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pdugg45 02-26-2013 10:50 PM

Duo Needed
Hello Summoners,
pdugg45 here and..... I'm frustrated guys and I belive you probably know why. Ever had a feeling of relief as you win your lane and feel that you can carry? Then...out of nowhere "ally has been slain" and your like thats ok man just be careful next time....Then you here it again (same lane) and again and again my friends we know theses people as feeders,trollers, and afks might as well count. I feel that grabbing a duo will at least promise that we can win two lanes if not at least farm well.

I main top lane, however Im a great jungler decent mid,(ok) adc and a great support.
My top 5 champions played are (in order) Khazix, Darius, Zed, Jax, Vi (Vi,Zed,Kha junglers as well) If i had to say my next 5 it would be Jarvan,Jayce,Rumble, Renekton, and Nidalee (ad nidalee). I know how to focus down carries(mid/adc) in team fights and protect our adcs depending on who i have. I wards and i play aggresive but smart.

If I had to choose I'd want every game to last 20 mins with a win i say this because as you know teams can win in kills all game but because of lack of experience and knowledge (turrets are more important than anything) throws happen.

If you would like to be my duo please join me. i have skype i am 20 years of age and Im in silver 4 at the moment ( a veteran in silver 4) I want to proceed higher and higher.
I do play everyday but I am in college as well so I do go to events etc but I always make time to play plenty of games at a time and I want to think of myself as a lower tier pro if you will. I don't rage and I love the game in general. Add me pdugg45

P.S. Sorry for the long speech lol.

Koravel 02-26-2013 11:00 PM

You're also in the wrong forums.

A Slime Appears 02-27-2013 12:46 AM

This guy posts in the wrong forums every time, pretty sure. Which makes me think it's on purpose.

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