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Soul Saber 05-09-2013 10:09 AM

Loving it so far except for a couple problems.
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I love that LoL is now for mac, that means I may be able to get my brother to play eventually. At the very least I love playing it on his high res 1440p screen. Here comes the first bug, which I guess may or may not be a bug. The "bug" is when i'm at 1440p resolution the champion circular portraits on the minimap, and the health bars of champions are really small. Now I understand that when resolution goes up the smaller things get, but it seems the bars are too small for the resolution, it doesn't feel right, the portraits seem like aren't scaling with the minimap. I'll attach a picture to show what it's like. It does seem to look right on 1080p but just not 1440p. The second bug is random, when I right click to move somewhere sometimes it won't preform the action even if I right click several times. after a couple seconds it will start letting me do it again.

Brentmeister 05-09-2013 12:11 PM

Thanks for the feedback Soul. We're currently aware of this issue but seeing as it would require the re-authoring (read our artists have to go remake) these assets in a higher resolution. If we just "make it bigger", it will get very pixelated and doesn't look great. It's been backlogged for now. We may be able to revisit it when higher resolution displays get more common or when we do a HUD rework.

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