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Prince Decre 03-01-2013 02:32 PM

32 team 3v3 tournament- Single Elimination
Hello all. My name is Andrew, or from some of you who know me from my (usually) daily stream, Prince Decre. I'm coming to the community today to announce the details of my very first 3v3 Twisted Treeline Tournament! I hope you all have fun, and any questions after reading the below information, please feel free to ask!

Players are to uphold the Summoner's code at all times
-Players who make rude comments, or act like complete idiots to the other team, will automatically be disqualified. I want this tournament to be fun for everyone.

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/princedecre
Twitter: www.twitter.com/princedecre
Reddit Post: http://redd.it/19hncu
League NA IGN: Prince Decre
Teamspeak-(Sponsored by League-draft.com) Teams will receive info when signed up.


Here are the basic rules.
Tournament Settings:
Game Map: The Twisted Treeline!
Team Size: 3
Allow Spectators: None
Game Type: Tournament Draft Mode
Bans: 3 per team

- All Standard Tournament Draft Rules apply.

- Teemo is automatically banned from the tournament. This is my personal decision, due to the fact that Twisted Treeline is a small map. Having mushrooms that last 10minutes long for each, seems a bit unreasonable compared to the rest of the champions, especially since wards cannot be bought. If a team locks in a Teemo, they are automatically Disqualified.

- Tournament will consist of 32 teams, being knocked out by single elimination matches.

- Match times will be handled between the two teams involved, until the final 8 teams remain. If teams can't agree on a time, or matches are not completed by the deadline, they will be disqualified. All times are based around Standard NA League of Legends Server Time. (PST)

- Both Captains are to take screenshots of the Final Score, in case of any disputes. Screenshots MUST be available upon request.

- There will be no later than a 15minute window for teams to make it to their matches. If they fail to make it after that 15minute window, they will forfeit.

- The 4 matches before the semi-finals will be streamed on March 29th, while the Semi-finals and finals will be streamed on the 30th.

- Each team will assign captain to manage the team, and consist of no more than 4 people(1 person as sub if needed)

- Once the game starts, the game is live. There are no restarts, even if there are Disconnections or leaves. Your team is responsible for all players. (Aside from Tournament pauses)

- In order to be eligible for prizes, you must be following my Twitch stream posted in the link at the top of the Post.


1st place grand prize: $25 RP cards for the 3 MAIN players in the team. (As generous as I am, I will not pay sub players. Their team captains can do something nice for them. ^_^)

2nd place: $10 RP cards for the 3 MAIN players in the team.(As generous as I am, I will not pay sub players. Their team captains can do something nice for them. ^_^)

Thanks to:
Riot Games
Uguubear- http://uguubearscave.storenvy.com/ (Use promocode: "decre3v3" to get 10% off your whole order!)

[Edit 3/6]
If we don't get 32 teams by the 15th, then we'll start with what we have. Prizes may be reduce with lack of participation.

[Edit 3/8- 6:47 PST]
TEAM SIGNUPS FILLED! Brackets will be up shortly!
*******First wave of games MUST be finished by NO LATER than 11:59PST on March 14th.********
-The Semi-Finals and Finals will be Best of 3.

1st round deadline extended to Friday at noon.

Prince Decre 03-01-2013 02:41 PM


-Please screenshot the win and post on the forums, stating what your team name is, and that you won.

Teams Signed Up:

