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Tonerboast 10-30-2010 02:57 PM

New 3v3 mode suggestion
So its been a thing going on for awhile but 3v3 all random all mid is a ton of fun
I think it should be implemented as a new game mode, using just middle lane from summoners rift or vvolfster suggested using the tutorial map as a standalone all random 3v3 map one lane
We play by only one summoner spell of each type per team to keep the game fun and entertaining and no going back what so ever until your dead, masteries and rune pages are optional and discussed and decided and whether to use them before the match
I found this alot of fun because I have friends who aren't level 30 but want to just mess around and it puts many players on the same footing, the games are short and fast paced.

This is very open to suggestions and criticism so anyone else who plays these modes i'd like to hear your input as to how you play.

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