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Ennbeard 12-27-2009 02:07 PM

Sivir vs other champs?
Alright, whenever I play Sivir, I find that my KDR tends to be... neutral or worse.

What is Sivir supposed to be doing against otehr champs, aside from just harassing. is she supposed to fight, or run? Is having few champ kills, but leading in minion and tower kills alright for her?

I'm building her with chalice early on and some boots, and getting Starks, Shroud, and maybe Bloodthrister if the game goes on long enough.

No Cow Level 12-27-2009 02:10 PM

I'm curious about this too. Whenever I try to play Sivir I get crushed but whenever I go against her, I get decimated. I don't understand :(

BlackRabbits 12-27-2009 02:17 PM

Sivir is fantastic at pushing and buffing for team fights, but isn't exactly the best champ killer 1 on 1. She can be effective in mid early on, but should start to find teammates to run with shortly after 6 to get the most out of her.

Rydog 12-27-2009 03:38 PM

Most people don't seem to fully accept this, but not every champion is a killing machine, and K/D/A isn't the end-all be-all measurement of performance. Assassins are the ones who are designed to murder enemy champs; conversely, a beefy tank like Cho'Gath might not have a positive K/D ratio, but if he's jumping into fights and taking hits, and his death enables his team to ultimately win a fight and come out on top in terms of numbers, then he's doing his job. Death is not always a losing proposition, but people seem to irrationally cling to the K/D/A readout as an absolute skill/contribution rating, and that's dumb and shortsighted.

That said, Sivir's job is to push towers like an insane nutjob, serve as support/backup DPS in team fights, and pop her ult so her team can destroy everyone in 10 seconds flat. If you're going 1/6/5 as Sivir, but you've got 8 building kills, I don't care what anyone says, you're fulfilling your team role rather well.

Madawc 12-27-2009 03:45 PM

when i play sivir, every game i have chalice,zerk boots, bloodshirster by lv11 with no champ kills and lv10 with a champ kill. popping rally and her ultimate lets you kill there entire by your self.

dps sivir build chalice/boots(any kind doesnt matter)/ and then 4x bloodthirsters

Chingmeister 12-29-2009 05:14 PM

Sivir is designed to harass and push and only engage other heroes when she has nick and dimed them down to half life and she has a minion wave left standing.

Her autoattack with ricochet is sorta her ultimate in that all the bounces add a ton of damage to the opposing team and with a rally and attack speed ultimate she can wipe out an entire opposing team in under ten seconds if left alone.

So she is kindof like twitch...with shorter range...and no stealth...but with no cooldown on wiping out the other team in ten seconds...

My fun build is to get a Tiamat, boots, scythe, tiamat, and then warmogs followed by 2 more Tiamats (selling scythe at end). It gives you mana/hp drip to hit and run really well, harass really well, push stupidly well, and if you are ignored for a few seconds in a group fight with your ult and rally up you can aoe down an entire group of melee...

Basically you switch from a fighter at the start of the game to a caster in the back by the end because you have no cc. Stand in back...engage last...and aoe own face.

To push simply run through and gather up all enemy mobs on you and autoattack twice...

I find hp quints and yellow hp at 18 runes work well. Red and blue are all attack speed.

This is still a work in progress...I tend to be a little gung-ho on the charging in a bit too early...

I used to get cripple/rally but cripple has short range so you end up walking into a bunch of hits to cast it on a lot of people...gona try rally/cleanse next...

Another humorous build is to just get 6x Tiamats (or 5x and a warmogs) on Warwick and to Rally+ult directly on top of grouped opponents. Main target goes down to half...all surrounding opponents go down...to zero...almost instantly. AOE Warwick instakill ftw. (No one ever sees this coming) Warwick already has built in attack speed, movement speed (can get ghost as well), and lifestealing and can jungle for a snare. Tiamats add enough regen that he should be at full hp/mana at the start of each group fight. It only takes a single good ult later on dropping 3 people instantly in a team fight to give your team a win...

I haven't tested it yet but this probably also works with Deceive>autocrit Shaco w/sheen. Why hit 1 person for 1k when you can hit 1 person for 1k and everyone around them for 2k? AOE instakill from stealth ftw.

