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Phoxly 01-02-2010 12:38 AM

Questions about Nunu?
All the stickied guides are only about jungle nunu, is that all he is good at? I always play against nunu's who don't jungle and they manage to carry pretty well and tank decently while getting a good amount of kills. Thats what I am looking for but I can't find any. I'd like to find a good Tank + AP nunu that could take damage and dish it out, but everything is hardcore tank. I never play tanks because they never get kills and just sit there taking damage it seems like :(

What sort of items should I go for on Nunu? Warmogs? Frozen Heart? Rod of Ages? Mejajs?

Bait 01-02-2010 12:39 AM

the problem with nunu is his ult is great if it casts but it sucks if it's interrupted.

Kelin 01-02-2010 04:54 AM


Originally Posted by Bait (Hozzászólás 468995)
the problem with nunu is his ult is great if it casts but it sucks if it's interrupted.

I do like that item!

To answer your question:

Rod of Ages is a near must have early game. It gives you the mana/health/ap you need. Mejai should only be bought in snowballing games (mm mistakes hehe). Frozen heart is better than warmogs as a defensive items because the amount of times you succesfully used your absolute zero ability is what defines you as a nunu.

Furthermore I would advise a banshee veil; it's a great item for nunu and it just might eat a stun while you use absolute zero.

Warmogs isn't that great as you aren't a very good creep killer and it takes a long time to fill it up. Also you better use your first gold to get some AP and mana as well (see; Rod of Ages, banshee veil, glacial shroud)

And ofcourse a lot is game dependant: The amount of armor/magical resistance/changing your glacial shroud in frozen heart, the amount of mana you accumulate.

Boots can be about anything; tabi/mercury/BoM/swiftness. Just take whatever the game needs or is more beneficial for your playstyle.

Kiraeyl 01-02-2010 07:59 AM

This is the guide I use for my Nunu.


I have been getting more kills/assists than I used to get since going offensive Nunu and I don't jungle.

spreadfred 01-02-2010 09:59 AM

if my team needs me to play a more tank-ish nunu, i usually get RoA, sorc's boots, rylais, and then another RoA. good combos of HP + AP from both RoA and rylais

Fated Ataraxia 01-02-2010 11:23 AM

I do an AP Nunu and usually I go this as my item's build:

Amplifying Tome -> Mejai SoulStealer
Mercury Treads
Rod of Ages / Banshee's Veil
Banshee's Veil /Rod of Ages (The opposite of whatever I picked for third one)
Lich Bane/Deathfire's Grasp

I also buy Elixirs of Brilliance in-between the items if I don't have enough to buy the next item.

Usually the game ends right around the Fourth-Fifth item anyway. Mejai's Soulstealer is really powerful combined with your Absolute Zero because normally you can get several kills/assist with a well placed one. I also get around 3000+ HP with this and mana consumption stops becoming an issue too. Of course, if you're being harassed/targeted/focus fired usually, it's probably better to get something else first like Rod of the Ages.

As for the Skill build, I usually go:

1.Ice Blast (for first blood/harassing)
2. Consume (handy to keep you in the lane)
3. Ice Blast
4. Blood Boil
5. Ice Blast
6. Absolute Zero
7. Ice Blast
8. Blood Boil
9. Ice Blast
10. Blood Boil
11. Absolute Zero
12 -13. Blood Boil
14 - 15. Consume
16. Absolute Zero
17-18. Consume

Consume is enough at Level 1 and isn't maxed until later. Ice Blast + Blood Boil would make you catch up to any opponent and help your team catch up to gank them too.

IMSavior 01-02-2010 12:40 PM

if you plan on getting RoA make sure tis your FIRST item, get mana sapphire first (imo) then back when you have the gold for catalyst (hopefully you have teleport)

if you can, dont back until you have the money for RoA, if you have to back(getting too harassed) then i would recommend picking up boots and asking for a lane switch, my typical skill build is

nom > ball > ball > buff(sometimes nom if getting harassed too much) > ball > ulti

reason to get nom first is for a creep jungle kill(no dont go jungle!) but like..go top ot bot (depending blue or purple) and then if you see the 2 golems attack it like 2-3 times then nom it should kill it and give you back most of your life..then run

or if its the wolves, attack big one once then nom it and run, the extra exp is great(even if you are at like 3/4 life after golem, you can always nom a creep later)

then ball > buff > nomsss

make sure you use your little free cast spell on your snowball (i see way too many use their nom as a free cast and waste mana on snowball)

remember the eating always costs 85 mana

the snowball is like..80 then 95 then 105 or something like that

so after level 2 it costs more mana then your noms

picking when to use your ulti is not that hard, if theres a team fight going on (if you are secondary tank) try to run in a bit late(after cc has been used) and ulti

if you are soaking up the main damage, then dont use it to initiate..its a waste of an ulti(unless they have low-no interrupts)

my favorite time to use ulti though is to get 1-2 / maybe 3 people when ganking(some would think its a waste and not do it)

if you see 1-2 people alone and you have a buddy, juse buff yourself, run infront of them (halt their escape for a moment) and ulti (slowing helps halt escape)

if its 12- people, sometimes they panic (at low-mid elos this happens a lot more) and try to run out..which means they are dead

some people will quickly cc / stun you (banshees veil is good for these situations, because usually the 1-2 people you will want to go after will be people who dont have mass CC)

my item build is usually

tear--> turn into AA later on(or another RoA if im doing REALLY good)
if i need t be tanky i go frozen heart then guardians

if im more ap / secondary tank ill go nashors instead of frozen sometimes

if im going for a deathfire ill try to get catalyst > pick > RoA > boots > grasp

i like playing around with him

but thats my basic quick guide on mid elo nunu (i think im mid / higher elo, and i play with people pretty high, not close to top 500 though, and i usually own pretty good with nunu..like 5-15/1-3/5-20)

Gaeb 01-02-2010 12:45 PM

He is a fantastic tank, fwiw. Gets more and more hp and the ability to heal himself for a large amount on demand... I recently ran into a tank nunu and was quite surprised.

My guess is jungle guides exist because in good teams it's good to have a jungler (lets others level faster) and Nunu is very jungle capable with his munch skill.

Gaeb 01-02-2010 12:47 PM

Itemwise on Nunu (and I do not play a LOT of nunu) I usually go:

Doran's Ring, Basic Boots, Doran's Ring,
then depending on opposition (am I expecting to be able to pull off my ult or not?) I will go for either RoA / Sorc Shoes / Void Stick (Nuke!) or start building tank/support gear like Aegis. Depends on opposition & my team makeup.

JunkRamen 01-02-2010 12:48 PM

When you play Nunu you can't really expect to dominate in kills, though it does happen. His base damage is pretty high but later on his DPS with Ice Blast will not be incredible, so it's generally better to build him tanky. With the nerf to Cleanse you need to get Banshee's Veil early if they have any stuns on their team.

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