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DaGhost 12-15-2009 12:11 PM

New Fiddle Sticks guide
Considering how out of date the old one is, we need a brand new guide.
Is stacking AP worth it anymore?
I have heard his passive is miss worded and actually only reduces MR by 10.

Does stacking Abyssals work?

What is a good build in terms of items?

Rudeboymike 12-15-2009 12:46 PM

fiddle is a bit buggy and can lead to server crashes. I wouldn't recommend playing him until they fix (read: hotfix) him. But if you must insist on playing him, refrain from buying Dark Wind Rank 5.

There are two ways to play Fiddle. Jungle is the latter which i won't go into explaining, since that requires a different amount of know how to effectively jungle and is slightly more dependent on runes/masteries.

I play Fiddle in my AOE partial premade team (Fiddle, Amumu, Nunu). The build often changes depending on how well you are doing, if you are the lucky one getting fed in the AOE, or if they have a tendancy to target you. Higher Elo games require more HP, ie more Rod of Ages. Lower Elo brackets allow you to stack AP/magic pen.

Red Runes: Magic Pen
Yellow Runes: AP/lvl
Blue Runes: Magic Pen
Purple Runes: Magic Pen

Masteries: 9/0/21
Spells: Teleport/Ghost (Cleanse if you have no way to safely get into team battles)

Drain (allows you to drain and stay on the lane longer)
Crowstorm > Darkwind > Fear > Drain

Most common build:
Sapphire Crystal + Mana Pot
Philosopher Stone
Movespeed 3 Boots
Rod of Ages
Mejai's Soulstealer (if you are the one getting the kills, if not onto the next)
Void Staff
Abyssal Scepter (if no other player on your team gets this)
Rod of Ages (if they have a tendancy to focus you)
Guardian Angel (any game past hour mark should require you to buy this)
Zhonya's Ring (if the game lasts this long, or all above items are invalid)

Basically he is played as harassing up until 6. Darkwind when you can hit enemy champs, particularly if they are next to each other, without creeps. Don't be afraid to "Drain Tank" an enemy champion without stuns, provided your teammate can help you to. Use your fear and darkwind to protect you and your lane mates. 5 bounces of darkwind's damage and silence, plus a fear towards a tower will remind the opposing champions that they aren't getting a kill anytime soon.

At 6, its ganking (preferably team ganking) time. Have your initiator setup, follow behind with Crowstorm flashing in, either from across barriers or in bushes. If there are few minions, use dark wind to silence. Use fear on targets that will survive the ult for your team to finish off. Chase down (with ghost) the team. Don't waste your ult on one champion if you can. Team fight outcomes are decided by how much you can hit everyone. If your team loses a fight, it was because you were in the wrong place or generally did something wrong.

Late Game, there should only be team fights. Never push alone, unless baiting. Basically I say.. if you can see a fiddlesticks, he is playing it wrong. Don't let the enemy team know where you are, and when you are popping in with Crowstorm. Again.. DONT GET DARKWIND RANK 5. Just don't buy it, its fine... nothing makes you have to get it.

Rudeboymike 12-15-2009 12:47 PM

Stacking abyssal scepters does not work. If you can get one of your teammates to grab it, you wont have to.

albatroxx 12-15-2009 07:43 PM

I have had good luck with building him this way:

Storm of Crows > Dark Wind > Drain > Fear

For items:

Basic Boots
Tear of the Goddess
Basic Boots -> Ninja Tabi
Tear of the Goddess -> Yellowy Red Rod Thing (2% Mana -> AP)
Expensive Ring (+100 AP, +25% AP)
More of the rods which convert 2% mana->AP

For my mastery I stack defense and for runes I usually stack HP, I am trying cool down, but am only level 10, so it is hard to say how well that works.

Rudeboymike 12-15-2009 09:15 PM

The "rod which convert 2% mana" are Archangel's staff, and their unique does not stack.

Also, Zhonya's that early really doesnt get much benefit for its cost. So many better possibilities such as Mejai, Rod of Ages, Deathfire, Abyssal, Void Staff.

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