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DragonArmy 12-21-2009 02:34 PM

The Problem With YI: Easy to Play, yet hard to play against. Suggestions soon!
Yi doesn't need to be nerfed, but I vote that does need to be changed. When people argue about CM, Twitch, Eve, and others I often believe that they need to learn how to play against them: get wards, expect the character to jump out at you more often, notice when he or she is gone. These characters net a few kills and a level advantage allows them to own very easily. But I feel differently about Yi.

Yi is different for two reason: 1) He is an easy champion to play, but he is hard to play against; 2) He does not need to get kills in order to farm enough to own late game unlike almost all other DPS characters.

Mastering Yi is relatively quick and easy: you focus on farming, try to kill occasionally, and then at the end game click R then, E, then the nearest squishy. You don't need to get kills with YI, you need the game to last 50 minutes and have been able to jungle/farm. I would guess that each kill reduces the amount of time before you can dominate by about 4 minutes. Relatively easily, YI can farm and become a dominating character that out DPS almost all other characters. I would argue that he has the highest DPS of any other character in the game.

However, playing against YI is hard. You may need to change your item build, prevent him from farming early game, jungeling mid game, coordinate stuns on him at the right time, have good organization with your team, have good yi countering champions know what they are doing, and then watch that Yi does not instantly backdoor. A few mistakes, and YI quickly snowballs, and these are hard expectations for a team of five new players. Two friends going Kayle and Yi could present an easy combo that is hard to counter.

The problem with YI is not that he is over powered nor that he is uncounterable, the problem with YI is that he is easy to play, compared to how hard he is to counter. Yi is "unbalanced" in an odd way--it is how easy is to play compared to how hard he is to play against.

In the end, I would expect that overall YI creates a negative LOL experience because apparently players struggle against him and feel powerless when he is in games. It is true that as they become better, they should learn to play against him. But still, Yi stands out as character that easily, completely dominates.

DragonArmy 12-21-2009 05:14 PM

My initial suggestion would be to that his ability to dominate should increases at a decreasing rate after he reaches a certain number. I still think that he should have the potential to dominat the other team and should remain easy to play. I justify soft capping his power level slighly before others because he is easy and because the cap would be after he already very powerful. I just think that an easy character like him, should be capped some how. Yi should "snowball" easily over similarly to the current rate, but his "snowball" becomes a little to large. Similarly to movement speed that becomes "halfed as effective" at a certain point, Yi's attack speed, damage, run speed, should likewise become "half as effective for each additional point" when it reaches a certain number.

EchoRex 12-21-2009 05:17 PM

I dare you to make less sense.

Teru 12-21-2009 05:43 PM

I agree with DragonArmy Yi is not so much OP as unbalanced example: I play Yi ALL the time if someone on are team has not chose Yi I take him because of 1 thing if the other team has a "OK" Yi player he will RAPE us late game if there is not another Yi there to keep him in check.
Now as a lev 30 Yi player I know the +&- of him well and he is perfectly balanced tell Highlander comes in the picture.
Highlander and its no cooldown on kills super atk speed+ move speed+ and nothing can slow/stop you but a stun for a few secs depending on class is what makes Yi unbalanced.
I have watch the
Highlander movies and I know that when the Highlander kill a ANOTHER he experienced the "quickening" and I think they where trying to reference the "quickening" with the no cooldown that was a good idea but just unbalanced to have UNLIMITED POWER! as long as you keep killing with Highlander.

My suggestion is to make
Highlander have a little reduced cooldown when you make a kill with it other than making it no cooldown if you are going to do no cooldown on ult kill RIOT needs to do it for every champion to be fair.

banduan 12-21-2009 07:44 PM

u mean yi is a problem the way 5-man promote was? Interesting angle.

DragonArmy 12-21-2009 10:17 PM

Sorry, Echo, that my post was hard to understand or does not make sense to you.

What I am trying to say is that it takes a medium amount of skill for one player to do well with YI. To counter YI, it takes organization and a medium to high level of skill to defeat him.

The problem is that at a medium to low level skill game a YI can own very easily and the opposing team that is better or equally skilled cannot defeat him because he is a hard character to counter.

Let me try an analogy:

I played Warcraft III for a while and at one point the META was a little messed up. Most players would go night elves and build all huntresses. This strategy was easy: You went into battle, you selected all of your guys and focused one of there guys. Now if you were a human player, against night elves you needed to build a variety of units, set them all into seperate groups, and do a good job microing focus fire on a few of their huntresses, while making sure your healers weren't focused by their huntresses. It was hard, took a lot of clicks per minute, and easy to make a mistake.

The game was balanced in that humans were as powerful as night elves. However, to be good with night elves all you did was select all your units and click their unit. To be good with Humans, you had to have five times the clicks per minute and micro well. Simply put, a low skilled night elf player could easily beat a medium to high skilled level human player.

The problem with the both YI and at the time of Warcraft III was not that one character or race was over powered, but that one race or character took little skill, while another race took a lot of skill to be equally as competitive.

VMan7 12-21-2009 10:38 PM

Yi is fine if you don't suck.

He's like N'aix in dota before they got rid of all his passives; if you ran while he was attacking one person, you'd lose. And your team would run away because they're ****ing dumb and don't know what focus fire is.

Yi's the same way. Except he's not magic immune for 25s. Turn around and blow his paper ass up in a 2s stun.

Hard concept.

Sexual Tyrannosaurus 12-22-2009 03:10 AM

yi v rammus is neat cause i just let yi kill yi

EchoRex 12-22-2009 04:15 AM

No dragonarmy, as in the entirety of both your previous posts to mine were garbled with self contradictory terms, analogies, and grammar.

Stock xxxxx carry is over powered response: Pick better teams, ward for map control, use items.

onex1 12-22-2009 08:05 AM

I like how you speak for the whole LoL community, calling Yi a negative experience.
Just because you don't know how to play against him doesn't mean others can't.
Stun or blind, if your team doesn't have them, then Yi isn't the reason why you lost.
Highlander is rigged, and even if they nerf it so that it doesn't even reduce the cooldowns at all, it wouldn't matter that much.
The first highlander I use a couple seconds after the team fight started, then use it to finish them off. The highlander that i get from the kills I use to get the towers, etc, which I could get without it anyways.
So...>.> i don't really see the point of my argument.

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