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KiserSaySo 02-26-2013 04:06 PM

Support Questions
I like to play support, really. I am comfortable with the build and the passive play of the position.


How do I "make plays" and carry a team as a support?

I am what people call elo hell...its my fault, I jumped into rank too soon. I didnt practice enough. I understand that.

In the last several games as a support I have been paired with an ADc who freezes beyond the river, Dives in for a kill at low health and is generally zoned out of the lane due to over agressive play.

I have tried 3 things.
1) communicate the expectation and encourage the correct play.
2) Advised to get out of the lane (didnt work) so i purposely gave up the turret to force the ADc out of lane.
3) Raged. on chat and at my computer screen. My roommates sincerely thought I was wrestling a Yeti.

...I am calm now.

So what do i?
(don't say normals...i only have a finite of time each week to bring myself out of this hole i dug so i dont want to play a normal game)

Do I start over with a new summoner?

PentaAsian 02-26-2013 04:37 PM

Making plays really depends on what support you are playing. Since all of them have different skill sets that work better with other ADC (they work for all but some combinations are better than others) it really depends on the situation that is happening at every point in the game during the laning phase.
1. This will work with basically half the people that play ADC. Either they will agree with you or they rage and say something that doesn't make sense. I'm not saying don't talk to them but if you have a rage-type person on your side then it's best to just let him make the mistakes and explain to the team that you tried to reason with him but he doesn't want to cooperate.
2. I wouldn't say to get out of the lane but to play defensively and ward where you get ganked the most. Whether that be the lane bush, tri-bush, or dragon, it will give you a sense of habits that most junglers have and share. Just have your ADC get as much farm without putting himself in danger of getting killed.
3. Everyone does that at one point or another. It's just natural to let some steam out every once in a while. Best thing to do is to either take a few minutes to calm down or forget about it completely and move on.
If you really want to you can start a new summoner but that will only take up more time than practicing in solo queue. I wouldn't start one because of that reason but if you feel the need to then no one is stopping you from doing it other than yourself.
This is coming from someone who has supported more than half of the games he has played whether it would be ranked 5's, solo queue, or normal queue.

LarcyBrown 02-26-2013 08:37 PM

Heres a few tip
1-exaust goes on the enemy adc always.
2- support make plays by timing their ultimate at the right moment.
3- watch the map often and ward and you can ping for other lanes as well.
4- lane presence, you have to adapt to the playstyle of the adc your playing with,
also its always better if you take the harass then him.

i got nothing else for now...

missou 02-26-2013 08:45 PM

You don't need to "make plays" to carry, and you don't need to "carry" to win. Common mindset to have, but just not true. If you simply play above the average skill level at your rating, and do so consistently, you will continue to move up the ladder. This mindset is moreso for the diamond smurfs trying to blitz up the ladder within days.

If you are choosing to try to climb the ladder via bot lane, then accept that you're going to need to be patient, because you're simply not going to mesh with every partner you get.

KiserSaySo 02-26-2013 09:07 PM

Bump so i can find it later


Qsario 02-27-2013 01:22 AM

Well, first I suggest a duo because coordination is OP and you'll have at least one person going along with you (which tends to get the others to follow you, though you do have crazies who go their own way).

After that, it's a matter of being a good support in general (ward up, track timers, let them know about champ movements). You can never get them by ordering them around, so stick to just things like pinging & warning of ganks, targetting dragon/turrets/etc. with pings.

In terms of setting up kills, that's champ specific. Alistar flashes over, pulverizes, then walks over them and headbutts them into the tower for a kill, etc.

KiserSaySo 02-27-2013 10:19 AM

Follow up questions:

I have found when i play with an average to a good ADc that they finish the game with a positive KDR (not saying we always win).
I am averaging 1-2 kills about 6 deaths and 12ish assists for a 40minute game. (The longer the game goes the better overall stats. I seldom die late game)
I feel those stats should improve. Namely, Lower the number of deaths.

What is a good avg?

Aforementioned is getting out of my ELO bracket, it sounds like I should take top or jungle then.
I want to play with people who are good and dont rage, or afk, or pout or troll. I assume the higher the ELO the less jerks.

missou 02-27-2013 01:12 PM

Don't bother thinking about your average KDA. It is irrelevant and you will generally play worse trying to get a good one - especially as a support, when oftentimes it is better for you to sacrifice your life to save your ADC.

I personally don't think support is a bad role to climb the ladder, and many people have had great success in doing so, but I would agree that if your intention is to raise ELO, I would look into other roles as well. Keep in mind, though, that if your skill level is currently befitting of your ranked tier, you aren't going to be raising very much no matter what role you play.

Qsario 02-27-2013 01:13 PM

Actually, it's the number of assists you really want to work on. If you're there for teamfights (and you should be), I usually end up with half as many assists as my team has kills... or more. Deaths are a funny stat. A highish number can be okay, so long as they were actually worth it, rather than being stupidly caught out. By "worth it" I mean that you protected a high value teammate, stole baron/dragon or secured an important objective. Just be sure to stick with a teammate as much as possible, because always being behind in gold makes you extra vulnerable.

KiserSaySo 02-27-2013 07:20 PM

Well I have been working on all that been mentioned here. I feel pretty good about the 8-2 over the past ten matches

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