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Kodi the Hunter 12-06-2010 01:49 AM

[Guide]Trolling Hard, A guide to Trundle, The Cursed Troll
Introduction: Hey everyone, and welcome to my humble guide on trolling it up as Trundle. First off, why would anyone play Trundle? Trundle is a very unique champion, in that although he fits the roll of a beefy dps champ which has been done quite a bit before Trundle goes about his role with a variety of unique builds, and is backed with great utility. If you are one of those people that want nothing but kills Trundle probably isn't the champion for you. However, if you can live with the fact that you're probably not going to have the highest kill count in the game but instead plenty of assists then you'll be rewarded with one of the best chasers/jungling gankers in the game.

The Skills
Passive: Decompose, Whenever an enemy unit, champion or monster dies within range of Trundle, Trundle is healed for a percentage of that unit's health. The percentage even increases as Trundle levels before capping off. Trundle's passive is what allows him to be a pretty good jungler and in later leves allows him to survive knock down, drag-out team fights.

Rabid Bite: Rabid Bite is Trundle's Q, it's a melee attack that advances Trundle forward allowing him to close small gaps. Rabid Bite, resets the melee attack timer and applies on hit effects while lowering the victim's AD by a certain percentage and increasing Trundle's attack damage. To get the most damage out of Rabid Bite land an autoattack and immediately hit Q, the timer will be reset and Trundle will swing again, this time with his newly stolen power.

Contaminate: Contaminate is Trundle's W. Contaminate places a ward on the selected area of ground. While in this ward Trundle moves faster, attacks faster, and suffers from crowd control effects for shorter amounts of time. Contaminate is of decent size and is useful in many different situations. Let's go more in depth into those situations:
Chasing: Trundle is able to use contaminate in tandem with Rabid Bite to close the gap between himself and his target in order to finish them off. When chasing an enemy you want to lead the target with the contaminant zone and follow right through it.
Team Fighting: Lay contaminate in the area where you feel it'd be the most useful to have the extra effects. If going straight for the squishies go for it, if you think the team fight is going south use it to escape.
Ganking: Much like chasing, use contaminate in order to cut off the gankee(s) and begin pummeling the target at a faster rate. Trundle's strong ability comes mostly from his E ability which is:

Pillar of Filth: Pillar of Filth is Trundle's bread and butter spell and seperates the good Trundles from the bad. Trundle erects a giant pillar of filth at target location that cannot be passed through, slows enemies within range, and then fades away after several seconds. Pillar is what makes Trundle a good ganker. The ability to force enemies certain ways is invaluable while the slow is just icing on the gank. Pillar is useful for ganks, chasing and most importantly changing team fights. The first two are pretty much like contaminate, lead the target, seal off escapes with it and smash. The third use though is a little more interesting. Pillar can be used in ways that can completely take the "Team" out of team fights. Early in the game, or maybe even late game depending on your team's damage output and your ult, Pillar can be used to cut off overextending tanks/Meleers giving you time to drop the enemy team's initiators forcing them to either A)Die trying to save their tank or B) Be forced to retreat since they have no one to defend the carries all with little to no risk to your squishies. Alternatively, if you bring some damage dealers with you and go around the back, you can pillar off the squishies from their tank and nuke them into the ground. Two things to remember when using pillar however, people can ghost through pillar, and practice pillar placement as you can hurt your team mates even worse than the enemy with a bad pillar.

Finally Trundle's Ult:
Agony: Agony is a single target Ult that lasts for 6 seconds. Upon initial casting Trundle steal's a portion of the target's health, magic resistance and armor, and with each passive second the amount stolen increases until it caps and ends. This will always be used on the enemy tank except for very special circumstances, like a very important target looks like they're about to escape or just finishing someone off. Other than that on the tank every time at all times. If the tank isn't there make the next beefiest person feel the pain.

Summoner Spells
If jungling Smite is obviously needed, while I suggest Ghost as your second skill. Ghost allows Trundle to be in my opinion, THE BEST chaser in the game, barring all those who can go through walls because they cheat. If laning(Yes Trundle can lane fine too, just be sure to partner with some one who can abuse pillar) I still suggest ghost but for the second spell several different ones are fine.

Flash: It's flash. Escapes, catching up, turret diving.

Ignite: Can be combined with your ulti to finish runners, when not team fighting.

Teleport: Just because it's nice to be wherever your team needs you.

What not to take:

Clarity: You'll be fine on mana eventually if you follow the build.

Heal: Again the build, and your passive. Suck it up Bucko, you'll heal.

Revive: You can't abuse it like Pantheon or Twisted Fate, and eventually become quite the hard takedown.

