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Feragore 12-05-2009 06:54 PM

Death Immunity abilities
Hey guys, I'm pretty new at this game, trying to learn the game through caster carries like Annie. While my wins are a bit dodgy since I joined a rather high-end level bracket (last 10-15 games I've seen people with Flash, since I was level 5), I try to do my best, reading guides on the champions I'm playing and the standard MOBA tactics.

There is just one issue I can't find an answer for: Death immunity. Abilities like Anivia's Rebirth, Zilean's Chronoshift and Tryndamere's Undying Rage. While it's plain in their descriptions, they stop my spell combos from doing any damage, and I'm the one that ends up dead.

Last game I played was where Anivia and Zilean were paired on one lane with me as Annie and Yi, they basically farmed off us with Time Bombs and Flashfrosts. If we tried to push back, their death ability would kick in and their partner would assist and force us to back off or die. Those two pretty much carried the game once Time Bomb did enough damage to kill us from half HP.

How do you beat those three champions? I'm guessing they can't be beaten 1v1, don't even try to minion dive them (I've been killed by minions a couple of times when Anivia popped into an egg and couldn't follow through) and if you're a melee, don't even be on the same lane as they can afford to be reckless with their double-lives. Am I wrong?

Ligr 12-05-2009 08:58 PM

There are some ways to counter those things.

Easiest one is silence. It prevents tryndamere and Zilean from using their R, thus they die. Anivia does not really have death immunity. Her egg dies easily and fast. So if you kill her, you can kill the egg, too.

Other than that, with Tryndamere you just have to try to survive his ultimate, if you did not silence it. If you do, stay close to him so you can finish him off. He doesn't have much hp once the ulti runs out.

WIth Zilean, I would say just focus fire him, if he manages to pull his ulti off, kill him again.

Tryndamere is very hard 1v1, even with someone like Annie. If you do not manage to kill him while you do your double stun (bear and spell) and he pops his ulti, then good luck. He will either kill you or he will run away just fine.

JunkRamen 12-05-2009 09:27 PM

Try not to engage Tryndy 1v1 unless you have a significant advantage or you can burst him down quickly. His summoner skills make a huge impact; almost all Tryndameres will have Cleanse, and will probably save it for use with the ult.

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