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Eambo 01-06-2011 05:45 AM

A Guide to Resolving Patcher/Launcher Issues

Post 1 - Table of Contents
Post 2 - Notes and Disclaimers
Post 3 - Updates and Status
Post 4 - Riot Beta Patcher (Replacement for Manual Fix Two)
Post 5 - Automatic Fix Method One (PatcherFixer Tool - Recommended)
Post 6 - Manual Fix Method One
Post 7 - Reserved
Post 8 - Reserved
Post 9 - Methods of Resolving the Problem Explained
Post 10 - Quick Notes: Related Errors, and why you get this error

Eambo 01-06-2011 05:45 AM

:::: DISCLAIMER ::::

- I am not a Riot employee
- I am not paid to maintain these files
- I am paying for the hosting space myself
- I am maintaining this site in my free time
- This site and fixes are in no way affiliated with Riot Games
- By continuing, you agree that this may cause problems if any files are corrupt, and I am not held accountable

:::: NOTES ::::

1: Always make a backup of your original files when modifying, just incase! Simply copy and paste the League of Legends folder, and that will make a complete backup of it, should you run into problems you can get back to where you were to begin with.

2: My FTP site has a limit of FIFTY USERS simultaneously - if you cannot log in chances are it's because of this. For those of you who CAN log in, be nice and close the connection once you're done! :-)
This limit isn't usually hit, but patch days can get quite busy...

3: If you download the entire FTP and run it and it has a problem, chances are it hasn't been fully tested. If this happens, please post and let me know.

4: If you download a file and replace yours and it doesn't work, delete it and try again. If it causes problems again, please post the file name for me to take a look.

5: These files are intended for NA USERS ONLY. European users using these files will probably break their client.

Eambo 01-06-2011 05:46 AM



Latest Uploaded Files: Rumble ( Final
Latest Uploaded Rar: Rumble + Hotfix ( Final
Latest Uploaded RADS: Rumble + Hotfix (
Latest Patcher Fixer Version: Matricus/Eambo (

Testing Status:

Uploaded Files: Untested
Uploaded Rar: None
Uploaded RADS: Untested
Uploaded Patcher: Tested as working

Eambo 01-06-2011 05:46 AM

:::: Riot Beta Patcher ::::


The Riot Beta Patcher should hopefully eliminate all problems with the patcher. Note this is currently in testing, and if you have issues with it you'll have to do a full reinstall to get back to the way you were. All fixes listed here are not compatible with the new beta patcher, but hopefully you shouldn't need them! :-)

If you are unable to use this, it might be worth downloading this pre-patched version of the RADS Beta Patcher:

RADS Patcher

Extract this and run. This may be a game or two out of date, however it should solve any and all patcher issues in the future! :-)

Eambo 01-06-2011 05:47 AM


This is a little program that I originally designed, and Matricus recreated with a lot more features :-) Basically it will find the error file, and try to download a copy from my website to replace it. Simples!

How to Use:

1: Download the LoL Automatic Patcher Fix

2: Run League of Legends. When it errors, press OK to close.

3: Run the FixPatcher.exe that you downloaded from above.

4: It should automagically download the files for you! :-)

5: If your game errors again, re-run the PatcherFix. Should it be replacing the SAME file, read on:

If the PatcherFix Errors

The PatcherFix has a build in filesize detection system. It will download the file completely, then compare the local size to the remote size. Should it find that they're different, it will not replace the file, as the file has gotten corrupted during download. My advice for this scenario is:

- Simply try running and downloading again
- If wireless, try going wired
- If wired, try replacing your network cable
- Try disabling any antivirus/firewall software on your PC entirely
- Try closing any and all background applications
- Make sure nobody or nothing else is on the network (EG: family member using torrents = bad for gaming and downloading)
- Try rebooting your modem/router by unplugging it for thirty seconds, and plugging it back in again
- [Advanced] Try disabling your router's firewall
- If it continues to have problems, try a different fixing method

The PatcherFixer didn't error, but I get stuck at the same error file

Try a different fixing method.

Eambo 01-06-2011 05:47 AM

Firstly, you need to find the file that has errored. Then you need to replace it with the working copy:

- Browse to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\
- You should see a file called "Patcher_Lib.log" or "Patcher_Lib". Open this with notepad
- Press CTRL+F to bring up a search box. Search for "[ERROR]"
- This error will tell you the fault file. For example: [ERROR] C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Game\League of Legends.exe
- Go to http://files.wrench-box.com
- Navigate this folder and find your errored file. For example for the above error, go to the "Game" folder, and you should see "League of Legends.exe"
- Right click the errored file and download it
- Browse to your errored file, and rename it (EG: League of Legends.old.exe)
- Replace this copy with the downloaded copy, and re-run League of Legends

Eambo 01-06-2011 05:48 AM


Eambo 01-06-2011 05:48 AM


Eambo 01-06-2011 05:49 AM

:::: Methods of Resolving the Problem Explained ::::

Basically you receive patcher errors due to the files becoming corrupted during the download. When this happens the current patcher doesn't know how to resolve this, so it errors out. The main causes for these problems are:

- Wireless internet dropping packets
- Firewall or antivirus software being over-zealous and causing problems
- Windows Vista/Seven users not running the launcher as admin (right click the launcher, run as admin)
- Bad network connection in general dropping packets
- Just bad luck during the download

There are a few methods of fixing this issue, explained below:

- Fully reinstalling League of Legends [Not 100% efficient, but less effort]

This method doesn't always work, especially if your network connection is causing the problem. However if it's a one-off thing, a reinstall will usually work.

- Replacing the errored file manually [100% working when files are tested]

This will work pretty much always, assuming the file doesn't corrupt when you download it, and it wasn't corrupted when I upload it. If you get an error after replacing the file, delete it and download it again. If it happens again, post the file here along with your patcher_lib.log

- Downloading the entire League of Legends folder from my FTP site [100% working when folder is tested]

Assuming the folder is tested, this is one of the better methods to use. Basically it's a pre-patched version of the LoL folder, so when downloaded you don't need to worry about it until the next patch! :-)

- Using WinSCP to try and compare the folders, and download only the edited files. [Easy, not 100% working]

WinSCP works very well, and is for people with slower internet connections. It basically compares your folder with the one I've uploaded, and only downloads the changes (instead of the full folder). This is helpful, however it's not 100%. It can only check file sizes, so if a file has been edited but has the same filesize, WinSCP will be unable to detect this. If having problems with WinSCP, use one of the other methods.

Eambo 01-06-2011 05:50 AM

:::: Miscellaneous Fixes ::::


Client/Version Mismatch

Check This Link


Baseline Error (Baseline folder not found)

Simply create the folder! For example if it says cannot find baseline in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\LOL.Air_p, browse to this folder, right click, new folder, call it 'Baseline', and try again! :-)

:::: Why you get this error ::::

These are the main reasons for getting this error, for those of you interested:

- Custom Skins
- Other unsupported use of modifications to the LoL client
- Network issues, such as packet loss or a bad line.

Any modifications you do to the client are at your own risk, and as such are not supported. Essentially you do it, you break it, you fix it :-)

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