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timmyy4 03-27-2013 05:34 AM

Any tips on feeding less?
Hi all. I main AP mid and I also Jungle sometimes but I am terrible at support and Solo Top. I've been playing LoL pretty much everyday for almost a year now and my normal elo currently is at around Bronze 4-3 and my best record was around Bronze 1-Silver 5. I haven't played any ranked games yet as I still have to finish my rune page.

So since the last weekend I have been feeding a lot. Sometimes I am simply outplayed but most of the time I am just out damaged or counter picked. Even with some of my best champs such as Annie and Brand I still die a lot without getting much kills The last game I played was perhaps my worst game ever. I feed with Annie 0/9/1 and the ironic thing was that the game before that I played Annie as well and I was 7/1/0 (The only good score I had in days). Other than that I just feed a lot, giving early kills and advantage to the enemy.

Is there anything I could improve to help me feed less? Or do I just need to take a day or two off LoL and do something else?

Hirumonogatari 03-27-2013 06:18 AM

i can't give you any advice for mid and solo top but i can try to give you some for support. you should be able to figure out some things when you play adc and get paired with a support.

the first thing you need to figure out as a support, and fairly quickly, is what is your partner's playstyle. is he passive, preferring to let opponents push the lane and farm at tower, or is he aggressive, often jumping in behind the enemy minion line trying for kills? good players will be able to switch instantly when they are given the opportunity to do so, but at lower elos it's more likely to be one or the other, and from observations, more likely to be the latter.

don't try to hard engage with someone who is very passive, you are likely to put yourself in a very sticky 1 v 2 situation especially if your adc doesn't follow up (if it happens twice, that's a very good indication of what's going to happen in the future. if you continue to engage just because the opportunity is there, that's probably a bad call on your part). focus more on keeping them safe and counter initiating. meaning if rather than using your cc to initiate on people, use it to keep them off your adc's back when he gets caught out.

if your adc is aggressive, you will have your hands full. you must first ward sufficiently so you don't get surprises (thresh bush hooks, for example). also don't forget to ward river because you will likely be pushing the lane. and by warding river, i don't mean warding that little bush in the river. ward further out nearer the dragon pit. this gives you more advance notice of incoming ganks. if you see them by the time they approach the bush, it's probably too late because they will be within skillshot range with flash if necessary.

AlexanderXI 03-27-2013 06:35 AM

In general:

Ward wisely or die with regrets
Don't overextend like a boss (Especially with champs lacking escape skills)
Map awareness saves babies (Watch for MIAs)
Position yourself to attack while minimizing retaliation or gank opportunities
Coordinate with Jungler for ganks but don't count on them to push lane for you
Be patient and observe enemy behavior (Note changes in tactics)

Most of these are dependent on your personal observation and communication skills. These sound good on paper but employing them competantly is a bitc- well... you know.

Theungry 03-27-2013 07:29 AM

The simplest answer to stop feeding is to trade damage less often early and don't try to get kills without the support of someone tankier than you initiating.

It's common to think you have to beat your opponent heads up, but it's really not the focus of mid lane. Your focus should be on farming as efficiently as you can and having a strong mid game. If you happen to be in a position to roam and get kills early, that's great, but you need a solid foundation first, and it sounds like that's missing right now.

- Don't be aggressive about damaging your lane opponent. wait until they come close and harass them away.
- Don't wait until a jungler appears to think about ganks. Play as if any bush probably has an enemy in it until you know where all 5 enemies are.
- Save your flash to escape. Don't use it to engage. A good jungler is drooling in the bush waiting for you to flash engage a weakened opponent so they can get an easy 2v1 situation.

Snowbi Wan 03-27-2013 07:31 AM

In a 1v1 a lot of it comes down to knowing what your enemy is capable of. What champion are they playing? What level are they? What skills do they have available? What items do they have?

If you are dying a lot to ganks in mid lane I suggest warding one side of the brush and then last hitting from that side of the lane. So if the jungler comes to gank from your ward side you see him. If they come from the other side they have a lot more ground to cover.

If your opponent starts to get ahead it is important to try and stop the bleeding. Hug your turret when you can. Build a little defensively. Farming successfully under tower is definitely possible. For melee minions let the tower hit them twice, then AA. For ranged it is a little trickier. You need to hit them once, then tower, then another AA (assuming you have low AA damage). Or you can let one tower hit and then use an ability. Farming under turret isn't easy, but it is possible - and it is much safer.

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