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Ella Monokini 02-25-2013 08:55 AM

Support Ahri/Annie
First of all, is a support Ahri or support Annie even viable? If so, how would i go about building them and how do i use them. I normally use them as mid lane ap bursters, but i wanna see if i can do bot lane support with either of them. what say you?

Theungry 02-25-2013 10:23 AM

I guess the question is really why do you want to use those heroes as support in the first place? Support indicates you're not going to be making much gold, and will be laying down wards. Besides CC, neither has much to offer in a team fight if they can't build for AP unlike a Taric/Leona/Alister/Sona who can help their team all game long with very minimal items.

Edit - I'm not trying to be mean. It's really the question you need to ask when considering an off-beat support. "what am I specifically bringing to the team that will help up win laning/teamfights/objectives moreso than a traditional meta-normalized choice?"

Cenerae 02-25-2013 11:49 AM

A support Ahri would only be useful for her Charm. A support Annie would only be useful for her stun.

Technically, a support Annie could AoE initiate for her team, but when you stack her against the likes of any of the common supports and you see how little she really offers. Why pick support Annie when you could be Janna, Leona, Thresh, Sona, Alistar, Lulu or Nami? Even some of the oddball choices like Orianna do more than just provide AoE CC. Without the farm, Annie does nothing except stunbot.

As for Ahri, she has a ranged single target taunt. That's it. I don't think more needs to be said on that after pointing out the shortcomings of support Annie.

I mean, you COULD support with them if you wanted to. Technically you could support with anyone. But what defines viable supports is what they actually bring to a team with few to no items. IE, they are defined by their utility. Damage dealers like Annie and Ahri have little, so they're ill suited. The reason why Orianna, Zyra and Lux work as supports is because they bring more to the table than just one thing. Lux has a ranged AoE slow, a root and a shield, along with high base damages on her skills to enable her to be a big threat early on. Orianna has an AoE CC from her ult, a shield that makes the recipent tanky, and an AoE speed/slow. Zyra has a line-based root, an AoE knockup, and her plants can slow people while also putting out a surprising amount of damage.

I hope you see the points here?

Sikozu 02-26-2013 09:13 AM

I would look at Syndra and Anivia as a Support before I considered either of those champions honestly.

In my opinion if a champion doesn't have 2 forms of CC (hard or soft) or a form of CC (hard of soft) plus a heal, they aren't a viable Support champion

Look at the classic support champions for reference.
Taric - 1CC, Heal, deBuff, Buff
Janna - 3CC, Heal, Buff
Sona - 2CC, Heal, 3Buff, deBuff
Nami - 3CC, Heal, Buff
Leona - 3CC, Buff, deBuff

Annie and Ahri only have 1CC and no other utilities in their kit, on top of that, they will lose their damage prowess. Champs like Syndra and Anivia at least has 2CC and some odd map augmenting from Anivia, but you still lose an awesome source of damage i going support.

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