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CTHDRL 12-31-2009 03:20 PM

How to play a tank?
So I'm a Twitch/Fiddle player but I would really like to tank. I seem to be in this ELO pattern where I'll be in a low-enough ELO that my opponents are totally incompetent and easily rolled by Twitch. And after a few days I will be jacked up to a better ELO, where the enemy teams are like rolling perfection.

However I never seem to be on that good team; because my team never really has a tank. If I'm in low ELO, my team also projects low-ELO skills. If I'm in high ELO, it's like only my opponents are high-ELO and my team is just garbage.

I have concluded it is because I'm an consistently facing tanks who's teammates are also tough opponents, and consistently lacking tanks when in a lose streak.

And when I do get a tank it's usually that guy who's willing to switch for the sake of a team, who doesn't really play tank and doesn't know what to do.

I am aware that most of my knowledge will eventually come from gameplay, but I'm sure there has to be some tips out there from you soloe-que tanks.

So far I have Rammus, Malphite, Nasus and can buy any 2 or 3 other tanks.

The 3 I have I have attempted to use extensively, however I found it very difficult to get enough kills to afford decent items early on. Especially without the support of my team.

Even though I got many assists, I got few kills and many deaths.

From my experience so far, Nasus seems kind of useless against a good team, malphite is too squishy early-game and Rammus is just hard to build/use period. However Rammus is awesome early-game.

I am positive I am simply not comprehending the tank playstyle. I am used to carrying, so I subconsciously feel like I should be getting kills, and controlling the map and being aggressive.

I would very much enjoy learning how to tank properly, but I need some help!

Crazy Demon 12-31-2009 03:36 PM

Check out WesleyC's Mundo Guide. I've been facing the same situation as you and so far I'm doing really with Mundo.

Felix Akasaka 12-31-2009 04:06 PM

I had the same problem a few days ago. Switched from a katarina/teemo/yi/shaco player to Nunu for some tanking fun. The play style is much more relaxed I'd say. Walk around, laugh, harass, farm a bit, and don't die. You aren't supposed to get kills and money is a bit tough, but it's ok. In team fights, you stand in front, whack their carry to get their attention and let your team finish. Try to avoid dying, but if it means getting your team more kills, then go for it.

TheOrius 12-31-2009 04:08 PM

you dont want kills as a tank....

you want your carries to get kills. You want assists. Assists give 70% of the gold earned to all who have assisted, which is still preatty good.

Some of the things to mitigate this fact is the REASON ALL TANK HAVE AN AOE. Tanks can farm hard core, and get better, and better at farming as the game goes on.

Furthermore the items that give +5 gold per 5 seconds are highly effecient on tanks who can use them. Such as heart of gold or philosopher stones. (not always the case though).

Having said that I would like to point out to play a good tank you need to really understand this game, your enemies and DO THE MATH. There is no one build with tanks because tanks must be fluid like water, adapting and changing based on the tank you are playing, the enemies your are facing, and finally the hard carry that surfaces in a game. If you can grasp and understand this one paragraph you can potentially play a tank.

On to more information!

The really good tanks are dangeorus with pure tanking gear and do not need +ap or damage to be effective (not always the case, but you must know the game and do the math to prove it). Examples are Rammus who gets +dmg based on his armor. Nasus whos main attack get +dmg every time you get a last hit with it...etc.

Finally, the most important thing about tanks is there builds. They need to have contingency builds based on two factors:

Enemy team (magic or phyischal heavy?)
Then by who the teams hard care is later game that could change your build.

For instance, I play rammus but that doesnt mean I go all +armor for the dmg it gives me If I am facing say ashe, annie, fiddles, chogath, nunu thats a very, very, magic heavy enemy team so I need to go for the magic resist.

Item builds should always be an initial item (which could be starting buy or starting buy + combo no more than 1k-1.5k) and the next should be your boot set which can be between 3 things: (as a general rule some builds can do something else and do well, I have seen it, but for new guys go with this)

ninja tabis (+armor and dodge for physichal teams)
mercury treads (+magic resist for magic heavy, or reduced disables for disable heavy enemies)
swftness (if you need to catch someone, yi, kat, kass)
mobility (same as swiftness but better on some champs)

At this point either just before you buy your boots or soon after you will figure out who on the other team is there hard carry who is threatening your team and gettig kills and you will also be able to figure out his build, potentially. SO START COUNTER BUILDING!!

