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Timmy the Spork 12-17-2009 08:45 PM

[Guide] Effective Shrooming, a basic guide to Teemo’s Noxious Trap (with pictures!)
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a basic guide to Teemo’s Noxious Trap (with pictures!) by Timmy the Spork

There are at least half a dozen Teemo guides out there, all of which are very well written. While they all make some comments on how to place Teemo’s traps effectively, all but a couple of them only spend a few sentences or a paragraph. None of them, however, provide pictures of good shroom placement. The goal of this guide is to provide an overview of how to maximize the effectiveness of Teemo’s shrooms and to include pictures of examples. If you want general Teemo strategy with item and skill builds, check out the other Teemo guides on the comprehensive list of guides and discussions.

Teemo’s trap is an extremely versatile skill. It can be used to set up a gank, warn you of a gank, help you escape, slaughter minions, alter team fights and keep an eye on things. When I solo queue, however, most Teemos I run into do not use this skill to its maximum potential, often casting the trap exclusively to destroy minions or in places with no impact on the game.

This is what the majority of your shrooms should be used for early and mid game. Place shrooms in locations where your opponents are likely to go when running away. Place shrooms where you are likely to go when being chased (1, 2). Place shrooms in brush so that you know when your opponents have entered them (3). Place shrooms at places in the jungle where your opponents are likely to travel. Place shrooms in the river to get an early warning on incoming ganks (4). If an invisible enemy walks over a shroom, it will pop seemingly without cause, so putting shrooms at all entrances to your lane is a great way to stop ganks even from the most annoying opponents.

Also, don’t forget to watch people. Even before you hit level six, watch where your opponents move. Where do they run to when they’re trying to harass you? Where do they run to when they’re being harassed? What path do they take when they flee the scene? That's where you want to drop a shroom. Most people respond to situations similarly. If Mundo always runs into the brush to try to get a cleaver at you, drop a shroom in the brush. If Yi charges directly to the tower along the outer wall, drop a shroom along the outer wall. I find that the locations marked in images (5, 6, 7, 8) tend to be locations where heroes run but minions do not.

Also also, don’t forget where you’ve put your shrooms. If you set up a line of shrooms in the jungle (9), use that as your escape route and remind your allies to use it as an escape route, too. There’s nothing stupider than dying because in your panic you failed to lead a chasing enemy over your shrooms.


This is the most obvious, but generally least useful, way to spend Teemo’s shrooms. Often I will see a Teemo plop a shroom down in the middle of a lane. The circumstances in which this will damage or slow an enemy hero are extremely rare. Nine times out of then, this will destroy the first melee minion to hit it and maybe two others if they were clumped together (10). Though there are times where this is what you need to do, most of the time there are much better places to put your shroom.

If you do need to kill minions with your shrooms, a much more effective way is to run in and drop a shroom just behind the melee minions (19). Depending on who you're laning against, this isn't always safe, but it is pretty efficient at taking down minions.

Early-mid game, only shroom for minions when laning against someone, such as Sivir, who is particularly effective at slaying minions. Late game, shroom for minions when there’s like five hundred of them in the lane that everyone’s been ignoring.

The exception to the above is that it is often useful to put a shroom slightly in front of your turret (11). Often, minions will be more clumped by the time they reach your tower, meaning you’ll get more than a couple of them and occasionally you can get a melee hero when he or she attempts to tower dive. When shrooming to defend inhibitor or nexus turrets, don’t limit yourself to just one shroom, as enemy heroes will often charge at these towers from multiple directions. This is especially true of inhibitors when the nearby inhibitor turret is down.

Often, you want shrooms to be somewhat spread out, but occasionally you want a bunch of random shrooms just chillin’, hoping to hit anyone or anything. The idea behind this is to give you the slight edge in an upcoming teamfight or to protect the poop out of an inhibitor. Good mining can force squishy characters out of a teamfight before it begins or buy you the few seconds to run to an inhibitor in time to save it. When mining to protect an inhibitor, a mid-path shroom can be nice at destroying creeps, but most of the time you want your shrooms scattered off of the minion’s path so that you do the damage to heroes.

Mine midgame if you anticipate a teamfight to be in a particular location. This is often difficult to predict so if you do mine an area, tell your teammates to make sure to lead the teamfight to the minefield. Mine lategame in (12) or just outside (13) your base if your team has gone into turtle mode. If your opponent has gone into turtle mode, mine the lanes outside their base. If they ever get bold enough to chase you, they’ll be in for a surprise.

