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godhunter1053 12-23-2010 08:01 PM

2v1 lane, what do you do?
...as the 2?

I want a second opinion here. Whenever I get a number advantage in lane I try and zone, hard. I control brush, I punish them for every last hit. I'm good at this, I can farm at probably 90% effectiveness while zoning someone else. When I'm with friends, or premades, this is what we do. I've had games where I hit 6 before the solo, before the solo exp nerf (or whatever the hell happened last patch). That said, would it be better for me to just focus on farming? Or should I push my lane and try and take an early tower?

The reason I ask this is because I just came from a game in this situation in solo que (yes, rage, whatever). I was ashe and my partner was cho against a kennen. I move up into brush to zone, expecting cho to swing low, or at least make some presence. Instead he...pushes the lane. We get ganked, ken gets exp and farm. Cho dies, I flash ghost the hell out of there. We get back to lane. I start my little zoning/farming dance. Cho pushes. Again. We get ganked. Their jungler gets a double kill. We switch lanes, I get someone else. They auto attack push the lane as well. We get, wait for it, ganked. I use all my cooldowns as does our janna, and we both get out...barely.

When I looked at all the lanes, I noticed that everyone else on my team was just trying to push. We had no jungler, no wards. Is this just solo que bs, or am I thinking about this wrong. As ashe, should I have said screw zoning, just farm and try and keep up with cho's idea so that I could get more last hits? Is there some new thing that I'm missing about what to do in a 2v1? Or are my lanemates just dumb?

Moral of the story: what do you think should happen in a 2v1, and does it change if you are someone like ashe who needs farm?

uncle anime 12-23-2010 08:03 PM

your cho'gath was an idiot

maxtheaxe 12-23-2010 08:17 PM

zoning is the right thing to do
just don't overextend when they have mia's/junglers

Limilicious 12-23-2010 08:34 PM

There is nothing wrong with pushing really hard as long as you know when to back off. And if your cho is dying due to being ganked, isn't that simply mean TIME FOR A WARD!!! I would at least if I get ganked by jungler. And if I'm bottom lane, I would grab ward as soon as I can since I should ward dragon.

This is what I would usually do if its 2 vs 1 (being the 2), harrass but keep the minions near middle. But if its two tanky champions that SHOULD have abilities to escape even being ganked. Then I push and harrass like mad and ASK for a gank. Depending who the 1 vs 2 is, if its a mana dependent champion, I'll eat up damage and basically eat up their mana. Then they are just another minion and whack at their tower. When I say ASK for a gank, it means I throw a ward and when that stupid jungler come, then we harrass that guy back and waste his gank. Throw his health down so his jungling would be a pain to do. Of course, if the solo laner is like full health full mana, I'm going to run the hell out and not try to attack the jungler. =P

godhunter1053 12-23-2010 10:03 PM

Yea, thats what I figured. We had wards actually. After the first gank, we both got one...and our cho almost died placing it and didn't ping or anything so I almost missed him getting thrashed. The problem was that their ww got so fed off ganking and our jungle (not having a jungler or wards or clairvoy helped him far too much), that by the second gank, he had ult and I was still level 5. I saw him coming, hit ghost and brush ran, but then he and ken just chain stunned. To give you an idea of how the game went. It ended at 25 min surrender, with our jax 0/8/2 or something, the rest of our team with a combined...10 kills, and their ww at 14 stacks on SotO and Leviathan....ww with no jungle on the other team is almost broken he levels so fast >.<

ForeverLaxx 12-23-2010 10:16 PM

That's just what happens in soloqueue. No one apparently knows how to lasthit; only auto-attack. Since everyone constantly autoattacks, they're always pushing lanes. They always push lanes so they're always open for a gank since they never back off. After that, they'll blame the rest of the team for not calling an MIA after they get ganked. They'll never heed MIAs to begin with anyway, even if you ping 20 times and spam chat with "xxxx MIA!" so that's all anyone can see.

Welcome to soloqueue.

UN LiMiT 12-23-2010 10:46 PM

Have get away spells (ghost/flash) stay close enough to creeps that you get EXP, get last hits when you can, try not to let them push a creep wave up to your tower or they will probably try to tower dive you, and that's pretty much the basics. Hold out until someone pushes a tower and then get some assistance. Pretty much the basics of solo laning. Ask for a gank when you need it if it's available/possible.

And on a last note which is common sense pay attention to the MIA's, if they have a jungler don't over push so far that you can't get away safely and buy wards to watch your back so you don't get ganked. Wards are pretty much a solo laners best friends.

FaerellG 12-23-2010 10:48 PM

Attempt a lev 1 gank or aim to hurt them alot so they have to stand back. XP deny as much as possible. only last hit creeps. Never push to their tower unless you intend on tower diving. Pushing to the tower is guaranteeing them XP.

gom99 12-23-2010 11:15 PM

You shouldn't push, you should bring the minions closer to you tower, only last hit the enemy as not to push the lane. Stand to the back of the enemy minions, or in the bushes to try to keep the enemy out of XP range.

SySerror 12-23-2010 11:20 PM

Just get a ward and zone hard! Care because they WILL call for a gank if they are being denied hardcore so keeping a ward up is important (even two for added security)

Make sure not to push the lane untill you and your partner have a significant advantage on the enemy. Then make sure to take advantage of their weak link and repeatedly kill their now weak solo. If hes a good enough feed simply hunt him down and kill him wherever he goes.

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