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Shurelia 11-11-2010 06:40 PM

[RP Event] 1.0 - A Champion is Born ~ An Ionian Celebration
The Lotus Gardens
Ionia Capital City, Ionia
Nov 6th, 20 CLE

The wind blows softly throughout the Lotus Gardens of Ionia, its magically-lit lanterns swaying softly from side to side. Many people were gathered throughout the courtyard, with tables filled with traditional Ionian delicacies lining the walkways. People from all over Ionia, wearing traditional formal wear of their respective clans, and military personnel wearing celebratory uniform came for the festivities. Not often does such an honor occur, that one of their own is accepted as a champion in the League. This particular Garden however, was not often the site for such festivities.

Several prominent figures sat upon the center table. The Ionian champions, Master Yi and Soraka as well as other leadership figures such as Randuin- the leader of the Kashuld Clan, Shen- representing the Kinkou and even the Empress of Ionia, Karma herself.

Irelia stood up from her seat as the chatter quieted, "Thank you all for your support. I will do my best to honor you all as a champion in the name of Ionia. Our fight has not yet ended, but we must endure until our lands are liberated of our Noxian invaders. We must be strong and we must endure for the future of our people. I choose this location to remind you all of the resolve of our country. Let us follow in the path that our Shojin brother has blazed for us," she raised her glass in the direction of the burning Monk to the corner of the courtyard, "Balance in all things!"

The crowd cheered, the music began to play... and the festivities began!


1. You may only RP as an original character you have made. Examples: A citizen of Ionia or your own Summoner.
2. Do not force actions upon another RPer.
3. Use parenthesis when speaking out of character. ((Hi I am speaking out of character.))
4. Please keep it clean!
5. Disclaimer: When interacting with an interactable storyline character, it may take some time for them to respond! ((We are busy people.))
6. Please do not force actions upon a canon character Example: Shen, Karma, Randuin, Irelia.

Interactable Storyline Characters Present:
Reira Kashuld (Journal of Justice Reporter - Ionian)
LB Briskes (Journal of Justice Reporter - Neutral)
Jace P. Prest (Journal of Justice Reporter - Zaunite)
Tom Tarumca (Journal of Justice Events Reporter - Neutral)

Event Ended! Thanks to all who participated!

yahel 11-11-2010 07:11 PM

yahel: (wth is this)

Boogeybeast 11-11-2010 07:11 PM

Nite arrived at the party with a minor flourish of power, there was a shower of leaves and he stepped out, wearing an ornate green tunic and pants. He wandered the party for awhile, speaking to various citizens and even managing to get a few words in with Master Yi, then he approached Shen and talked to him for a few moments. After finished his business with Shen, Nite approached someone dressed as a Journal of Justice reporter. Nite recognized her as Reira Kashuld. Nite approached her, "Hail friend, how are you today?".


Motas 11-11-2010 07:48 PM


As the party began, a portal warped into existence just outside of the festivities. The portal was inky black and flames of black and red spiraled off of it. Out of the portal stepped Motas. He wasn't in his usually blue and brown hooded robe, but now he wore a regal black and red hooded robe. The insignia of Soulfire was embezzled elaborately into the back. He adorned his hood and walked into the festival, taking note of everything that was occurring. He wondered what he could possibly accomplish in this party of sorts. "Oh well, I needed a break, maybe I can speak with some of the locals to gain more information about what is occurring around the world"

He walked around a bit, noticing a majority of well known characters from the Journal of Justice, as well as the queen of Ionia herself. It was an impressive sight to behold. "If I get the chance, I'd like to speak to any of them, if they have time for me of course." He was always talking to himself.

It's been a while since I had a break, this will be a nice pace of change

K D Bonez 11-11-2010 08:09 PM

It's not often that he comes to Ionia past the Noxus Occupation, but today was a special occasion. Indeed, for Ionia was gracing the Field of Justice with yet another Champion. Now come forths Irelia, a victim of fortune from the Ionian Wars, being bestowed an almost mystical symobite bond between her self and her weapons of choice. No doubt when she I used by one of the Summoners, she will inflict a devistating toll.

