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Ziek88 02-25-2013 06:02 AM

Jungle Experience Changes?
Lately I've noticed something rather unusual happening early game when I jungle. Typically, starting at blue will result in enough experience to be level 2 upon killing the blue camp. I have noticed that there are times where I'll kill blue and only one of the mini minions in his camp (someone on my team accidently kills one) and I level up to level 2 and yet there are other times where I will kill all 3 in blue camp, kill wolves and only level upon killing the last wolf. I can't figure out the logic of this. Anyone else notice this happen or able to shed some light on this? I've had these varying results in back to back games using the same champion, same masteries, same runes and same items.

As a sidenote there is not a zilean on the team or something which is increasing my experience gain in some cases.

*Pretty sure I just realized the part that I'm missing. Probably the split experience if more people are near causes me to not get the level. Duh me.

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