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Everglass 12-18-2009 03:30 AM

[Champion Suggestion] Verdandi, The Chains of Destiny
Verdandi, The Chains of Destiny

Some thing along these lines, perhaps a full hooded cloak instead of having the waist cape. Pretty much I would like her to look like a sexy little red riding hood.

Verdandi is a spell caster, disabler champion and that supports. She uses her chain to prevent the movement of her enemies, make it hard for them to run away and difficult to pursue weaken champions. She carries with her a magical chain that extends to strike her opponents. Each of her spells create what are called "chain links," a binding between two units that causes enemies that pass through to be slowed. The draw back to her power, however, is that their are only two ends to her chain, making her having to divide the two between attacking, snaring, nuking, and rescuing. Her ulti requires both ends, but in return she can deviate in team fights.

Verdandi has been most commonly know as "the witch of the wilds" for she has always lived in solitude in the depths of the forest, far away form any kind civilization. She gained the name witch from travelers and hunts who would get lost and accidentally stubble upon her as she practice her magic, afterward running and screaming for their lives, which has always left her confused. "Why did they fear me so? I have no reason to do harm on to them." was what she thought to her self. And so every once in a while a band of them would come into her forest with burning torches and pitchforks and end up leaving her forest whaling like strucked piggies. Of course when this happen it wasn't all that annoying to her, she enjoyed the bit of fun that she would have in their company that was different from her useless routines. City-States would often come looking for her as well but as to ask for her help for she had the ability to foresee the outcome of events. They would offer any thing she want but she always turn them down for they had nothing she wanted. So when she all of a sudden joined the league it raised many eyebrows. It is believed, however, that she foresaw a great change in the coming battle and the outcome undermined and, through her hand, the outcome could be decided.

"She may regret leaving her forest, but this upset may prove to be quite interesting...."

Animation and Dialog
Attack Animation - Verdandi twirls the chain end over head in a similar fashion to that of a morning star, damaging enemies just out of melee range
Crit Animation - Verdandi hops in the air and spins with the swing of the chain end
Dance - Verdandi begins to twirl her chain and she moves her hips back and forth
Attack Dialogs - "What a pain..." and "Fools...."
Movement Dialogs - "Why I'm I here again?" and "What? you can't be serious.."
Taunt - "Oh boy, what fun!"
Joke - "Did you blow Bubbles when you where a kid? He's back in town you know."

Medium-Low Health
Low Armor
Medium-Low Attack
Medium-High Mana
Moderate Attack Speed
High Movement Speed


[Passive] Binding Fate: Each of Verdandi's chain links slows any enemy unit that passes through them, reducing their movement speed (stackable).

Notes: This pretty much give all her abilities slowing effect, it also works with her ulti to do damage. A single chain link can apply the effect multiple times if the unit pass in and out of it. Continuous contact keep the slows durations fresh. The chain links are simular to Morgana's ulti but look like chains and can link to mutiple units instead of just her. It doesnt work with her attack but have considered added it.

[1st Ability Q] Chain Wrap: Verdandi tosses her chain at the enemy champion, warp and snaring the champion and creates a chain links between her and her target. The champion is snare and takes continues damage over 3 sec. Leveling the spell increases the amount of damage and reduces the cooldown of the spell. Verdandi can freely move while the spell is active but requires one chain end during the spells duration. The spell can not be broken through the disabling or death of Verdandi but it can be dispelled, returning the chain back the her.

[2nd Ability W] Chain Coil: Verdandi tosses her chain at the enemy target, hitting the target then bouncing to nearby enemy targets, creating chain links as each one bounces to the other. The chain bounces up to 10 times on all levels and will do increased damage by leveling. The amount of chain links created by this ability allow it to be ably to disable the movement speed of many enemies. Verdandi can freely move while the spell is active but requires one chain end during the spells duration. The duration of the spell varies as to the number of hits the ability does, after it was exhausted the number of bounces or no longer have targets to bounce off of the chain begins to rewind until it has returned to Verdandi. If she is stun, killed, or disabled in anyway that would normally cancel a channeling ability, the spell stops and automatically begin to return to Verdandi, even if it still have bounces left.