Thats the basics of playing a tank....just in case new people want a easy primer here you go:

Pick your tank (I suggest; Rammus, Nunu, Malphite, Nasus, Chogath)
Pick a initial item I suggest a build usually based on +mana regne or +hp/hp regen)
Pick your boots (I suggest ninja tabis or mercurcy treads)
Pick anti enemy forces items (suggest +hp, +armor, +megic resist, %cooldown: GO FOR ITEMS THAT HAVE 2-3 OF EACH OF THESE!)

Start there and then begin to learn what works for you.

Synxxx 12-31-2009 04:12 PM

Solo queuing as a tank is just going to frustrate you. You're better off learning how to play another carry.

Prospero 12-31-2009 06:24 PM

My advice for solo queuing as a tank is pay attention to how your team works together in your first couple big fights. If they support you when you initiate, then feel free to go in swinging. A lot of teams aren't aggressive enough though, and charging in to start a fight just gets you killed. You can still be an effective tank in that case, but you're going to have to play a reactive game since your team won't engage unless forced.

It's probably sad that it took me awhile to figure this out, but it wasn't till fairly recent that I learned how to gauge how aggressive my team is. It's definitely a critical skill for a good solo queuing tank.

My build advice is much that same as TheOrius', but I throw in some sort of damage weapon in after the boots. It's pretty common to ignore the tank and go after the carries. You want to make them pay every time they do.

WhitemageofDOOM 12-31-2009 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by Oneironaut (Hozzászólás 465212)
I am positive I am simply not comprehending the tank playstyle. I am used to carrying, so I subconsciously feel like I should be getting kills, and controlling the map and being aggressive.

I would very much enjoy learning how to tank properly, but I need some help!

First tip as tank) It's not about you, it's about your team. This cannot be stressed enough, as a tank you are a team player.

second tip as a tank) You will die, get over it. The point isn't not to die(Well i don't mean go running into death), it is to make sure your team mates don't die. If they murder your 5000hp, 50% DR arse then that's 10,000 damage not hitting your ***** team mates. You know you've done your job as a tank when you get into a team fight, 3 enemies die and no one on your team died but you.

third tip as tank) You are not a carry, you do not need kills. You are still a tank even if you are a poor tank.(Assuming you didn't fail during the laning phase at least.).

fourth tip as tank)Every tank brings something other than his big fat ass. learn what that is and abuse it, if your enemy isn't focus firing you your going to have to be productive somehow.

fifth tip as tank)Every tank has ways to get people on his ass, master them. Your ass is for kicking.

Zorkdork 12-31-2009 10:07 PM

if you want a pretty easy to play tank I recommend Cho'gath, he has incredibly high staying power early game and good farming ability all game long, I usually build warmoggs, boots of speed, banshee's vale . that start combined with stacking feast as fast as possible should make you pretty much unkillable and from there just stun and silence to your hearts content while throwing out a feast whenever you think it will net your team a kill.

Bait 01-01-2010 08:46 AM

mundo fails as a tank in high elo.

reason: no cc, just qq.

how to describe mundo:
why nobody play mundo? is it because mundo useless?

WhiteMantisX 01-01-2010 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by Bait (Hozzászólás 466875)
mundo fails as a tank in high elo.

reason: no cc, just qq.

how to describe mundo:
why nobody play mundo? is it because mundo useless?

not true :) If you would look at the real high ELO players you would see that Mundo is played quite common. So next time inform better before writing nonsense into the forum.

I'm a tank only player. Playing Tank in Solo-Queue is quite hard, often it will happen, that you are doing a good job but still resulting in a loss. Can be frustrating. This is because the tank alone can do nothing and needs a good carry or support mid/endgame.

Just ask someone if he teams up with you and stick together. Right now I'm playing Malphite a lot and I can tell you, that having a stun, really rocks :) Just focus on your abilities and not on the damage you are doing. Accept the fact, that you are not going to kill anyone if the game has a normal outcome. Sometimes you are lucky and you can get insane killstreaks, but this is due to the lack of skilled enemies then.

If you really like to get kills and your role as a carry was satisfying for you, then continue this. There are always people who like either Tank or Carry or Support. Don't try to fit yourself into a role that you don't like. I for my part don't like playing carries, too much stress, I don't like to be too offensive and too item dependent.


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