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We are GAR 02-18-2013 05:50 PM

=ADK= LoL League Cash Prize!
ADK Gaming League
League start date: March 16 2013
Match Dates: March 16 & 23, April 2 & 9 & 16. Times: TBA
Regular season: TBA # of games (Sudden Death)
Top 6 teams advance to the Tournament
Tournament Start Date: April 23rd Time: TBD
Single Elimination
Winner takes 60% of OVERALL prize pool to be donated to their community/Team
2nd: 30% of overall pool
3rd: 10% of overall pool
$50 USD Buy in per Community/Team, $25 USD per extra team


$50 buy in, payment must be made up to 1 week prior to the league start date (March 9 2013). The league will be split into 2 divisions, 1/2 the overall teams per division. Top teams from each division will advance to the tournament as well as having a first round bye. Semi-final and Championship will be streamed and commentated on by paid commentator. Teams may consist up to a total of 5 players and 2 emergency backups. Failure to compete in a game will result in a loss for my Community/team. Anyone who withdraws from the League after the Entry fee payment is payed, will not be refunded there entry fee. Each team is alloted 5 minutes of Pause time. Pause's may only occur when a player Disconnects, for no other reason is a game allowed to be paused; should a Pause occur for any other reason other than a Disconnect that team will automatically forfeit that match. If a team reaches their limit for Pause time the game will resume even if the Disconnected person has not returned. Teams may request a restart of their game should a member of their team Disconnect within the first 5 minute's of the game before first blood has occurred. Each team has a total of 2 restarts throughout the League and Tournament so use them wisely.

Terms of Agreement:

Entry Fee: I hereby understand that once the entry fee is paid it is NON-REFUNDABLE at any means. Unless the tournament is canceled then ALL money will be returned to its rightful donators.

Community/Team: I agree that if I am representing a community unless otherwise stated by its founder, any money I win will go to the community in which I am representing to do with as they please.

Backups: I understand that if I am a backup any money that my team wins, unless I compete in the tournament, I will not be eligible to receive unless otherwise gifted it from the participating members. However if I compete I will only be receive 50% of the share of the prize money of the member I replaced.

Payout: I understand that if I win first, second, or third place; the prize money will be equally distributed out to the team. If I am representing a community, winnings will go to that community unless otherwise stated by the founder of that community (See Terms of Agreement, Community/Team). I understand that if not contacted with the necessary information (Pay-Pal Information), the money will be distributed equally to the known members of that team who have provided us with the appropriate information. All payments are to be made to Pay-pal accounts, nothing else will be authorized. Payment will be made in US Dollars.

Rights: I understand the above information is based on a Ten team format. =ADK= reserves the right to make changes to the Amount of teams Eligible to take place in the Tournament at the end of the league based on the number of payed entry fee's.

Payment Directions

1: Go to Www.Adkgamers.com.

2: Click on =ADK= Store.

3: Click on LoL Tournament Buy In.

4: Click ADK League- $50 Entry fee.

5: Enter the Necessary Information.

Link directly to the store: http://www.adkgamers.com/store/produ...-50-entry-fee/

Pool & Prizes
-$200 USD currently
-First place: 100 Slot free mumble server for 6 months.
-Second place: 50 Slot free mumble server for 3 months.
Third place: 25 Slot Free mumble server for 1 month.

If you have any questions at all please contact me: Hueyness as I will be the PoC for all things concerning the League. You can get a hold of me by PM on Www.Adkgamers.com/ LoL: Hueyness/ or on Ts.adkgamers.com: 3796 if you wish to talk.

Already have multiple interested gaming communities and Multiple signed up.

-Deus Gaming. Www.DeusGaming.com
-Vexx Gaming. Www.VexxGaming.com

As communities/Teams sign up more will be listed here.

We are GAR 02-19-2013 07:33 PM

Still Looking for more teams Please pst me if you have any questions.

Dracones Vitae 02-19-2013 10:35 PM

You should look into the marketing concept of the greater the entry the fewer participants and with cheaper the entry the quality of participants decreases.

You should find a better median for the customer base of LoL players. Many are in high school....or less. $20 Probably would have been better. Actually $25 sounds like a number this player base could get behind. Many of the small tournaments charge nothing. Not saying you should, but that is your competetion; In a matter of speaking that is.

We are GAR 02-20-2013 01:08 PM

The Fee is the Fee, B/c if we have a get to our goal of a $500 prize pool the winning team takes home $300 USD. So if you can't pay we do have plans in the future to host tournaments for a lesser cost however atm this the tournament we have planned. Only one person on your team needs to pay the $50 fee, which comes down to $10 per person which isn't a lot of money.

If you read the ToA, you will see if we have teams that pay the fee that aren't quality teams and decide that they no longer wish to compete we are not obligated to refund them their Entry fee, As it is detrimental to the our teams that wish to compete and it keeps the Prize pool stable throughout the course of the Tournament. We are looking for teams that have the Desire and will to compete in a League that takes place over the course of six weeks. Not a team that is going to come in and see they aren't doing well and withdraw from the tournament. If we started out with 15 teams at the start of the league and lets say 6 of them drop out, 6 of them will not be receiving their entry fee back, keeping the prize pool at $750 for the dedicated teams that still wish to compete.

I appreciate your comments and will take them into consideration when planning future tournaments however we already have Multiple teams interested in competing that have yet to sign up. So we aiming our tournament at a more mature player base, that wants a taste of competitive play and a chance to win money for their Community/Team.

We are GAR 02-20-2013 07:19 PM

Just an update on some sponsorship stuff! We have our wonderful server provider Branzone sponsoring us and will be giving the top 3 teams a prize:

1st Place - 100 Slot Mumble Server for 6 months

2nd Place - 50 Slot Mumble Server for 3 Months

3rd Place - 25 Slot Mumble Server for 1 Month

We are GAR 02-23-2013 11:15 AM

Come on down. Every entry fee payed goes straight into the Prize pool. The more teams we see sign up the more money you could Potentially make.

ADK AOBLXIX 02-24-2013 12:37 AM


Originally Posted by Draco Tempus (Hozzászólás 34853476)
Many are in high school....or less. $20 Probably would have been better. .

Well something to think about is the tournament is $10 a person if you are splitting it between 5 players, and as a high schooler that's not too hard to come by, especially if there is a chance that you could walk away with $60 per person, and that's only at the lowest goal of a $500 pool. So that's a 60% profit, just imagine what it could be if more sign up.

I do understand what you mean, but don't feel as it's a huge issue if people do split the payment.

Also the more people we get signed up the more sponsors we'll be getting as well. We just had Cooler Master sponsor an ADK Lan event that is taking place this summer. They are definitely willing to do more sponsorships for us, as well as our awesome server provider who didn't even question and gave us those mumble servers to give away.

We've also got some primal carnage keys to give away as well, from LukeWarm Media.

We look forward to seeing new teams sign up and if you have any questions please let us know!

ADK AOBLXIX 02-24-2013 01:21 PM

Just talked to a few other teams/communities out there who are interested!

This is turning out great already. If you're interested please let us know and you can also stop by our website as well. We want to make this a fun and enjoyable tournament for everyone.

AX hebi 02-24-2013 03:09 PM

need casters? i added you in game, also email me @ themalevolenttf2@gmail.com

We are GAR 02-27-2013 01:10 PM

Still In need of 5 teams!!!

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