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Jack3rNation 01-03-2011 01:57 PM

Selling runes
Sometimes when i buy runes, i figure out that after a while i do not need it anymore
anymore because im doing a new build, but then i just wasted like about 1000-3000 ip on something i dont use anymore. To fix that problem riot games can make a trade in or sell the runes in the rune page. The ip given back can be 50- 75% of the money, for all because thats even better than 0 ip, and a bunch of runes u dont need.

I hope u agree with my request

Sincerely, Jack3rNation

McCussius 01-04-2011 01:29 PM

I like this idea, even if the return is only marginal it at least means you wont end up with a too large list of runes to sort through.

Vocare 01-04-2011 03:53 PM

I like it tho i think even 50% would be too high of a return. Not that i would be unhappy with 50% or even 75%.

Toast Defender 01-04-2011 05:45 PM

I think the only problem with this is that runes could be refunded for IP, which could be used to buy champions instead of using RP to do so. Although everyone will still need runes, I feel like lots of people would sell a few runes to buy a new champion, and buy other runes back later, so Riot might lose money.

However, altering the rune combiner could solve this problem. Riot could make the rune combiner add the value of the runes input into it, multiply that value by 0.50 (or whatever factor they would like) and then allow the player to choose 1 rune of equal of lesser value to be received.

For example: I combine two 410 IP runes. (410 + 410)*0.50 = 410, so I can pick any rune with a value <=410 IP as the output rune.
Or I combine one 410 IP rune with one 820 IP rune. (410 + 820)*0.50 = 615 IP, allowing me to pick a rune <= 615 IP.

This system would:
1) Encourage people to actually use the rune combiner, since it is almost useless as is
2) Allow people to get rid of old junk runes easily and meaningfully
3) Provide a refund system that most players would enjoy while minimizing Riots losses in RP

TL;DR - Although the actual IP refunded would be the same as the OPs idea, this way people would not be able to sell off a bunch of runes with the intention of buying new champs.

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