011 05:48 AM


Wong Fuhai lead hundreds of his undead followers into the cold mountains, sensing a great conflux of destiny in this desolate place. His sorcerers cast their clairvoyance upon the winds, and they read the signs that led them here. Villagers fled at the arrival of an undead army, though the rotted warriors paid them no heed, as their master rode upon his reanimated steed up to the Spire. The cold wind blew against his plate mail and fur, his graying beard forming frost at the tips. He scratched the dead eye beneath his right eye patch, the lich sight feeling like an allergy when not in use.

He halted his procession a hundred yards from the entrance of the spire and dismounted, as was a customary gesture of non-hostility. He brings out from a nearby carriage three enslaved women bearing his arms and helm, and attaching their collars to his armor. He is further surrounded by several skeletal warriors clad in welded iron armor, one of them flying his banner.

He awaited the welcome of the host.

Draken Frosthand 01-09-2011 06:16 AM

(Ok Mantis, now make your introduction.)

A chill wind blew past the gates, forming into a man in regal mage robes.

Draken Frosthand.

"Ah, our very first sojourner arrives, and who else if not illustrious Wong Fuhai, it's been fifteen years since last I heard of you in the league."

The people of Coldthorn Village leave their homes once more, watching the arrival and the undead army with a much less wary facade, a low chittering and clattering filling the air as they mass.

"Did faith's call lead you to my humble abode today, mister Wong?"

NecroLoliKing 01-09-2011 06:22 AM

"I am here for vengeance. My visions said I could find satiation here. That I could raise a new army and crush the League- especially that accursed man who took my title and my daughter from me." He took a few steps towards the host.

"Know though, that I am no follower. I rule." He spoke in a strong, husky voice that belies his true age.

His great bulk pulled on the chains of his slaves, causing them to drag themselves with him.

Draken Frosthand 01-09-2011 06:39 AM

Times like these a nice, long beard to rub would be useful... Maybe growing a beard would be... No, focus!

"Sounds good enough to me, hohoho... But do keep your mind open! You never know when your eyes will fall upon something... Grandiose."

The gate of the spire's courtyard opens behind Draken, allowing the former Necromonger and his entourage to pass.

The citizens of coldthorn go back to their daily affairs.

Transience 01-09-2011 07:21 AM


Within the spire's courtyard, a thin tear opens in the fabric of reality. It seems reluctant at first but then with haunting elegance, opens into a portal. Transience steps through with a smile, his grey cloak fluttering lightly in the wind. With an offhand gesture, the portal closes behind him. He feels comfortable in this area, the energies very much in tune with his own.

He strides forward confidently, noting the entourage and the man he senses to likely be his host. He is pleased, his second sight is working magnificently in this place. And he senses power, a great deal of it. His smile widens. He is a bit late but that hardly matters.

"Greetings," He calls warmly. "My name is Transience, a pleasure to be here. And Draken, allow me to thank you once more for allowing us to use this as our meeting ground."

Kasmiria 01-09-2011 10:05 AM

Another portal opened behind Transience. A ripple of reality tore apart making a path for a monstrous large feline to leap out. It snarled, pulling a small chariot and two figures. The male was only human in face and chest but the rest of his entire body was rippled with biological qualities not of the world. His eyes had an unnatural light and his long dark hair only shifted as if alive. The other person was a female and looked mostly human. Auburn hair, honey-colored eyes and a comfortable pose. Despite the cold, her body did not react to it, even when it’s only covered in the dress that exposed her belly, thighs and a few other places. If there was anyone behind her, they would have caught a glimpse of an eye emerging on her right shoulder. The bangles and chains she wore were had Icathian runes.

Why are we accepting this invitation again? Karim opened the link only his sister can hear.

We have been locked from this world for a long time, Karim. Though we received worldly knowledge from our last few meals, we should take this chance to have some allies at our back or useful tools to expend at our leisure.

I see…so if they’re useless to us one way.

They’ll be in the 'other' way.

Karim smiled at his sister and nodded, before setting off the floorboard of the chariot. He picked Alina like a piece of delicate grass and set her feet on the cold ground. Alina didn’t flinched at all while she only wore sandals, just walked towards the group without a second thought.

“Alina, and this brute is my brother Hakim. Was it you that called us from the Void?” She looked at Draken, with her alluring eyes staring sweetly into his soul…like a cat charming the bird that it wants to eat.

Draken Frosthand 01-09-2011 11:43 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Draken turns to the arrivals as they speak, morphing into his horrendous voidborne form as he does. Something like a man, draped in the same regal vests and odd pieces of plate, but now with much of his face covered by a hood, all but several glowing blue eyes, his hands become pincers, and barbed tentacles not unliked stingered tails erupt from his back, along with membranous wings like those of a dragonfly.

Alina's gaze is met by the many eyes of the broodlord, whose monstrous heart is oblivious to her charms.

"Transience, my good friend, I was in fact surprised that you were not the very first of our congregation to arrive. And you two, Alina and Hakim, I can scent great blessings upon you both. Please, all of you, make yourselves at home, and no, no, no it was not me who called you here, but fate as dictated by the gods of the void themselves... Yesss..."

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