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gummies 01-01-2010 10:06 PM

Need some help with Tryndamere
I just recently bought tryndamere and have about 20 games with him. I would say I am an average player I have 120 wins and 90 loses atm. However, I have lost about 70% of the games I have played with him.

I'm not sure if I'm just unlucky with bad teammates (I got teamed with a level 3 who was playing his 6th game and fed the entire game once) or I'm playing him incorrectly.

I have been following the item build, two avarice blades, berserkers and infinity edge. Sometimes I will get a lifesteal item if I have extra gold.

When I played yi, I would win about 3/4 of my games and it was very easy to get nice and fed. With tryn, I'm having trouble getting kills and I get killed from ganks a lot more than with yi. How should I play tryn differently, because I am not used to not having the all purpose highlander to escape and chase.

Also, having to rely on crits when chasing makes it harder to consistently get kills. I always get unlucky with crit chance. Can anyone give me some tips on playing him better?

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