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Setz3R 03-19-2013 08:54 PM

What's the point of LP Clamping?
I kept my win ratio above 50% and also went on a pretty decent win streak...As soon as I hit 80 points I gained less and less LP until I was getting 1 point per win. Won 2 games for 1 LP and sat at 99 LP. I join another game knowing if I win this game I can advance. 3rd in line picks Lee Sin even though first pick already had Xin Zhao for jungle. I pick Ezreal since I'm last pick and go support Xin. We ALMOST win because of a few throws and I lose 15 points. I somehow feel cheated out of not being to play an advancement series. It is so demoralizing playing this game thinking you are GETTING BETTER and ADVANCING, when in fact, they don't WANT you to advance because some formula thinks I'm not good enough.

Riot, please explain to me why I just won 9 games in a row and never got a chance to prove I can make it in silver. Keep in mind I was support RANDOM PEOPLE. I NEVER SUPPORTED THE SAME ADC IN A DUO QUEUE.


Azellos 03-19-2013 09:29 PM

I agree that it's incredibly frustrating to go through it, but here's my understanding:

League is overall not that hard to move up/down through. You can literaly get from one division to another in 7 games, which is only a day or two of work if your hard carrying- or think of it this way, you have to win 7 more games than you lose, so if you have a 70% win rate you statistically have to play 20 games and you'll get it. But what happens is that when you get to division 1 of your league, odds are your MMR (=hidden elo basically) will be lower than what it should be for the next league. Since moving up leagues is a big deal and you can't go back down, it's imperative that your actually at that level.

What that means is if your hidden MMR is too low, it's harder to move up divisions and much harder to move up leagues due to "clamping". But it's not that hard to deal with, just play a bunch of games with a >50% win rate and eventually your MMR will catch up with you, and you'll be fine. My gold 1>plat 5 promo, i went 80-85-90-95-96-97-98, then finally lost and went back to 80, which was infuriating. I won the next game and was at 100, because my MMR was finally plat-ready.

Setz3R 03-19-2013 10:02 PM

I guess. I mean I understand it...I think it's just silly. In Starcraft you can go up and down whenever silver to gold, gold to silver, plat to diamond and diamond to gold etc...

There are a few problems with this system in my eyes that Starcraft 2 handles very well.

1. In SC2 Points are gained evenly, but you tend to gain MORE points than you lose. This means, that in general, if you keep your win rate above 50% you will be positive in score. EVERY time I play league I can go 5-2, or 3-2 etc...and go NEGATIVE what I started at.

2. You can drop leagues in SC2. But you can't in League. Why is this important? Because of a few reasons. This "ELO clamp" that I am experiencing is very detrimental to the idea of ranked games. If I am playing ranked games, I am trying to get better, but I don't really FEEL like I'm getting better if you won't LET ME rank up. You are NOT rewarding players for win streaks and generally good play. Very recently you've banned several LCS members for "ELO Boosting". ELO boosting is a real thing. That's why you banned people for it. Now these silly elo boosted accounts can't go down from diamond, platinum, or gold. Now these probably bronze or silver level players are STUCK in that division they were boosted to not belonging there. If a better system was in place, they would just lose 20 games straight or sub 30% win percentage and get knocked down a tier or two till it figures out where you really are.

3. In SC2, there are no mini divisions. In league there are. Now, I'm not complaining about little mini divisions within a tier. I'm actually okay with that. I LIKE the idea of climbing the ladder, then playing some high-pressure Bo3/5 series to determine whether or not I'm good enough to get moved up. What annoys me is that I HAVE ALREADY successfully completed 4 divisions (Started at 3, went down to 4, then 5, then back up, now to 1), but it seems my hidden MMR thinks I'm not good enough for my 5th one.

Why not just get rid of mini divisions? If you are going to clamp my LP just let me do a Bo5 once. Make sure I only get 3-5 points per win, and maybe 4-6 for loss? That's pretty much what you're doing anyway. You're giving me an illusion I'm climbing a ladder, that has a potential end, but then I'm winning 15-16 points for games, losing 18-20, get past all these mini divisions, only to play 7 games in a row where I have a gain of 12 points. Or how about you just let people get knocked down a division. I feel as if I had EARNED my right into silver. I lolking people I play with, I am consistently beating Silver IV/V and sometimes III (on the rare occasion they are matched in my games). Now I just lost two straight games to trolls (I just love playing support Xin Zhao), and back down to 64 points.

Not trying to rant, this is just feedback from someone who is also new to league (2 months) and feels as if this system is somehow not completely tested properly...

Setz3R 03-19-2013 11:53 PM

Oops thought I posted this in general. Sorry.

StaticSleep 03-20-2013 12:50 AM

today i had a guy on my team who is in silver V.

I am bronze V -_-

needless to say, he was raging at me

how does someone from a higher tier get matched with someone from the worst division possible? i thought this game had like hundreds of thousands of players... sucks for him...

Thruman 03-20-2013 06:14 AM


Originally Posted by StaticSleep (Hozzászólás 35784780)
today i had a guy on my team who is in silver V.

I am bronze V -_-

needless to say, he was raging at me

how does someone from a higher tier get matched with someone from the worst division possible? i thought this game had like hundreds of thousands of players... sucks for him...

His MMR is too low or, your MMR is too high.

missou 03-20-2013 07:23 AM

The way I see it, since you can no longer drop between the various ranks, the LP clamping is to ensure that you don't reach the next rank with a couple of lucky wins if you really don't deserve to be there yet skillwise. Otherwise you could just spam games until you get a few nice teams in a row by chance, and move up permanently into platinum from gold without really deserving it. The clamp is admittedly a real pain in the ass to deal with, and I personally spent over 150 games hovering at the top end of gold before I finally broke through my clamp to reach platinum. However, the payoff is worth it. I know for sure I was able to reach platinum of my own accord, and in accordance with this I will never drop back into gold again.

powwder 03-20-2013 07:05 PM

Each ranked game you win earns you League Points while each lost one decreases your current LP. The exact amount of lost or earned League Points per game depends on your hidden Match Making Rating. If you have higher MMR than a set amount for your division you gain more LP per won game and lose less LP per lost game, if your MMR is lower you gain less and lose more LP per game

the clamping happens because your MMR is lower than "what is needs to be" for the next tier.

Durzaka 03-20-2013 09:24 PM

It is because you cant drop tiers mostly.

If there was no clamping, a good (ie lucky) win streak could lead you to being in the next tier when your MMR is WELL below the tier level MMR. So they clamp the LP gain until your MMR raises to the required amount.

Luke is gay 03-26-2013 08:22 PM

well that sounds pretty bad but atleast you can get up to 80 i just entered a new tier and i'm only getting 5 points a game? is any1 else getting this

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