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Saupa 12-24-2009 07:19 AM

Nunu-Need Help

I started playing Nunu recently, but I'm not sure about the runes and mastery, I'm playing low elo, and I just want to lane for now.....

this is what I start in order,please correct me if I'm buying the wrong items:

2 dor
boots of speed
then upgrade or rod of ages or banshee's veil(if strong mage caster)
then void staff

if lots of mages, mercury treads
if lots of slows/stuns/fears, mercury treads
if lots of physical carries, ninja tabi
more offensive, sorcery boots

Also my utilities are smith and ghost.

I will also appreciate if I can get order of skills I need to get in-game.
Another thing I lvl very very slow compare to others why is that?

Any Suggestions and Tips,Strategies will be welcome :)

I'm sick of failing as a nunu, so please I want to get better.

Thank you very much.

AmyOverlord 12-24-2009 07:27 AM

1. You need to lane as long as possible with Nunu.
2. Carry something like Heal, Teleport, Clarity, Cleanse, etc. .-.

Saupa 12-24-2009 07:32 AM

Yes I'm quite aware of that, but I was addressing mostly to the mastery,runes,item in-game.

SomeoneRandom 12-24-2009 07:33 AM

Try reading one of the guides thats been posted... you never want to buy 2 dorans items on nunu, especially not TWO of them....

my usual start is sapphire crystal + 2 health pots and that will usually keep me going until around 6, then come back with items for a gank....

Depending on your build and your allies and if your solo queueing you will either want to max blood boil first or ice blast, but you should always get consume lvl 1 to help lane and get kills....

If you have a friend who is a carry lvl up blood boil first, otherwise get blood boil 2ndary to ice blast

Saupa 12-24-2009 07:43 AM

Those guides are awfully out of dated.
Can you please address to my other questions too?

Basilisk9466 12-24-2009 08:42 AM

I play everyone with an almost pure cooldown page of runes, mainly because I haven't bought any others, partly because it works for just about everyone :P With the kind of nukes Nunu can throw around, it's not a bad plan.

Masteries-wise, whatever floats your boat. I very rarely go for defence, but between offence and utility I switch depending on what kind of game I'm after. Utility gives you more cooldown, some nifty spell upgrades, faster levelling and less time dead, but offence gives you more damage, more AP, bonus spell penetration and some cooldown. Been mostly going offence lately with just about everyone. I've come to the conclusion that masteries are more about your playstyle as a whole rather than tailoring specifically for a given champ - though they can do that as well.

For items, you're not doing anything particularly wrong. I never get Dorans stuff - might consider it for some (however briefly) but Nunu isn't one of them. Sapphire crystal + 1 of each pot starts you off, then get that up to Catalyst ASAP. Nashor's Tooth is debateable, but entirely viable - I'd probably go Frozen Heart myself (all that lovely armour) but since you're mostly getting them for the CDR, both work. Rod is high priority, though, I'd finish that before any CDR. After that, I usually start building Zhonya's - Nunu benefits insanely from AP stacking.

I'd debate with prioritising Blood Boil - I generally go one lvl at lvl 4, maximise Ice Blast, then alternate Consume and Blood Boil. The base level gives you most of what you need. Harass with Ice Blast as much as possible, and remember that you can take a bit of a beating if you have to.

Bagration 12-24-2009 08:46 AM

SomeoneRandom has good advice, though two Doran's Rings are very viable on Nunu and a Solomid guide actually recommends it.

To the OP, you want down to Archaic Knowledge in the Offensive Tree to give your ult and Ice Blasts an extra punch, and the rest of your points should be in either Utility or Defense. I prefer to play Nunu as a tank, while supporting my carry with near constant Blood Boils. The beauty with Nunu though is that his ultimate when timed correctly is very useful in team fights or for killing a straggler and his Ice Blast (which you should be maxing) hits really hard. The key is to understand when to use your ultimate in a teamfight and that comes with knowing every champion in the game and recognizing when they've used their stuns. Summoner spells you also need to watch for since you don't want to ult a champion that has Cleanse and will just run out of range [haven't tested it post-nerf but I imagine one could still get away].