1. Wolf Pack Newport Beach (Main: WPNB WorstTopNA, WPNB Chaotix, WPNB Particle)(Sub: WPNB RegularOne)
2. Asians Pwn (Main: A Holy Pure, Masterbladeagent, legendninja16)(Sub: Jasonking99
3. 2strong (Main: popi4000, miniskat, come bak 4 more)(Sub: strong3)
4. Prestige (Main: Dark Saage Jr, Lamclong, Vasty)(Sub: Malten)
5. Scandal (Main: Cinnavon, ImDaPope, Vahnstrike)(Sub: benjin90)
6. Michael Slater 2012 (Main: AlexZilla, Ganondorf, Noodle Muncher)
7. WonderPets (Main: KYLETS8, JesterLord, mayoeatsbathroom)
8. The Sonograms (Main: Inifinityko, Paero16, Lightwork2)(Sub:TacoSancheese)
9, ReapersSorrow (Main: kazukamer, pr0filename, AlphaKennybuddy)(Sub: Monkieknight)
10. Team Pacific (Main: nuttcrusha, lucifixx, nuttcase)(Sub: fiddlerofsticks)
11. Welcome to the Shadow Isles (Main: saüceboss, sixsonatas, fodminah)(Sub: TBD)
12. Hax Team (Main: JinOne, SKTT1, Vince Firebrand)(Sub: Seoulmuncher)
13. I Want The YOLO (Main: Lil Will, Rawrbish, 7Envy)(Sub: Rezon)
14. Get Dat Plat (Main: XetonicX, Hundredth, Kéaton)(Sub: Aeroxgamez)
15. Huge Chansuu (Main: Gilganas, NikElite, Buttjuice1)(Sub:RaulCastro)
16. ryans phan gurls (Main: ghilliepwnu, Shadoss, Jalaren)(Sub: searingarrow)
17. The Akatsuki (Main: Snoopy Doo, legendavatar, ikillshadows)(Sub: QuickRegrister)
18. BlackMag1c (Main: Mag1cPlochp, Mag1cMartin, Mag1cWilco)
19. YOLOSWAG4JESUS (Main: Donawick, Koffffffing, Mookza)(Sub: Pl4n3tRyan)
20. Deep Sea Diving (Main: Khoí, Suckthefystem, xcevers)(Sub: Bryän)
21. Th3L0n3Wo1v35 (Main: C2theMANgo, This Is ALL That, SupahHotFire)
22. Exelex Gaming (Main: GooseGoogles, Aqua turd, Hanzsolo1854)
23. Brodown Boys (Main: Sargeant Wallop, Eferis, Zulraja)(Sub: n00bzormctroll)
24. Infinite Limits (Main: Plutonmax, Darkward, Bearium)(Sub: JDubea)
25. Heavies United (Main: Anamnesisx, Iceman2334, SmallGiftBigBox)(Sub: Jayliu2)
26. azubuisthebest (Main: MVG Cooky, MVG Jelly, LrGGOBONG)(Sub: MVG Star)
27. Buddha's Monarchy (Main: Joethecrabman, Beerts, Eli Storm Strike)(Sub: luvhorse2)
28. LeagueofShad0ws (Main: CrownClown777, Silent Tom, Drdipepperjr)
29. Team38 (Main: LawL LawL, Mace of Malice, A strange rock)
30. SteelSwarm (Main: XMadaraX, Roflicious, KnightCygnus)(Sub: Blader100123)
31. League Draft (Main: currybreh, Encrypt Decrypt, cjkccg)(Sub: TheMooger)
32. MORAJELLO U BAD (Main: I Gank U Lawl, Leoloom, GotTits)(Sub: HiMyNameIsChingu)

WPNB Worst TopNA 03-01-2013 04:27 PM

Team Name
Wolf Pack Newport Beach
Main Players
WPNB Worst TopNA
WPNB Chaotix
WPNB Particle
WPNB RegularOne

A Holy Pure 03-01-2013 04:47 PM

Team Name:
Asians Pwn

Main Players:
-A Holy Pure


ninjajake1234 03-01-2013 05:27 PM

Any level restrictions?

Prince Decre 03-01-2013 05:33 PM

No level restriction. Though its beneficial to be a higher level.

FishToChallenger 03-01-2013 05:58 PM

Team Name
2 stong
Main Players
come bak 4 more

Pentolite 03-01-2013 06:38 PM

When does this tournament start?

Dark Saage Jr 03-01-2013 06:54 PM

Sign Up
Team Name:

Main Players:
- Dark Saage Jr (Captain)
- Lamclong
- Vasty

- Malten

Cinnavon 03-01-2013 07:59 PM

Sign Up
Team Name:

Main Players:
Cinnavon (Captain)


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