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HackerJacks 12-08-2009 01:32 AM

[GUIDE] The Legend of Udyr
*You can also read Udyr's guide on League Craft*

+1 So Udyr can get some of those sweet sweet riot points!

*Updated item builds*
*Udyr has added a rune and masteries section*

Hello all Udyr wishes you all very well as you read this guide about me!

Udyr will give you tips on how to be a viable choice and credit to team!

FIRST: Picking Udyr

Udyr is tricky to pick since usually people will leave the game immediately. Udyr has come up with fantastic solution to this problem. Pick another hero then switch at one second. Udyr pretends to be Zilian. Zilian is a support hero so when your teammates are picking their heroes they will not expect you to be main dps or tank. If you pick a hero like CM to udyr bait your team will suffer as CM could be taken by another team member, same goes with a tank or dps class. You want these roles to be filled since Udyr has bad reputation. Prepare yourself for insults, they do not mean the things they say. They misunderstand and you must show them that udyr is nice guy.

Since the 12-17-09 Patch Udyr should be welcomed in a team game so the above steps are not always necessary. If you are having problem with ignorance and hatred continue to use the above method.

SECOND: In the mix

This is your skill build. DO NOT ALTER FROM THIS PATH, or certain destruction will fall upon you.

Level 1: Turtle
Level 2: Bear
Level 3: Turtle
Level 4: Bear
Level 5: Turtle
Level 6: Bear
Level 7: Turtle
Level 8: Bear
Level 9: Turtle
Level 10: Bear
Level 11: Tiger
Level 12: Tiger
Level 13: Tiger
Level 14: Tiger
Level 15: Tiger
Level 16: Phoenix
Level 17: Phoenix
Level 18: Phoenix

OH MY GOD YOU ARE THE WORST UDYR EVER HOW DO YOU NOT PICK PHOENIX FIRST NOOB. Udyr is sickened by your ignorance. Let udyr explain.

Turtle will save Udyr early game. It counters every ability. Kass shooting a void sphere at you? Turtle. Teemo Blind? Turtle. Gold Card? Turtle.

You will take virtually no damage from any abilities as long as you are quick with the shield. It takes some practice but it works wonderfully.

Bear is used to GTFO, stun, and engage. Udyr will go into more detail later.

*12-17-09* Udyr is very pleased with tiger form. Udyr has changed the order from phoenix to tiger at level 11.

THIRD: Items, Udyr loves them. *UPDATED 17-17-09*

In order:
Ruby Crystal
Normal Boots
Beserkers Greaves *
Brawlers Claws
Sapphire Crystal
Amplifying Tome
Brawlers Claws
Cloak of Agility

*Udyr also recommends the Ninja Shoes since udyr can acheive crazy dodge!

At this point Udyr is superkillfrenzyanimalman. If the game is not over get whatever item Udyr sees fit. This late in the game assess the situation and get an item to adapt for it. Udyr knows Udyrs are not idiots and can improvise at this point.

: Levels 1-10
Just hold your lane and level turtle then bear, always turtle first then bear.
If you keep steady with your shield you can be somewhat aggressive and last hit creeps. You will be gaining your mana back fairly quickly. Do not go Rambo and try to towerdive or 1v1 at level 1 if you are ALONE. Udyr will die and be sad.

You do not want to really be fighting at all until you get your phage.

However, there are times where you will have to fight and should even at level 2-5. If an enemy is low and you have a strong laneing partner with a disable you can get easy kills.

Rush the enemy with turtle to get your first monkey bonus up. Switch into bear and go for the stun, your ally will be right behind you. After you hit the stun immediately switch back to turtle. Then back to bear for another stun.

NEVER EVER STAY IN ONE STANCE WHEN FIGHTING AN ENEMY*. This is the most common mistake Udyr makes. Refresh that shield, and by the time you can switch back to bear your stun is up.

*Udyr should point out that sometimes staying in turtle stance can outregen the enemies DPS. Udyr accepts this.

Once you have your phage and zerkers boots you are ready to participate and even start ganks. You will have awesome HP and your slow combined with your attack speed makes you a great ganking partner. You will be able to solo some squishier heroes around level 8-14 like kass or yi. That shield is 245 damage negated every 5 seconds. it adds up.

People think Udyr sucks, take advantage of that.

