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Daddy Waldo 02-24-2013 06:43 PM

Best Malzahar Builds?
Hello, I am hoping to find a great Malzahar build... I have been doing pretty well with him but I feel as if I am missing some important stuff... So if anyone could link me a great build for season 3 or give me some pointers then it would be greatly appreciated.

X4N4T05 02-25-2013 11:37 AM

Malz was the first AP i learned... many many months ago, I still use him frequently.

My build is based off trial and error, the climax being a 22/8 malzahar game where a Volibear and myself put the team on our back to carry out of a 4v5 with no ADC.

My standard build goes as follows:
Start:Boots 3 pots (less popular, but if you'll be dodging skillshots galore, its worth it), Flask-2hp-1 mana pot, for the sustain necesarry to spam and get voildlings out there. My preferred start is Faerie Charm-6 pots 1 ward. This will allow you to sit in lane for days and farm, and since malzahar is a natural pusher, the ward will save you from potential ganks

Early game- You want to grab boots (if you didnt start with them) and rush a catalyst. More sustain, and suddenly your not being instakilled. Pick up a flask at some point in case of emergency, and make sure you get jungler to give you blue buff as much as possible If your getting kills and CSing well, you might consider going Needlessly Large Rod right after catalyst.

Mid Game: Your bread and butter items you'll get almost every time: Rod of Ages, Rabadon's Deathcap, Zhonyas Hourglass. Rod of Ages beefs you up a little bit and gives sustain, your ult is a 1.3 AP ratio if i'm not mistaken, which is AWESOME so building Rabadon's will enhance your damage output tremendously. Don't forget to upgrade your boots in the process. Zhonyas is almost a must-have on most APs nowadays, if you herp your derp and get caught, pop your zhonyas and let your team get in there to help. The new Seekers Armguard is also a healthy choice for early-mid game.

Lategame: This is when you build based on situation. Voidstaff is almost a must-have, unless the enemy team is still neglecting you and not building MR. Abbyssal Scepter will beef you up and give a nice little MR-reduct aura, Will of The Ancients is recommended by some guides, however I dislike the item on Malzahar. Just an option. Banshees Veil is always a good item for lategame, negating that Kassadin null-sphere, Veigar Stun, etc. A item i'm liking more and more is the new S3 item "Liandry's Torment". With the buff, the %HP DoT will be great mixed with your E-W DoT.

Some keys to remember: Your ult can be cleansed, and to some extent, Quicksilver Sash can break your combo (removes silence, suppress, and E). Try and drop a full combo, leading in with your Q which is the only real skillshot to land with malz. Q-W-E-R-Profit. When your clearing, spam spells and make sure to put your E on a low HP minion to start. voidlings are your friend, and will continue to attack after your dead. A fun thing to do is to get your voidling ready pre-fight, and by the end of the fight you should use enough spells to have 2 voidlings going at once.

Again, your a natural pusher so there is a good chance the jungler will be interested in camping your lane. Wards save lifes, and only cost 75gold each. It's common, sense, but if you ward top bush, make sure you stay near top so they can't come around from the bottom side. Try and use your combo on the ADC or the other AP champion, target squishies and try for the instakill.

Hope this helps.

Sephïroth 02-25-2013 12:21 PM

Malz is a beast. Remember, his voidling has the same attack stats as you. So here's my build:

Vamp Scepter -> Blood Thurster or Infinity Edge (Blood Thurster if you're behind, IE if you're ahead.) - Phantom Dancer - > Black Cleaver or Last Whisper depending on their armor - > Warmog or GA, Warmog if they have a lot of assassin ability, or GA if you're getting poked to death. -> Finish your IE or BT.

Warrrrax 02-25-2013 12:34 PM

Try lolpro or solomid. You definitely dont wanna play AD mal on SR or any non-dominion map. Hence, disregard the above.

No worries mate 02-26-2013 07:54 AM

Until they fix Liandry's torment, stick with rabadons and RScepter as your core build. The slow and health you get really compliment your dot kit. Afterwards dfg is a solid choice but don't be afraid to alter your build to match the circumstance.

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