The role of shrooms in teamfights can be difficult to predict. Whenever possible, try to make teamfights happen in places where you have already dropped a bunch of shrooms. Whether or not you are able to do this, you should be dropping fresh shrooms in fights, assuming you have enough mana that you can still cast blinding dart. Most of the time, drop a shroom wherever you are already standing, usually in the back of a team fight. This will be extremely useful if things turn out for the worse and you find yourself being chased. Occasionally, if everyone is focused on your tank, you can run into the fight, drop a shroom on the melee battle, and run out. This is, of course, extremely risky and should not be done unless you already have the upper hand and your opponent doesn’t have a lot of stuns/snares/slows/etc.

Placing your shrooms in key locations as observation posts is essential. Always try to have a shroom on the Dragon. Midgame, it is often extremely useful to have at least one shroom in each river (4). Whenever convenient, placing a shroom near the golem or the lizard can be a great way to surprise an enemy.

Mid game you should always have a shroom on the baron and late game, you should have two or three depending on if you have teleport. Since a popped shroom only grants you vision for a few seconds, you need a shroom next to the baron in addition to one by the cave entrance so that you still have vision of the baron after your first shroom has popped. In addition, you should have a shroom behind the baron’s cave that you or your teammates can tele in quickly (14).

Another trick is that a shroom placed in an impossible location, such as inside a wall, will fall to one side or the other of that location. This can be very handy for gaining a small sight radius over narrow terrain, or enable you to place a shroom on the baron from behind his cave (20). This can be tricky to do correctly and you must be standing right up against the wall.

Never underestimate the power of teleing to a shroom. Early to mid game, try to have shrooms in brush behind your opponents. Nothing surprises your enemies more than a hero they saw recall suddenly appearing in the bushes behind them. This synergizes especially well with Teemo’s Camouflage. Tele into a bush and stay invisible until an opportunity arises.

As said earlier, try to have a shroom on or near the baron for teleing purposes.

Lategame, try to have a shroom near the opponent’s base. If you have any heroes who are remotely good at backdooring and have taken tele, a well-placed shroom near the base can make backdooring that much easier (15). This is the one instance in which you want to place a shroom where it won’t be run over.

Because shrooms are visible for a short amount of time after you place them, it is possible to quickly place a shroom and block skillshots with them, such as Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab (21).

Do not put your shrooms so close to a wall that no one will ever hit it ever (16). There is one exception listed earlier.

Do not drop a shroom in range of enemy tower. This should go without saying. Towers have stealth detect and the tower will target the shroom shortly after you place it (17).

Do not clump your shrooms. These things are not Heimerdinger’s turrets. The poison and the slow do not stack (18).

Leaving the lane earlygame to plant a shroom is usually okay, but do not leave a mid-lategame teamfight or a standoff to plant a shroom in a good location. If your shrooms watching the Baron wear off, do not run to replace them until there's a lull in the fighting. When you do run off to reshroom the Baron, tell your team so they know not to start any teamfights until you return.

If your opponents have taken wards and elixirs, shroom placement becomes a lot trickier. If they have wards and you have a sense of where they have been placed, try to place shrooms outside of that radius. If your opponents have an oracle’s elixir, you generally need to restrict shroom placement to the edge of brush and near towers. If your shrooms are at the end of a patch of brush, your opponent won’t see them until he or she has walked into the brush. If your shrooms are near friendly towers, your opponent probably won’t be able to get close enough to the shroom without the tower attacking him or her.

If your opponent is Corki and he makes a habit of casting phosphorous bomb on a brush before entering it, change lanes.

Teemo can be a lot of fun on Twisted Treeline because his shrooms give him almost unparalleled map awareness. Drop a shroom by the Lizard Elder and another by the dragon, drop them in every jungle brush you can, drop them at random places in the jungle. The primary purpose of these shrooms is observation. Yes, they will occasionally give you a kill or prevent your death, but on Twisted Treeline, the amount of damage the shroom does to your enemy is less important than the knowledge of your opponent's whereabouts.

You probably don't need to bother with too many shrooms in lane, unless your enemies are especially fond of hiding in the lane brush.

Screenshots will be added for TT later.

Don’t feel bad if your opponents don’t hit your shrooms frequently in the earlygame. I often have the max number of shrooms on the board for a while in the earlygame. It’s the midgame where the shrooms really shine. Good earlygame shroom placement will give your team the advantage in the mid- and late- games.

Cast this spell as often as possible. Cool down reduction and mana regeneration are very nice if there’s room in your build for them. If not, my advice is to stop using blinding dart in the from levels six to nine except when it is needed.