LATE GAME: levels 10-18

Until level 11 you are primarily just around to keep the enemy from running away and absorbing damage. You are awesome to kill heroes like Kat or Fiddle that have to channel. Just run up and hit em with bear.

Once Udyr is level 11 Tiger Stance comes into THE MIX. Udyr should have just finished his triforce or be very close to it. Use Bear Stance to get IN THE MIX then TIGER THE **** out of the enemy. Udyr would like to point out that the triforce 150% base damage increase applies to Tiger Stance's initial hit dot application death frenzy. While it is true Udyr will not have big crits the attack speed crack injection will more than make up for this.


In team fights this is arguably the hardest part. People LOVE to kill Udyr because he is a scary MANBEARTIGERTURTLEPHEONIX that makes them feel insecure about themselves. If you are unfortunately caught first in a team gank, bear and turtle your way out. Which brings Udyr to Udyr's next point. SUMMONER SPELLS


Ghost and Cleanse. No exceptions. No debate.

Cleanse. You are going to get stunned, first. Everytime. Without cleanse you will die horrible deaths and Udyr's many babies with supermodels will go uncared for. This can't happen. Get Cleanse.

Ghost: Well after you cleanse you need to move FAST. Pop ghost and hit bear and you are GONE. Udyr moves so fast he goes back in time to when everyone is level 1 and eats them. Additionally no one can run from Udyr, not even Yi or Sivir. If they are low or alone and you have allies near or can kill them yourself hit bear and pop ghost. YOU WILL CATCH THEM. THEY WILL DIE.

Sixth: Team Communication

Udyr must always talk in third person. No exceptions. Your team will hate you for baiting them with Zilian. Talking in third person will bring some humor to the game and calm their rage. DO NOT ENGAGE IN FLAMING. This makes your teamates type when they should be killing. Besides Udyr should be focusing on turtle shielding.

Your allies will come around when they see how useful Udyr is.

Udyr is a viable choice.

Udyr also finds it effective to taunt and boast during your combats engagements. For instance:

*Udyr runs down a pathetic champion and eats them*

-Udyr's appropriate response should be as follows:

or perhaps (My personal favorite)

Be creative!

Marks: Greater Mark of Furor: +2.48% Critical Damage X9
Seals: Greater Seal of Evasion: +0.75% Dodge X9
Glyphs: Greater Glyphs of Celerity: -0.05% Cooldown Reduction per level(.9% at level 18) X9

Greater Quintessence of Furor: +4.96% Critical Damage
Greater Quintessence of Celerity: -0.13% cooldowns per level (-2.34% at 18)
Greater Quintessence of Evasion: +1.5% dodge

Udyr believes that skill comes into play very much so but what matters most is natural ability. Udyr's natural ability is attack speed and dodge. With the dodge runes, items, and talents you can get up to 45% dodge no problem! WOWEE!
Udyr chooses these runes because this is how Udyr playes. The CD reduction is nice when you need that extra couple seconds to matter when changing stances. Crit damage increase is nice all around for bigger hits. Evasion runes build on Udyr's natural dodge gain and are happy win zone.
Which brings Udyr to...


There are three build Udyr recommends going depending on your play style.

A more aggressive Udyr that likes to get IN THE MIX and spit in faces:

A more defensive Udyr that enjoys sacrificing offensive power for extra defense for survivability:
http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/7489/defence.jpg <- lol spelling

A more utility focus, specifically on increased cooldown reduction:

Depending on how Udyr likes to play with himself ;) udyr can see which one works it best for you. ;)

Udyr personally goes defensive, but then Udyr tucks his dress in and puts some metal on and goes offensive.

Ninth: A special message from Udyr.

Udyr apologizes for baiting. Udyr also apologizes to his many teammates that suffered when Udyr was experimenting with builds. Udyr is smarter, stronger, and a better player now. Udyr asks you accept him and hopefully one day Udyr can be part of the team without pretending to be someone else until one second on the timer.

Udyr loves you all. If you see Udyr in game do not be afraid. I make cool airplane noises sometimes.

This is Udyr's first guide.

*12/21/09* Udyr thanks all the fellow Udyr's befriending and sharing Udyr information! Udyr welcomes all requests and will happily answer any general Udyring questions! <3

Oberoth 12-08-2009 02:03 AM

Enjoyed reading the guide. Think I will follow ur example regarding speaking in third person, it does make u awesome.

