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Fundip 02-23-2013 12:49 PM

Ranked 5's Team looking for more!
Riptide Synergy is looking for more people for our Ranked 5's team. Just fill out the information as follows.

Name in game:

Age (we would like age 17+):

Skype Name (must have mic):

Role you would like to fill:

When we try you out we will put you in a draft pick normal game. we may do 2-3 games if we feel you are good for the team. You must be lvl 29 or 30!

R4zor 02-23-2013 08:51 PM

IGN: R4zor

Age: 16, almost 17 but people I've met over skype guessed my age to be in the 20-22 range.

Skype: Kkdds3

Role: I'm willing to learn any but I prefer top.

Prime LikeRibs 02-25-2013 06:02 AM

Name in game: Prime LikeRIbs

Age (we would like age 17+): 20

Skype Name (must have mic): VirallySick

Role you would like to fill: Jungle or support

killmar66 02-25-2013 01:47 PM

Name in game: Killmar66

Age (we would like age 17+): 20

Skype Name (must have mic): myersnico15

Role you would like to fill:support, adc, mid

DiabloFever 02-25-2013 02:40 PM

name in game: DiabloFever

Age: 17

Skype Name: mitchell_carrigan

Role I would like to fill: Top i have been playing this role for 3 years and i am fantastic at it in my opinion top 10 in the server i am good with garen jarvan 4 jax wukong darius jayce and more currently looking for more characters though cause i had to remake my account due to a dumb ban

tyberiartus 02-26-2013 08:44 PM

Age: 16 but not far off from 17
Skype: jakehargislhs
Role: Im best at top and adc

2Fizzes1Pole 02-28-2013 07:48 AM

Age:16, but im not the immature stereotypical kind
Role:Jack of all trades, but im best at top hands down, i main jayce and xon zhao top and im really effective at that role, but i am have experienced at every role

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