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MDarkblade 02-23-2013 10:04 AM

So I am now horrible at ranked
alright after a nice 6 win streak that ranked me up two divisions at once...Silver 5 to Silver 3 I had a few back and forth win/loses then 6 straight loses ... It has been nothing short of an amazing down hill ride. I am currently at a win lose ration of something like 56% after all my loses. I am not complaining I didn't preform in a manner that would carry a game or lead the team...it's just amazing at the change in quality of team mates after the first few loses. I feel like I am getting people on my team that just want to attack me at every turn, instead of apply any kind of effort to change the flow of the game. I won't give up yet...but it hurt to see that demotion to silver 4 after just getting to 3 so quickly...guess it's just ranked adjusting to my skill lvl...but I have to wonder...why the drastic change in team mates while still in the same division...guess it's just that I haven't played enough ranked games yet... so only thing to do is see what the future hold...and if this keeps going just be glad I made silver in the first place.

Thanks for reading my rant...it helped me...and I hope it gives you a laugh, even if it just is by flaming me...at least someone gets to feel good!

MDarkblade 02-23-2013 10:35 AM

Well Shameless bump...

anyhow I reflect again on the games...and think why don't I Que dodge...when its apparent I will lose in the game lobby...why do I have hope that the big talkers are doing it because they have skill...and not because they only have rage and desire to be carried....I don't carry I run a lot of support because so often it's a failed position that is easily forgotten...supports need to respond to their carry and protect and aid them...so few do...most just sit back confused and attack every mistake the carry makes...well realize this...as a support each carry death has a lot to do with what you did as well...it's not always your fault...but still did you really give them the protection and cover they needed...just think about it..

AziJin 02-23-2013 10:41 AM

It burns my eyes

Hattricks 02-23-2013 10:44 AM

That is to much of a mess to even read.

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