After making his way, though in less of a flashy fashion as he would like, to the fabeled Lotus Gardens of Ionia. He knew that he had finally arrived when the scent of the Ionian trademark flowers coul be smelled. "Ah yes, what an exquisit sight indeed" he murmered to himself. "It's a shame it's not burnt to the ground. Oh well" he thought to himself. As he continued on his way, he got glares from and evil eyes from countless people in the area. They knew who he was, and he didn't care. He was here as a Summoner, not so much a Noxian. He eventually finds his way to the one person he had hoped to find here.

"Hello Reira, how are you today? Suprised to not see dear Youmuu" Kalis Drekval Bonez said to the Ionian Reporter.


AshenWolf 11-11-2010 08:29 PM

Crowds are always unpleasant. Akira thought to himself, as he slid effortlessly though them careful not to bump into anyone and gather unwanted attention. As a summoner Akira made it his job to do what he could, as a human begin he prided himself on going unnoticed. Although Akira was born within the domain of Noxia, he held himself as independent, striving to see everything from all sides. Today he was looking to encounter one of the Journal of Justice reporters, and find their opinion on matters.

Eventually he spotted LB Briskes and made his way over to him. "Greetings friend, you are Briskes of the Journal are you not? I am Akira, it is an honor to meet you. I hope I have not interrupted you."


Kasmiria 11-11-2010 08:41 PM


Kasmiria arrived quietly while Irelia spoke and caught a few passerby by surprise. When they saw her, they calmed down and resumed their merriment. She wore modified traditional dress of smooth blue and green material with gold thread on borders and lotus vine embroidery around her right leg. Her hair was unbound and her tennae hovered slightly over her crown of straight hair.

Thoughts of everyone's excitement filled her always opened mind. Shen, as always, seem to remain stoic enough to put an unseen glare at her direction. His mind was always coldly cloaked, even when she summoned and worked with him a few times. However, it would take more to ruin the mood today.

She noticed Journal of Justices reporters, but didn't show interest. It was the hide the fact that she was working out the questions she always wanted to ask, and probably give one of them a piece of her mind about some of the articles. But for now...

I'm surprised they let me out of the archives for this. This will be worth the double load when I have to go back.

Talz 11-11-2010 08:44 PM


Out of a massive column of grey smoke stepped Pern. The Liege's faded white armor clinked and he walked down the Ionian streets. The smells made him wish he could enjoy such fineries. Regardless Pern came here for business. As a fellow champion, he came to see the new blood.

His magic eye scanned the crowd, noting the presence of Master Yi, Shen, and others, but the one he sought was sitting at the honorary head of the table, next to the empress herself.

There are rumors that this woman is a magical swordsman. Hopefully there will be a demonstration of Irelia's skill before the night ends.

Pern's eyes were attracted to a light in the corner. What appeared to be a sitting figure, wreathed in flame.

Ah so this must be the monk everyone has been mentioning. His strength and will in incredible, I'll have to keep him in mind for my order if he is unable to survive the protest...

The sound of a familiar voice turned Pern's attention to a blue-skinned woman. Pern's muscles tensed as he shuffled back a few feet.

Of course Soraka was going to be here. She does represent this nation. I'll just make sure to keep my distance. That 'woman's' magic seems especially potent against me.

As he moved back, Pern crashed into a smaller figure. He turned to see Tom Tarumca, one of the reporters for the Journal of Justice. The Liege turned, pulling the man with ease back to his feet. "I apologize Tom, something had caught my eye."

Tinneas 11-11-2010 08:47 PM

Events such as these do not come often. There's a word for it. Opportunity. A chance to sweep Ionia off her feet and watch her fall. Another champion? Ha. She will learn. They will all learn. Noxus reigns!
A puff of smoke is all that's seen in a dark corner of the garden.
"My aren't those lanterns, beautiful..."

K D Bonez 11-11-2010 09:07 PM

((Not bad Talz! First time i heard you RP and your good at it. And not to be picky, but do you have a Summoenr Profile Tinn/Ashen? http://summoners.shurelia.com/))

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