Regarding the skillbuild, i usually go for phoenix >baer after an early point in turtle. Just so that I can get some G as Udyr does require some hefty items to rape end game. Your comment about people assuming Udyrs are scrubs is interesting. I think thats why Udyrs with just a small understanding of the game can actually do some good..

McComb 12-08-2009 03:21 AM

I do the opposite.
I pick Udyr and change the last second to make sure no one will pick him.

Kamitsu 12-08-2009 03:41 AM


Originally Posted by Sickenjal (Hozzászólás 373457)
I do the opposite.
I pick Udyr and change the last second to make sure no one will pick him.

lol smart move.

Nukemouse 12-08-2009 04:59 AM

Taking phoenix at all makes this a fail build in my eyes. Only 3 points should ever be spent on it and those are your LAST POINTS. Phoenix is BRUTALLY underpowered and useless for anything but farming which you aren't doing that much of past low level's thanks to effing gank squads. L2P UDYR. (sorry for being harsh but i believe you are part of the problem not the solution good luck to you though, most of the time i find telling people I'm Udyr and don't suck prevents a rage)

SenuiG 12-08-2009 06:55 AM

i usually get 1 point in pheonix just so i can do better jungling, cuz udyr is a beastly jungler you're hp basically won't budge with turtle on and madred.

essay2 12-08-2009 08:13 AM


Originally Posted by Sickenjal (Hozzászólás 373457)
I do the opposite.
I pick Udyr and change the last second to make sure no one will pick him.

^ this is a great technique.

This past weekend I had to use my counter-strategy to HackerJack's "last second pick" by waiting on the alt-f4 until the last second. He would repeatedly try to pick this guy at the last second. Just be quick on the alt-F4 and you'll catch him every time.

This happened about 4 games in a row that we attempted to start. This character is trash until he gets buffed into god mode next patch.

HackerJacks 12-08-2009 10:06 AM


Originally Posted by Nukemouse (Hozzászólás 373592)
Taking phoenix at all makes this a fail build in my eyes. Only 3 points should ever be spent on it and those are your LAST POINTS. Phoenix is BRUTALLY underpowered and useless for anything but farming which you aren't doing that much of past low level's thanks to effing gank squads. L2P UDYR. (sorry for being harsh but i believe you are part of the problem not the solution good luck to you though, most of the time i find telling people I'm Udyr and don't suck prevents a rage)

Brother Udyr your words are not harsh. I am an Udyr player these are tame in comparison to my teammates.

I have tried tiger stance and found that is it not as good as phoenix for dps. Let me explain my position more.

The tiger active is good later on when you have damage so I do not get it up front. Phoenix will proc every three hits. You also will receive full crit damage in Phoenix where as in Tiger each mini hit has a chance to crit, lowering the total crit damage. Esp with sword of the divine you can get the 200 bonus from Phoenix then 100 from sword of the divine which is 300 bonus damage every four hits with full crits. Then pop into tiger for the nice double damage dot. Getting tiger before Phoenix IMO is not worth it because you need the damage proc to increase the dps and for help farming in lanes and jungle.

If you have an insanely high crit chance then I can see Tiger possibly working out. However, unless you are going raw DPS build, which I am not, then it works out better if you get Phoenix.

You see Udyr brothers?! Even in this guide to playing like a legend the hate comes. If you want to make a guide on how to avoid Udyr do it somewhere else. This is intended for Udyrs brothers and sisters to improve their game play. Go whine about how more manly Udyr is than you in some other thread.

Gigg 12-08-2009 10:56 AM

Thanks OP for finally showing a viable way to play this hero. I hope every (0 - over 9000 - 0) Udyr will read this.

Totally seem to be a viable built! Still, I havn't played against your built in any game. Last Udyr I played against finished something like 4-17(I had Kassadin) or so... But I'll I try it! (Maybe)

Just one thing! You talked about you can catch anyone! You cannot catch Kassadin :D Many Udyr tried to chase with bear... They all failed. In fact, nobody can. He jukes too hard in the jungle.

blackmartin 12-08-2009 02:34 PM

someone tried this spec against my pheonix / atk speed Udyr build and i completely demolished him early, mid, and end game. could of just been a bad player but watch out for other udyrs with pheonix if your gonna go this route early game,

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