Runes are pretty subjective but I prefer HP quints, MR marks, -CD glyphs, and Mana Regen seals. The good thing about this Rune setup is that it works great for basically every other champion in the game besides a Tryndamere, Kat, or Mundo.

You are leveling slower because you're probably not maxing Ice Blasts for kills/assists early game and because Nunu is one of the worst minion farmers. His attack speed / damage are too low and the only AoE you have is your ult, which you don't want to waste. The key to leveling fast is to get assists with Ice Blasts, and to last hit/consume minions, neither of which are hard to do.

Item build usually depends on the makeup of the enemy team, since I play Nunu as a tank. In general I go for:

Doran's Ring & Health pot
Doran's Ring
Boots into either Merc treads or Tabis depending on enemy composition. Mostly Merc Treads though since the CC reduction is too good to pass up.
Catalyst into a Banshee's if caster heavy or a Rod of Ages if average

The rest depends on what we're up against. I would stay away from Nashor's or anything that has to do with attack damage or speed. You will never make Nunu viable in physical damage no matter how many of those items you buy. Maybe a Lich Bane for synergy with your Ice Blasts if you're aggressive, but I don't generally do it.

Something to think about anyway.

Basilisk9466 12-24-2009 08:55 AM

I wouldn't call him the worst farmer, I've played some that seem to fall down a black hole of poverty. Then again, Nunu is a horror to lane against in terms of harassment, kills and assists. I've successfully soloed against Yi and Tristana solo (4v5 -_-) and not only held my tower, I got a few kills for maybe one death, simply by hitting whoever was around as often as possible. Most bad farmers are melee, with no AoE (or a bonus like Ashe or Gangplank) that are having to constantly move around due to harassment. Nunu has enough staying power with consume, enough intimidation with ice blast, and enough agility with Blood Boil to make a very good laner.

Of course, you're earning pittance compared to Tristana or someone like that.

Saupa 12-24-2009 09:15 AM

Wow first of all thank a lot for the feedback.

secondly what is Nunu purpose as a tanker?
I think I fail mostly because of the items I buy, I also have smite on my mastery tree which is 1 point, should I replace it?

what does Nanu do mostly? I mean in laning, u said I can gank, but I find it very hard to kill someone, mostly because I only have ice blast and nothing else to damage him.
what's this "HP quints, MR marks"?

XmasHamm 12-24-2009 09:27 AM

Nunu is a bust damage assister. Your job early game is to keep your opponent low on health with ice blast. You should use it every single time it is off cool down. The opponent should be afraid to come close enough to last hit. The goal isn't necessarily to kill them (though this is obviously nice) but to stop them from farming. If your opponent needs to hang back by tower then you have succeeded.

Later in the game your goal is to buff your carries with blood boil. You should not be casting this on yourself unless no one else is around. Put this on a physical damage carry.

You are a hybrid tank/mage so we need to balance the two appropriately. It's hard to give a definitive itme build as you need to adjust based on if your team needs more tank or more mage. Here is a basic build.

1) Saphire crystl + 2x health pot.
2) Catalyst of the Protector
3) Boots
4) Catalyst becomes Rod of Ages.
5) Boots become boots of swiftness.
6) Nashors tooth (For Cooldown reduction not for damage)
7) Zonia's Ring

Skill order
Take Ice blast at every posible chance
Take ult at every possible chance
1 point in consume at level 2
Max blood boil 2nd.
Max consume last.

Remember that you are trying to get assists, not kills. If you go 0-4-15, you did well. In teamfights, get in there and pop your ult. This can accomplish several things. 1) it's possible they just let you face them with it in which case you have probably won the teamfigt 2) they focus you, this means that the other team is slowed in your ult and your carries can blast them unharmed. 3) they stun you, this is the worst case scenario and is partially why we need to pay attention to who can stun and when their stun is on CD

Summoner Skills: I like to go teleport Ignite for aggro times.

Good luck.

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