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Vortimous 01-05-2010 06:27 PM

AP runes?
Okay I have my damage with crits, etc rune page done... Now I am looking for my second page for the AP players I use. What are the best runes to get or stack for AP builds.... I am level 30, I just dont play much AP, but would like to start. I know the masteries to go, but I need help in building the best rune page for AP. What is the best to get and what to get first.... Whats the best thing to stack?


Mpalm 01-05-2010 10:18 PM

For casters I think a solid build is:

Marks = Magic Penetration
Seals = Mana regen / level
Glyphs = Cooldown Reduction or AP / level or Mana
Quints = Static HP

wildfire393 01-05-2010 10:43 PM

7 Glyphs of Focus + 1 Quintessence of Focus (flat Cooldown Reduction) gives you a little over 6% Cooldown reduction, which means that with a 9/0/21 mastery spec (standard caster spec), you get 15% reduced cooldowns, meaning it takes only 25% to hit the cap. This is a good number because you can get exactly 25% from several convenient sources (Golem, Frozen Heart, etc).

Mana Regeneration is also key for casters. You really don't want to have to invest into a Meki Pendant, so you can start on your RoA right away. I suggest making your Seals and one more Quintessence Replenishment (Flat MP Regeneration), your final 2 Glyphs Clarity (scaling MP/5, since they beat the flat ones at level 4, while Seals require level 5. You really really need the mana to stay in lane the first 4 levels, meaning you cannot afford to have your seals be worse until 5) for a good amount of mana regen.

As for your last slots, a full set of Magic Penetration Marks and a Magic Penetration Quint round off your book with solid MPen to make your spells hit harder.

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