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Holycecil 03-09-2013 09:35 AM

So explain to me
MMR because im tired of being randomly placed with bronze players. I didn't even think it was possible to be placed into bronze now.

ThrillOfTheBlunt 03-09-2013 09:37 AM

ill explain

you are losing to people your tier so you are being placed with bronze players since you can't compete with people your level

similarly, im silver 1 but when i play, at least half of the people in my game are gold

latenighttv 03-09-2013 09:47 AM

I was playing with my Silver I friend and got grouped with golds..they told me that I was better than the enemy ADC who was higher silver...I was Bronze I.

Just gotta outplay the team man.

Holycecil 03-09-2013 10:21 AM

My win rate is above 50%. I was on a 3 win streak and the next two games i get bronze players so that doesnt work.

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