Technically, if you do this it may work better to hit a minion next to someone as the minion will take the weaker hit and everyone else will instantly AOE explode!

CactusGuy 12-29-2009 06:01 PM

I play Sivir all the time, and being able to kill another hero is a matter of patience and baiting.

How it usually goes: soloing mid, fighting their carry or whatever. I try to push them away from creeps using ricochet, and spam Q whenever I have the juice. Your goal is to take then down to lower life, like 1/3 or so, then start baiting. You run around with not a lot of health, Q E and R ready, and take a risky move. Carry tries to pounce, you E their disable, R for the attack speed, and Q them as you chase. If you've done it right, that's a kill, and probably a pushed tower as well. If you're fighting a tank or something, just keep spamming them with Q and auto attack, they'll bail eventually because of how effective Sivir is at harassing melee units. You probably wont ever kill them unless they get real stupid and you can Q -> R them when they're no life far from their tower.

Later in the game, all your kills will come from teamwork. Throw a clutch Q, R with a friend and destroy someone, E something important like Nunu ult and stand around auto-attacking. The W should be spamming their whole team, inspiring fear with the constant red flashes and damage ticking away, maybe netting a kill on a runner, but basically pushing the enemy team into defense. Every now and then you might get in an opportunity to chase, go ahead if you have R ready, you might nail them before they escape, and if you've got E up, you can run away from an ambush quite well.

Most of the time I end up with something low, like 3/1/99999999, because she's got a nice escape mechanic, the spell shield, and if you grab cleanse, you can't be caught unless it's Yi or something chasing you. Make sure you buy appropriate gear, like Last Whisper vs a team with high defense, bloodthirster against everything, oracle potion for them stealths, frozen mallet pretty much always, etc.

Ennbeard 12-29-2009 07:36 PM

In other news, Sup Cactus, I recognize you from blazblue.

I'll try fiddling with my build. I've never tried Frozen Mallet or Phage before.

Recently my kill coutn has been increasing. Mid-late game when I go around to push empty lanes I pass by a fleeing enemy champ and get them.

Bait 12-29-2009 10:42 PM

sivir is the physical version of aoe damage.

she's not great in 1v1 and has no disables, but her ult is a good buff for team chasing and killing.

her specialty is farming. if you farm well with her, you should have a strong end game.

Slide 12-30-2009 08:14 AM

A good Sivir will almost always have more assists then kills.

-You CAN get more kills by KS'ing with boomerang blade, but considering how well she farms minions, its a bad move as far as your teams overall power is concerned. LEt the carries get the kills

A good Sivir may not have lots of building kills, but, should be present at every building kill.
-You cant always guarantee getting that last hit. ESPECIALLY if you are doing your job and getting your team coordinated for pushing. A Master Yi under the affects of starks and your ult will get the tower kill 99% of the time, end game stats arent always a true reflection of what you did in game.

A good Sivir uses her team support function to rally the team to go after objectives.

-Most people realise Sivir is about auras buffing the team. If you make a point to let your team know you have starks/aegies, it becomes a lot easier to get them to do things with you. Every one of those lonewolf players realise very quickly that with an extra 70%+ attack speed (ult+starks), lifesteal, regen and an enemy armor debuff that they will have a better chance of raking in those kills they feel are the end all be all of the game.

A good Sivir is more concerned with winning then K/D/A

-Dont pay attention to K/D/A as Sivir. Things just dont work the same for you. You get focused quite a bit as you are giving a rather large amount of power to your team. Hence you WILL die against a competent team. You should be letting your teamates score the kills, you can easilly farm twice as many minions as they can. Share the wealth so overall your team is more powerful. Assists are a good indication of a Sivir well played however. Ricochet pretty much guarantees you get an attack in on every champion, which means, if you are around, every champion who dies, should net you an assist. Sure youll miss some (cant tell you how many times my ult has let a teamate catch an enemy and kill them before I can get in range to throw a blade) but assists should be your highest stat. A high amount of assists as Sivir means you were present with your team when they were doing the killing, exactly what you are supposed to do.

Just some thoughts,

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