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Quintessence 10-27-2010 12:02 PM

Magnificent Twisted fate left in the dust?
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10/5/2012: Alright everyone, the fight is over. MTF will not be receiving anything except for the fancy new coat of paint. we fought hard but in the end but we lost, know though that our requests did not fall on deaf ears. Riot truly wanted to make the skin magnificent however if they changed MTF they would have to change every other outdated skin. Riot simply does not have the man-power to make this happen so the project was abandoned.

So with a heavy heart, I bid this thread farewell and hope that in the future TF will receive a skin that shows just how amazing a champion he really is.

Best Regards,

lets try to brainstorm how to fix this broken skin.

Decided to fix the skin myself: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=892815

1/14/2011: reached 500 upvotes

1/20/2011: epic chibi TF picture acquired (Drawn by duetlol)

1/24/2011: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...12894&page=156 RiotJeffJew posts, agreeing that something needs to be done and he will get some traction going on the update!

4/20/2011: reached 1000 upvotes

6/26/2011@5:21 pm PST: 1500 upvotes :D and then downvoted to 1499...

10/1/2011: 2000 upvotes, good job everyone!

10/27/2011: The thread turns 1 year old today, kind of disappointing but cool at the same time.

10/27/2011: 500 pages WOOT

11/5/2011: 2500 upvotes!!!! they have to listen eventually right?

1/1/2012: 3000 upvotes, just 4000 more till they listen right?

3/26/2012: Ironstylus gives new hope to the community!

Originally Posted by IronStylus (Hozzászólás 22319325)
Still totally here! My apologies for my absence, I've been quite mindful of it and feel rather guilty! I have indeed been busy with a lot of stuff. I've been working very hard on some really cool skins such as taking on some substantial challenges for future legendary skins and possible reworks.. also I've been working on a champion submission of my own!

Hopefully you guys will get to see a strem of content come out which has my scratchings all over it =)

4/19/2012: 4000 upvotes, 3000 to go?

4/29/2012: Ironstylus is my hero, posts in the thread. it seems some people at riot do in fact care.

Attempts at getting riots attention
6/27/2011: called out phreak http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=899829 (no response, dodged like jax)

Amazing suggestions so far


Originally Posted by Magnamarak
i have a couple ideas for Magnificent TF

Wild card: instead of cards throw white birds

Destiny/Gate: instead of a circle of cards you will see TF entering into a magic box and then coming out of the box.



- The hand is quicker than the eye
- A magician never reveals his secrets
- Abracadabra (maybe for gate)
- Is this your card? (pick a card)


- And for my next trick i will cut you in half


- Is that a coin behind your ear? no? Presto! is a rabbit, oh wait.


Originally Posted by XeonV (Hozzászólás 3770468)
How about this?

Wild Card

Twisted Fate throws three enlarged versions of traditional playing cards, face up so one can see the symbols (♠♥♦♣).

Pick A Card

Blue Card: Instead of the blue card symbol above his head, a Blue ♦ appears: the card shoots diamonds out of the target upon impact.

Red Card: Red ♥, which has a similar-themed pattern on the ground below the target.

Gold Card: Gold ♠, which has a giant Spade symbol appear beneath the target.

Upon landing a card, Twisted Fate could occasionally ask "Is this your card," in a rather smug tone.

Stacked Deck

The floating cards, as well as the cards that "shatter" on impact are the four symbols above, randomly generated.


The Eye effect that hovers above enemy players upon activation of Destiny is changed to a Top Hat.


The design of Magnificent Twisted Fate's cape would suggest using the actual suits of the cards, rather than just stylized ones.


Originally Posted by Salacavalini (Hozzászólás 3862655)
Fanfares and stagelights and drumrolls. Just make his abilities over-the-top flashy. At least on the ultimate.

Picture this. TF starts channeling Gate. Instead of cards forming under his feet, he's surrounded by a curtain cylinder. Stagelights appear out of the sky and focus on him. At the destination point, the curtains/lights also appear. A drumroll is heard at both locations. Then, when he finishes, the curtains open again, reavling that he's magically vanished from one point and reappeared in the other, and a fanfare plays.

Confetti and fireworks and white tigers and women in skimpy outfits are optional.


Originally Posted by UrsaMinor (Hozzászólás 3863874)
1. Destiny: After he channels he disappears and reappears in a puff of smoke or something like that. Or it could be similar to a curtain rising and falling, and while he does this he could be doing some new animation (the curtains would replace the cards appearing). A voice-over can replace the current destiny sound.