[3nd Ability E] Living Chain: Passively increases Verdandi's movement speed every level. When activated, Verdandi can throw her chain to instantly pull a friendly champion to her and increase their movement speed for a few secs. Enemy targets inbetween the grab suffer from multiple stacks of Binding Fate. Increasing the level of the ability increases its range. One chain end is needed to perform the ability.

Note: I was deciding wither to put this as a blink but the champion pull seemed to be a better supporting move.

[Ultimate R] Chains of Desecration: Verdandi imbues her chain with mystical energies, she then throws both ends of her chain towards a targeted area. Upon impact the area becomes enchanted and the two chain ends begin to ricochet within the targeted area at an accelerated speed for 3 sec, in which the enchanted area detonates dealing damage and hit the targets with the area with a ministun. Each time a chain end passes through an enemy it deals damage and the detonation damages based on the amount of binding fate charges currently on the target, leveling increases the amount of damage done. Unlike her other spells the chain links created do not connect between units but the perimeter of the targeted area. Her ulti requires both of her chain links, also, Verdandi is unmovable during the duration of the spell and will persist even through death.

Notes: When I say ricochet im not refering to Sivir's attack, instead what it does is that it bonces in random directions every time it comes in contact with the edges of the targeted area, in which they bonce again. As it bonces it creats chain links in its pathing, like all of her other spells.

Verdandi works really well as a support character. During the times at which both chain ends are being use by Chain Warp and Chain Coil she can't attack, so it is better for her to remain out of combat range so that, when a ally champion is in need of help, she can easily pull him out of battle. I've put quite of bit of thought into the champion so comments would be much appreciated, good or bad. Thanks for taking a look.

Everglass 12-18-2009 03:31 AM

Working on notes now, just wanted to save what I've wrote so far

Everglass 12-18-2009 05:02 AM

Finally finished, travailing for two days so if i don't reply i apologize.

Everglass 12-18-2009 05:55 AM

lol just looked at the champion idea competition suggestions on a good champion suggestion so I'm gonna rewrite the post.

Everglass 12-18-2009 08:54 AM

Finished editing, now I've got to go get ready

The 42nd Gecko 12-18-2009 12:00 PM

Interesting, a character designed to dominate movement without using the boring method, being really fast.

Everglass 01-06-2010 02:27 PM

Just got back from vacation, didn't think I wouldn't find the opportunity to post :(. When I was thinking up the char I was try to add a twist to some of the spells that are already in the game. I thought that a sub dpsers and support would be something interesting to play and a good choose for pre-made games.

Dusca 01-06-2010 03:43 PM

Passive: How much does this slow by? I would imagine a small amount, considering it's a passive. Otherwise, you might want to consider making the slow only go off after a X number of attacks

Q: I love that this is a DOT - I don't think there's enough DOTs in this game, to be honest.

W: I would actually like this move to be more like Fiddle's birds... how it bounces more with each level and the dmg is determined by the items that the player buys. I like this more, because it gives the player more freedom to determine how much or how little dmg the skills cause.

E: I think that being able to pull ally champions and yourself is too much for one move. You should probably just choose one or the other, and I think that no matter which one you choose, its a good idea. Personally, I would prefer to see the ally one, because so far no champion has that kind of ability and I could really see her as a good support character.

R: I can't exactly picture what the chains are doing exactly... but it sounds fine. I do like that she's unmovable while doing this atk vs. how she can freely move in the others. Also, I like that it has a perimeter restriction.

Overall, I love her. This is the best character suggestion I've read so far. I also love the artwork you chose... I hope she looks something close to that, if they do decide to use your idea. Good luck!

tCOperator 01-06-2010 08:38 PM

^ ^ ^

I'm going to agree with Dusca; a 'save-mah-buddy' that also functions as a free flash might be a little much. I think if it should pull an ally to you, or pull you to an unoccupied location, with about the same range as Flash. It gives you the ability to be a chaser, but in a support role, instead of the more classic 'Hunt 'Em down and killerize 'em' of a Yi, Warwick, Jax, etc.

Other than that, I'll further agree that it's nice to see a movement dominating champ that isn't all about 'SUPER-SAIYAN SPEED IS OVAR 9 THOUSANDS, NAO!

Everglass 01-07-2010 03:46 PM

Yeah after thinking it over both a blink and a rescue is a bit much, thanks for the comments.

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