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ScyRae 02-20-2013 01:25 AM

Team Cryptic, Looking for one more!
We are a team of Plat players looking to join in on the amateur tournaments around the League community. We enjoy the game, wish to improve on our game and improve as a team. Currently we are missing either a top or jungler position depending on the applicants. We seek to practice 3 to 4 times a week for around 3-5 hours. No, we are not looking to become a pro team, but rather have fun and maybe win a little prize money on the way.

If you're interested please fill out the form below and add me in game. We require that you are at least 17. We are all 18+, so please come with a mature attitude. Be able to take criticism, be constructive, and help develop team strategies. We will look to trying you out for a few games with whoever is on at the time. If we like your play style, then we will get you into a team game to try you out. We primarily use Skype, and are all on the West Coast.

Favorite Champions:
Elo (Which tier):
Hours generally free:

We know elo is not specifically a measure of skill. But we will take you much more seriously if at LEAST Gold 1. Or, if you are rapidly advancing.

And lastly. Don't be a jerk.

Thanks! Hope to hear from someone soon.

Prime LikeRibs 02-20-2013 04:17 AM

IGN: Prime LikeRibs
Position:Ranked Games mostly Jungle (Can also support and play Mid)
Favorite Champions: BlitzCrank, J4, Xin, Cho, Taric, Kayle
Strengths: Team Communcication, Always Posotive, team player always looking to get better and improve.
Weakness: LOW ELO, I mostly SOLO Q and playing Mostly jungle I find it hard to Carry no matter how well I do.
ELO: Silver IV
Hours Free: Mon-Thur 10pm est fri.sat,sun pretty much all day with the occasional errands and family functions.

Hi, My names Anthony and Im 20 almost 21, I have been playing league since just about launch after beta. I watch tons of streams and follow all the tournament coverage. I am always looking to improve and even if I can make the team its be awesome to find some people to play with and help improve. I am going to school but always find time to play a few games everyday. I always played league for fun with a few hometown friends. within the last 7 months I started to take LoL more serious and playing ranked as best as I can. I started off in July 980 rating and since then I have done as much as I can to improve, currently lolking has me at 1220 ranking which is Low but it has shown me that in 7months of playing relying on just myself to win games I have gained close too 300 elo and see myself improving more and more.

Thank you for viewing and if you would like to add me just for someone to practice with if youre need then feel free, you have my IGN

Also if you need anyway to contact me out of league of legends Twitter @VirallySick Skype: VirallySick

Hetoquis 02-20-2013 07:09 AM

IGN: Hetoquis
Position: Top or Jungle
Favorite Champions: Jarvan IV, Kayle, Hecarim
Strengths: I have played almost all champions and have learned to defeat them or counter them. I am a team player and am open to all advice. If someone is doing better then me then my most logical minded goal would be to support them and make sure they survive to be able to carry.
Weakness: I am at a low ELO. I do not like to carry people. Carrying just is not my play style. I would rather die for others then to kill for others in this game. Because of this I take on roles that fit tanky dps.
Elo (Which tier): Bronze IV (haven't played ranked a whole lot so haven't gotten out yet. In season 2 I was silver)
Hours generally free: after 4:00 pm Central Time Zone sometimes much sooner.

Hucalicious 02-20-2013 10:05 AM

IGN: Hucalicious
Position: Jungler, Adc, Top, Mid
Favorite Champions: Miss Fortune, Warick, Elise
Strengths: Jungle, Carry
Weakness: Maybe Mid but not that weak
Elo (Which tier): Bronze 1 however up to uprise fast (check match history)
Hours generally free: Alot

Darkbunny1000 02-20-2013 01:33 PM

GN: darkbunny1000
Position: Top, Mid
Favorite Champions: Xin, Cho, Kass, (I can play decent with almost every other champion)
Strengths: My strengths are top and mid, if you check my scores on LoL i do pretty well handling top but not too much with mid but im pretty good, typically i carry the team.
Weakness: Sadly, my elo, but otherwise I'm not exactly a good jungler but i can handle along with support and adc
Elo (Which tier): Bronze V (I took on this account from my brother who stopped playing, just getting back into it
Hours generally free: Monday-Friday typically at around 10 P.M. later and more during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Problem is that I'm still around the age of 14 so playing won't be all that much. I can average a good 20-30 a week if I'm free (which is a lot) so if your looking for a good player I hope you can pick me but I can also be a sub since I won't be able to hang in the practices all the time (if there during the weekdays). I'm a A, B kid whos Asian (B's? unheard of for an Asian, I know) I play pretty well in LoL usually ending up having to carry my team. My elo isn't too good because I got this account from my brother since my other account doesn't have as much skins and champions so I prefer using his. His elo got really low during Christmas so I'm slowly getting back. Since he can't play LoL anyomore (Law School) you can count on it just being me playing and not him, don't worry. I hope you guys can pick me for atleast a sub because I hope to do well for you guys. Like I said before my main is typically Cho'Gath (good for both mid and top) due to his amazing cc with his q and silence w. I also like kass even though he is getting more and more banned, lastly, my last favorite champion is xin due to his mass dps even though he has no escape. I can play decent with almost every champion though. So I hope you pick me,

skype: Darkbunny1000
email: darkandbostpro@gmail.com

Bluefreeze 02-20-2013 02:19 PM

IGN: Bluefreeze
Position: ADC / Mid
Favorite Champions: Anivia, Zed, Zyra, Caitlyn, MF
Strengths: Map awareness, can ward, general things.
Weakness: I'm a bad jungler and support player
Elo (Which tier): gold IV, but moving up
Hours generally free: anytime on weekends, generally anytime after 3pm EST on weekdays

NoFearIronMan 02-20-2013 02:42 PM

IGN: NoFearIronMan
Position: Top ( main ) Jungle is my second best position
Favorite Champions: Counter pick, otherwise Garen, Olaf, Riven, Jayce.
Strengths: I can play lots of champions well making it easy to counter pick.
Weakness: I haven't played ranked premade 5's.
Elo (Which tier): Silver 3, rising fast
Hours generally free: Going to School for programming, school from 8 am - 2 pm, free rest of time generally. Open most weekends.

Email: Daniel.Merrill@oit.edu
Skype: Daniel.Merrill6654

Umisachi 02-20-2013 04:17 PM

IGN: AznProd
Position: Top (Pref) Mid
Favorite Champions: Renekton, Diana, Katarina, Hecarim, Riven, Nidalee
Strengths: I used to main jungle s2, so I know a lot about the jungle, and gank routes, I'm good with summoner spell cd, I have good positioning, and I can play most role efficently, though I haven't played much support, I do play a good janna.
Weakness: I suck at landing nidalee spear/ rumble ult, I'm not bad with skillshots, it's just I suck with those.
Elo (Which tier): Plat IV at the moment.
Hours generally free: Usually free anytime, (EST)

Holy Shen 02-21-2013 10:27 AM

IGN: imagEz
Position: Adc
Favorite Champions: Ezreal, Missfortune, Caitlyn, nocturne
Strengths: Lane Presence, Teamwork, Attitude, Positioning
Weakness: farming sometimes
Elo (Which tier): 2k Plat D3
Hours generally free: 8pm - 1pm pst

Devlın 02-22-2013 12:28 AM

IGN: Taintful
Position: Anything but support
Favorite Champions: Everyone
Strengths: Solo lane, positioning, Teamwork
Weakness: Support
Elo (Which tier): Plat l
Hours generally free: 5pm-1am PST, I'm in Hawaii

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