2. PaC and/or Wild Cards: You could add a voice-over for hitting an enemy with this attack (similar to mundo's or cho's spells, but with TF saying something clever of his own)


Originally Posted by oozaboo (Hozzászólás 4176404)
Magnificent new dance:

(Will Arnett is his new voice, it is decided.)


Originally Posted by Katastrophic (Hozzászólás 3715721)
I actually just made a thread about this. my idea was regarding his ult. When he starts the gate, instead of cards appearing in a circle below him, a magic door appears and opens up next to him, he walks through it. The door appears where is he gating to and he walks out of it. Add some puffs of smoke and thats a hell of a flashy entrance.

moonwalk for his dance would be neato too.


Originally Posted by Razeluxe (Hozzászólás 3735126)
Upon pressing R: "The first part is called "The Pledge""
Upon pressing R again and choosing destination: "The second act is called "The Turn""
Upon arrival: "The third act, the hardest part, we call "The Prestige""

Would be epic.


Originally Posted by Sir JamSession (Hozzászólás 5775354)
Suggestion: When he comes out of Gate his hat could appear on the ground then levitate upwards as he appears underneath it. Extra points if a rabbit hops away once he appears.


Originally Posted by KKumar (Hozzászólás 6655517)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgXN0kO1JEA Implement this dance, Riot.


Either doves flying out of his magic ultimate circle or boxes appearing and hiding him on where he stands and then opening up on the teleported place.
Agreeing with this. A better, more magician animation for his Gate would be great. Sprouting out of the box, doves flying out, and where he leaves from, he just melts into the ground.


Oh, and burning-shiny-sparkling-glittery cards. Give them a little aoe visual effect like Corki has on that skill that reveals an area <3
Sparkly Pick a Card animations, too! And a trail of glitter for Wild Cards.


Originally Posted by Cupiter (Hozzászólás 8409700)
When he dies, he falls into a coffin. It's sawn in half and poofs.

Phreak Avenue 10-27-2010 12:07 PM

i have the skin. It needs some love yes

EDIT: This post peaked at + 300 now its down to +142. Makes me sad. Also this is a year old post

EDIT2: **** son 2012 now. Will the world end before this skin gets fixed ?

EDIT3: now we are well into april of 2012 but still nothing. How sad

EDIT4: 800 pages and over 4000 upvotes guys. **** just got real

Edit5: The parrot speaks ! at last we have some idea as to when magnificent tf will be remade

Edit6: Morello posts but its not really good news :(

Edit6: From 2 red posts to seven. Iron stylus is my new hero

Edit7: Grumpy monkey confirms they are going to update magnificent tf !
Huzzah ! WE WON!

Final edit: OK we lost. Riot announced that they are retiring the mag tf skin. For good. We tried guys we really did

re final edit: This post is two years old and at last they are remaking tfs visually . Huzzah ?

Re re final edit: remakes out. Its ok. oh well

Sfyri Ithikos 10-27-2010 12:09 PM

Hey! i actually enjoy how the skin looks!

Though it does need some TLC T-T

Kazuar 10-27-2010 12:25 PM

Dont forget red baron corki

zankioh 10-27-2010 12:25 PM

My Astronaut Teemo is laughing at TF from outer space. Ha!

Akumi 10-27-2010 12:27 PM


Originally Posted by zankioh (Hozzászólás 3709300)
My Astronaut Teemo is laughing at TF from outer space. Ha!

I really hope that Magnificent TF will be able to teleport on moon with doves flying out of his magic circle.

Really Riot, this skin needs some love.

Phreak 10-27-2010 12:27 PM

What would you like to see Magnificent Twisted Fate get, if you wanted him to be more "deserving" of Legendary status?

HamHams 10-27-2010 12:29 PM

Make his attack/spell animations diff?
Like his teleport, its a large box that explodes into glitter(or caffeti, cant spell)

Akumi 10-27-2010 12:30 PM


Originally Posted by Phreak (Hozzászólás 3709348)
What would you like to see Magnificent Twisted Fate get, if you wanted him to be more "deserving" of Legendary status?

A more Magnificent dance, because the current one is really... dissapointing.
Either doves flying out of his magic ultimate circle or boxes appearing and hiding him on where he stands and then opening up on the teleported place.
A taunt, where he takes of his magic cylinder and picks an Astronaut Teemo from it and then puts him away would be hilarious and legendary, not sure however if it's that easy to do and I wouldn't mind not implementing it.

Oh, and burning-shiny-sparkling-glittery cards. Give them a little aoe visual effect like Corki has on that skill that reveals an area <3

Crysknife 10-27-2010 12:31 PM

New voiceover - like Michael Caine.

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