On the fence: Rally, yes it's usually bad. However, Trundle thrives on fighting in an area and pillar helps with dictating that area why not add just a little more synergy with a summoner spell?

Finally on to the build
For Jungler: Start with your usual Cloth armor and 5 red pots

On your first trip back turn it into Madred's.

Get Boots.
Turn Madred's into Wriggle's Lantern, it's a great item for jungler's and arguably one of the best items in the game for Trundle.

Next trip back begin building Sheen. Finish Sheen. Sheen is a very good item for Trundle due to Rabid Bite. The ideal chain is W, sheen procced autoattack, autoattack while waiting for proc cool down, Q, Sheen autoattack.

After Sheen get Innervating Locket. The locket does several things for Trundle. It gives him decent mana regen, extra health and combined with his passive, Wriggle's, and maybe even a spirit visage for the extra Lulz makes him a very hard target to kill.

One the locket is finished I suggest several different armor items:
Randuin's Omen: Good armor, the active is great and helps slow enemies even more while Q and the attack speed reduction can really make carries suffer.

Thornmail: A whole lot of armor for a cheap price, thornmail is for those games where you're duking it out with the likes of Yi, trynd and other right click champs.

Finally, Guardian Angel is still a phenomenal tank item and combined with your lifegain the reduced rebirth health shouldn't be a problem.
If the game is still going finish up that Trinity force and go to town.

For laning Trundles I recommend the same build with one slight tweak to make the early game easier, instead of cloth armor start with doran's shield. The regen combined with your passive helps make ranged lanes a bit easier. Once you're done laning just sell the shield and get on with the build as normal.

Skill Order
Always level Rabid Bite first except for when you can level your ulti.
After Rabid Bite make contaminate your next priority, the attackspeed, and movement speed scale with each rank. Before you level contaminate all the way though I suggest leveling up Pillar to rank 2 for the increased slow and decreased cooldown. By Level 4 you should have 2 ranks Bite, 1 rank contaminate and 1 rank Pillar.

Like many other jungle Trundle builds I've found that 1-16-13 mastery build works quite well for Jungle Trundle. In offense I take improve smite, in defense I go down the hardiness and resistance lines in order to get veteran's scars, while finally in utility I take improved ghost, regeneration, experience gain, neutral buff duration, meditation and greed. For a laning Trundle, I would go with a 0-17-13 putting that extra point from lack of smite into ardor. This mastery set up gives Trundle survivability and helps him jungle with better ease while lane Trundle can still take advantage of his passive/locket to a greater extent with the utility line.

For runes I suggest:

Marks: Armor Penetration

Seals: Flat Armor

Glyphs: Magic resist per level

Quints: Flat Health Quints

This rune page allows Trundle to deal damage while being very resilient allowing him to keep his dps sustained from being able to fight longer than most.

Due to Trundle's unique playstyle and fun concept I encourage many to give Trundle a try. He's not the most damaging character in the game or the sturdiest but he brings alot of utility to a team. So go out and troll the fields of justice and remember: Do not ask for whom the bell trolls, it trolls for thee.

Kodi the Hunter 12-06-2010 02:35 AM

Saved for comments.
Added a runes and masteries section.

Ebvert 12-06-2010 02:45 AM

wall of text D=

Kodi the Hunter 12-06-2010 02:51 AM

Broken up, better?

Ebvert 12-06-2010 02:52 AM


Originally Posted by Kodi the Hunter (Hozzászólás 4533931)
Broken up, better?

a lot :)

Kodi the Hunter 12-06-2010 02:56 AM

Good. Please keep the feedback, coming and thank you. :)

Ebvert 12-06-2010 03:09 AM

Okay: here is my opinion:

Good guide. If i had trundle will test it now. =P, i love tanky dps champs (like everyone xD).



Originally Posted by Kodi the Hunter (Hozzászólás 4533402)
Ghost allows Trundle to be in my opinion, THE BEST chaser in the game

The best? it may not be the best but one really good imo.
I main rammus and i've catched zilean's whit ghost. If u can do that u DEFINETLY are in the "chasers" list =P

Try improve ur guide structure, see other guides and try to make them like those.
Will edit whit examples of (imo) the best guide structures just for u. =)

Edit: here is an example of guides i like ('cuz they are easy) to read

Ebvert 12-06-2010 03:15 AM

"my troll detector is exploding!"

(downvotes whitout feedback = bg)

Domitan 12-06-2010 06:49 AM

I'll pass on downvoting you, but try adding runes and masteries to your guide and explaining why some things are best choices for those new to Trundle (like agony on tanks).

Kodi the Hunter 12-06-2010 10:16 AM

Thank you for the feedback Domitan, later tonight when I have time I'll break down and add a runes/masteries section along with a who Trundle works well with section.

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