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Joru 12-08-2009 09:45 PM

Looking for advice for a general-purpose rune page
I'm going to hit 20 pretty soon, and when I do, I'd like to start working on filling up my rune book (the poor thing is empty right now). I'm the sort of person who would much rather spend IP on champions than runes, so I'm really hoping to create a single set of runes which will help any character that I can hang onto for a while without feeling gimped. I'm not quite sure which runes are the best for that purpose, though.



Don't say crit damage. I almost never play crit-stacking physical carries, so they wouldn't do much for me. I'm looking for a stat that makes an impact even without a lot of DPS items to back them up, and something which will be of some use for casters, at least during the early farming/harassing stage (I might get a set of magic penetration runes eventually, but not for a while).

My gut instinct is crit chance. An 8+ percent chance for double damage sounds pretty nice, and a small-ish chance at doing a lot of extra damage seems like it'd be better than a 100% chance at a marginal amount of damage. I've heard good things about armor penetration too, though. How do they compare? The fact that minions don't have armor until a while into the game is still making me want to lean a bit more towards crit, but I don't really know what 17.64 armor penetration translates into in terms of tangible benefit.


Cooldown reduction, obviously. But should I go for Focus with the flat .65%, or Celerity for the 0.9% at 18?

Focus sounds a bit better due to the break-even point being so late, and even if you can't really spam your skills early on, you usually get a long-cooldown ultimate right at 6 which benefits a lot from the early boost. They're so expensive, though...getting 6% through eight Focus and one Celerity costs a crippling 6970 IP, but six Celerity and a Focus is only 3280. Still, cooldown reduction is by far the most universally-applicable stat available, so if anything's worth investing extra in, it's these. I just don't know if the extra cost is worth it...how do people feel about these?


These are tricky. At first, I was thinking flat HP or dodge, but they both cost a fortune. Armor and magic resistance are dirt cheap, though, and both seem pretty decent. I'm not sure which would be better, though; the value of mitigation is kind of tough to estimate. Mana regeneration might be worth a look too, with it being basically half a Meki Pendant for free, but it wouldn't scale nearly as well with level.


Move speed (because it's so valuable and hard to get) and flat health (because it's such a huge boost at level 1) seem like the winners here. I'm open to other suggestions, though, especially given how expensive they both are. Avarice might be interesting...360 extra gold at 30 minutes might be the difference allowing you to get an item five or ten minutes earlier than you otherwise could, and when it happens, it's always exactly the stat you need. Other times they might have absolutely no effect at your item acquisition rate at all, though. They're also really cheap, which is a plus. There might be some great ones that I'm totally ignoring.


Any thoughts on this? What are commonly considered to be the most universally useful and cost-effective runes of each type?

wildfire393 12-08-2009 11:03 PM

Universally useful: Cooldown reduction. Get it to 6% @ 18 between your Blues and your Quints. With 9% from your masteries, this lets you get to 15% Cooldown reduction, which is the magic number for hitting the cap (either with Golem Buff or Frozen Heart generally, though some mages can work Haunting Visage + Deathfire Grasp)
Also always good: Flat MP regen. Keeps you in lane early game without having to waste money on a Meki/Chalice/Phil Stone. Lategame it isn't as relevant, but it can't hurt either.
If you tend to play Physical types, Armor Penetration Runes are some of the most powerful, as they will give you an increase to damage that scales with your damage (as reducing the reduction = increasing the damage you deal)
Dodge seals are really only worthwhile if you tend to play Dodging champions (Sivir/Katarina/Jax). Scaling MR Seals are never really bad, as most of the damage done during a game is magical. Scaling or flat HP runes are also solid.

Don't get Runspeed Quints, they give a fairly minor percentage that doesn't make a huge difference.

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