Have fun. There are few things more satisfying than a good shroom kill.


Though this guide gives general advice for any map, the pictures should be evidence that it was clearly written with Summoner’s Rift in mind. That being said, most of the advice still applies to Twisted Treeline. Expect further updates with each further map released.

These screenshots were taken in practice games and show an optimal setup. Shroom placement in a real game will generally not be able to replicate all the images shown.

All screenshots were taken by Timmy the Spork (1-20) and Ishamiel (21).

OMBlah 12-17-2009 09:50 PM

Ah I never thought of using unpopped shrooms to teleport!!!
I've been enlightened on a new way to kill those squishy champs!
Thank you!

FootSpaz 12-17-2009 10:07 PM

I love this guide, I had made Teemo my new main a little while back and thought I was well versed in the art of shroom placement but there are some placement ideas you mentioned I had never thought of. In particular, that triple Baron placement is genius, I only ever placed 1-2 at the entrance and never one next to him to see his health, and the placement of 1-2 behind so you can teleport and steal/gank is brilliant. Well done, hope this helps a lot of the new Teemo players. It's too bad the damage from the shrooms doesn't stack, but it would be very OP then.

P.S. I have Blitzcrank, so if you want to meet up sometime to coordinate the blocking of a skillshot with a mushroom in a practice game for a screenshot, just let me know. He would be a good choice because his arm is fairly slow and when it happens his arm sticks for a second on the shroom.

Timmy the Spork 12-18-2009 03:57 PM


Originally Posted by FootSpaz (Hozzászólás 415232)
In particular, that triple Baron placement is genius.

thank you! this was actually a last minute change in response to the latest patch:


Originally Posted by Udyr (Hozzászólás 410764)
  • Teemo
    • Fixed a bug where Bantam Trap was granting vision of an area for too long after an enemy triggered it

it used to be that one shroom at the entrance would give you vision for a really long time. twenty seconds? thirty seconds? something like that. before December 17 the one shroom would grant you wide enough vision for long enough to steal the Baron. since then, popped shrooms only give vision for five seconds or so which made me sad.

thanks for the feedback! let me get back to you on arranging a screenshot of Blitz grabbing a shroom.

Kagemahou 12-18-2009 05:34 PM

great guide just thought i'd add something that i do pretty often when im soloing mid, wait till all the minions r fighting then set a mushroom right behind the last melee creep, it will explode and kill ALL of the minions so its an easy push. Hope that helps :)

Deshi 12-18-2009 07:17 PM

One of my favorite, and surprisingly effective types of shroom placement, is a bit like the shroom in pic 7; the top-right shroom in that pic, but a fraction closer to the tower. If you ever get to be pretty low health in your lane, if you're getting pressured by two or more champs that are trying to push your lane down fast, it's always worth putting shrooms in similar positions to that.

It really works because of people's greed and the feeling of invincibility (I assume that's what it is :P)they get when they try to tower-dive you, but that shroom will slow them as they try to escape from the tower range. It can net you so many kills and make people think twice before trying to gank you again.

Of course, there are lots of other places that can serve a similar purpose, like in areas behind your tower, leading towards the brush/jungle, where many players will escape to after a tower-dive, whether successful or not.

Benoit 12-19-2009 07:15 PM

nice work

Kyle700 12-19-2009 07:49 PM

I was laning against an ashe and a singed solo top. I put a lot of muhrroms down, and it was really great, because:

When Singed put down his blue just out of the range of my tower, I'd have a mushroom down right where I knew he'd run through to get me. He'd pop ult, glue, and run into a muhsroom. Ashe, who was in the bushes, sprung out, and they both tower dived me. I ran back, shot singed, and he died pretty easily. Ashe, then, took the tower fire, until about to 1\3's hp. She ran into the bushes, hit my mushroom, and then hit another one, and died. It was quite funny. Then they bought Oracles, and they died 3 more times to my shrooms.


MrSARS 12-19-2009 08:31 PM

I play Teemo a lot just saturate **** out of an area or put them at choke points it's really simple.

Timmy the Spork 12-23-2009 02:31 PM


Originally Posted by Kagemahou (Hozzászólás 419124)
great guide just thought i'd add something that i do pretty often when im soloing mid, wait till all the minions r fighting then set a mushroom right behind the last melee creep, it will explode and kill ALL of the minions so its an easy push. Hope that helps :)

good call. this can be risky, depending on who you are laning against, but very effective.

guide edited and screenshot added to include this.

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