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Brentmeister 04-30-2013 04:15 PM

Mac Bug when using ! in chat
Just letting you guys know we're aware of and in the process of resolving an issue where when you type ! in chat it will erase all chat you currently have typed. It also occurs with the $,% and & characters.

Based on feedback from testing we're considering this for a hotfix. We realize this can be a very frustrating bug especially if you're like me and can only truly express yourself by using multiple unnecessary !!! everywhere.

Mirror 04-30-2013 07:30 PM

I keep trying to post "Thanks for letting us know you're looking into this annoying bug!" but something keeps deleting my text. <3

Ediwir 05-03-2013 03:03 AM

thanks! (line deleted)
i was about to report this, but noticed it was already there... oh well, still good i guess? (line deleted)
GL& (line deleted) HF

Brentmeister 05-03-2013 01:46 PM

This thread is full of win. We're trying to pack a few more things into the hotfix before releasing it but this issue has a working fix in the code.

YoLittleSister 05-03-2013 05:25 PM

I was just going to update the thread I posted cuz I just found out about $% and &, but you beat me to it! haha, I noticed that % only deletes one letter but ! $& deletes a whole sentence. I can't live without !!!!!! :D

wrath0r 05-03-2013 08:27 PM

Best thread ever. I'm starting to get used to typing without any symbols. Honestly, I'm just happy this is a bug; I was starting to think I'd managed to do this to myself somehow.

gneerox 05-04-2013 10:21 AM


DrakeDangerz 05-06-2013 12:22 PM

ahh good to know a fix is on the way :-)

RatB33 05-09-2013 05:41 AM

Its difficult for me to type in lol chat without using the !. How can i tell people they did a gj without any !'s? :)

Looking forward to this fix...

YoLittleSister 05-10-2013 05:56 PM

is this fixed yet? I saw a new patch today

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