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Wolfy2032 12-27-2009 08:23 AM

[Guide] Udyr the TRUFF
Okay I am going to go off and say this right off the bat most people wont agree with my build and thats fine i have proven it time and time again against other teams and other udyrs and it works like a charm.

Udyr: In my opinion udyr is a great harass and ganking hero even in the worst situations and lanes but he takes a proper starting item and build to do ganking/support/laning/dps all at the same time.

Skills: in this priority order from 1-18 pheonix>bear>turtle>tiger UNLESS UR LANE CAUSES OTHER WISE aka teemo take 1 level of turtle so the dots dont finish you off or a speed heavy lane were bear takes priority over pheonix.

Summoner Skills: Cleanse / Ghost I should not have to explain why these are clearly 100% the best for udyr.

First : Doran's Shield this is why you do not need turtle stance it gives you the regen hp and armor to stay alive long enough to farm while allowing you to farm / harass / push your lane with pheonix.

Second and Third : Bezerker Treads / Malady no specific order do what you find better for you.

After those 3 items its purely based on your game enemy heroes and team heroes i personally like phantom dancer frozen mallet but im sure others can find other efficient builds as well.

Here is the most important thing about udyr that MANY MANY people lack and why pheonix just destroys turtle for a main skill.

Mind Set: once you hit 7 and you have your bezerkers and mallady (if you dont either your not playing right or you keep getting ganked) you need to start ganking this is were pheonix/bear shines. Pheonix gives you that extra suprise burst that most early heroes cant handle along with the fact its aoe so it helps in ganking multiple heroes. YOU CANT DO THIS WITH TURTLE BEAR this is very very important this gives you map control your team levels and most importantly gold. Dont forget in between ganks pick up any spare creeps pheonix will make short work of any lane or push or nuetral.

Explination: I think turtle stance is a crutch and actually forces you to stay in the lane your borderline useless to your team besides a stun. Sure it will make it harder for you to kill but it wont do anything doran's shield cant do anything you should really be scared of will be able to kill you turtle shield or not. The biggest 2 reasons why turtle is a bad choice is sure it makes you lane better but it slows down your farming and reduces your ganking potential which can make or break your team instead of relying on the opponents to let you farm and your team being able to hold off the team you can help them.

I apologize if the guide is sloppy or if I left something out im not used to writing guides but hope this helps. Feel free to ask any questions I will respond asap.

Wolfy2032 12-30-2009 12:09 PM

Okay i do run a live stream were i do this build often what i will do is tonight ill post one of the games on here to show the playstyle build etc tha i am describing. Just have to wait till i get home from work.

zastrozzi 12-30-2009 12:34 PM

And so, I shall be the first one to disagree with your build.

The problem that I see with Pheonix Stance is that it doesn't scale with equipment. No matter how fast you are attacking, the burst of flames is only adding the equivalent of 13 damage per level with a rather small investiture of AP. The initial fire burst is actually much more powerful, as you get 5 waves in 5 seconds.

Really, it makes you realize how useless Amumu's tantrum is =P

Pheonix Stance Udyr is simply inferior as a harassing/ganking hero to Tiger Stance Udyr because however much Malady and Treads helps out Pheonix, they help out Tiger Stance more. The increased attack speed on Tiger Stance nets you a higher single-target DPS then Pheonix Stance does.

True, you deal a bunch of AoE damage, which is nice. However, outside of the first few levels, the only thing that will care about said AoE damage is minions. While Pheonix Udyr is farm-tastic, Udyr doesn't make a very good carry, and I'd rather be feeding my lane mate.

Wolfy2032 12-30-2009 01:00 PM

Ive had huge success with this build early game you arent doing much damage bottom line even with malady etc the burst damage is the 200 every 3 hits and yes it adds up along with the 50 damage pulses sure tiger might scale better in the end sure and yes you may be better 1v1 but how often do you have 1v1. Pheonix for middle and early game dominates it helps you control your opponents team carries range etc it allows you to be a very scary force while gankning.

The problem with tiger is that it makes and forces you to farm for a long time your not much of an asset to your team early and mid game. The game i have saved will be a perfect example of a twitch waiting to build late game same with a trynd and me just not allowing them to make any money because of my great farming and huge early burst with pheonix.

Also your not scaling your dps when buying items your scaling the procs creating more hits more aoe damage more potential sure you can take a more damage route but attack speed always equaled more procs more damage for me.

I am expecting everyone to say well you got fed that game but what people dont understand is it happens 90% of the time when i play udyr. When it doesnt i go too much in my favor i have a multitude of options (tank gank support or keep trying to carry) to choose thanks to my farming power and ganking power with pheonix.

I also want to state and make it known you can choose wether you want to max out tiger or turtle depending on game at the end its not set in stone what stance needs to be maxed. By that time you will either need to tank or you will need to dps 1 or the other not both if tanking is more important you wont be in tiger stance much for obvious reasons but if you need to dps you will barely be in turtle stance so it balances out in the end. But with out a doubt the driving force of this build is the farming / ganking power of bear pheonix.

Bob The Wizard 12-30-2009 01:23 PM

This build is no Match for the Mighty Cho'Gath wolfy!

Wolfy2032 12-30-2009 01:25 PM

Udyr's exploding pimp hand is so strong chogath will lose his apetitie and run away.

Bob The Wizard 12-30-2009 01:29 PM

That's a lie. Cho'Gath's hunger is never ending.

Tetrall Mors 12-30-2009 01:53 PM

Hmmm - Don't feel this build. Main reason is your disregard of turtle stance. Not that I'm dissing Phoenix stance, but group fights just aren't the norm until later, early game it's tough to kill more than one person in a 2v2 or 2v3... to top that off, It takes a lot of time to go from the top lane to the bottom lane so you lose a lot of exp ect... I dunno, seems like tiger/bear or turtle bear will always be more viable, but that's just MHO.

Wolfy2032 12-30-2009 03:42 PM

Its not that i doubt turtle stance is good what i doubt is, is it needed and does it produce the BEST possible results for your team. After trying it out multiple times both builds one had some success and the other had amazing success. Heres the thing about it while going ganking and going to kill neutrals and pheonix makes short work of neutrals. Worst case scenario you got no kills your team killed 0 heroes you still hurt them enough to make them back off and stop their exp providing 4 of your teamates a level advantage over the enemy team. If you die during a gank as udyr then something went horribly wrong and you didnt pace yourself right.

Here is the vid of the last udyr game i played last night i will get more as time goes on or you can watch me play live.

Part 1

Part 2

Enjoy the pwnage

Adorno 12-30-2009 03:42 PM

^^ That. Also, turtle plays a key role in mana regen. Without it, if you want to sustain stance dancing, you'll need a mana regen item. My default is almost always "Something-turtle-something-turtle". Except when I want to burst, then "tiger-turtle-tiger-phoenix-turtle"...or similar variations on the theme. Even at lvl 3, all 4 stances are useful, and with turtle the mana inefficiency of using a lower level stance becomes negligible. Tiger-Phoenix is definitely the way to max burst damage, though.

Kind of makes sense to Udyr. If he wants to deal as much damage as possible, use BOTH damage stances! Smash!

It is easy to get in a mindset of wanting only 3 of the 4 stances because of his skill level structure, but I am trying to avoid getting stuck in that. IMHO Phoenix does its main job (pushing and some extra dps) admirably at lvl 3, so I am leaving it at 3. However, I still like to take it to 3 earlier than tiger if there is any need for pushing...and tiger only really truly shines once you have sheen(or tri) and some dps gear.

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