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AcornGames 02-13-2013 02:22 PM

Support Lux?
Hey guys,

So I normally run Lux Mid if I can. Sometimes even solo top!
My last game I tried running her as a support for our Carry, and I quickly became a fly for enemies to swat at.

My AP was really low due to the lack of gold, which made the damage on my ult just sad, and unable to take down champs with roughly 1/8th of their hp, and the CC her skill kit provides is great, but doesn't inspire that "back off" feeling because it doesn't deal any damage to them, and no one on my team was able to capitalize on the stuns I was dishing out.

With Lux being so dependant on gold and dealing damage along with her CC, how and why would you run her as just a support for the ADC who will get all the monies?

jadelink 02-13-2013 04:09 PM

Most support lux's are mid lux's who don't want to play a support character, or aren't any good with them.

A support lux still has substantial poke and some CC. She isn't really the best support, but it can be done, make sure you save your bind for enemies closing on your ADC, or for when your adc can lay down some serious fire on them.

Having a bind makes lux support more suitable when your ADC has burst from range, (like ezreal) or has long range (like Cait). With these abilities they can really hurt someone you have trapped in your bind, without any real retaliation.
IMPORTANT - Get used to casting your shield on them in exchanges. If you do this with the right ADC then lux can run a reasonable poke lane.

Gold - make sure you run gold quints, and masteries and the pickpocket mastery, you'll need all you can get (and get that early philo stone vs most lanes). Assists are important, if you get an assist, thats 70% of the gold of a kill. If the enemy is getting away, don't be scared to lazer them.

You will be behind on gold compared to a mid lux, and are unlikely to carry the game. Early game, no one has farmed yet, so your damage is as good as a mid lux. Later, you will feel distinctly weak, especially with the burden of warding bot lane (you really need sightstone in the long run, it will save much money if you are warding as much as a support needs to).

Lux isn't a great support, but is a doable one. Later in the game you may wrack up a lot of assists, as few kills, push back a lane when no one is there, and start to get one or two nice AP items. If its a long game, then these factors plus your philo stone and kages may see you catch up in gold.

Lux support ok but not good. Mostly done by decent lux players who don't get how to do a regular support, or find them dull. WIll not have the damage of mid lux, but still can be useful.

Gydeinn 02-13-2013 04:49 PM

Support lux, you shouldn't be building AP unless you're really ahead. This goes for every support, you're there for the utility and keeping your adc and team alive. Being a long time support, I can tell you AP items are expensive for supports, given that what little gold you do get, you have to spend at least 75 of it on wards every time you go back (and that's just the bare minimum, you should also be getting a vision ward as well). Believe me, support is different from mid, and should be treated as such.

Now to actually answer your question: You take Lux support if you want/need the utility. She has amazing poke, amazing CC, peel, kiting, etc. and is great at getting the job done. You're not taking her bottom for damage, otherwise you'd be taking her mid.

AcornGames 02-13-2013 05:32 PM

Thanks Jade! I don't think ill be using lux as a support char. ( I have Janna, Nami, and Soraka anyways ) As pure support it seems you may as well not even have an Ult, which is a skill I believe everyone should be able to use to contribute to the game. As Janna or Soraka Your Ult can always help out the team, and the rest of your skill kit is still useful without having a lot of AP.

Cenerae 02-13-2013 06:14 PM

The primary reason to pick Lux as a support is to counter Sona in lane.

How does this work? You outburst her, and can pin her in place if she attempts to harrass you/your partner. It's that simple.

Versus other supports, her primary goal becomes to control the brush with her E and passive procs, while setting up kills with her root. Lux has decent base values so doesn't start to fall off noticeably until late game.

factotum 02-14-2013 03:03 AM

I run full Support masteries on Lux in bot lane. I usually build Philo, then get a Chalice (w/ the Chalice change you could start 2 Faerie Charms, which I did before). After that, depending on how well we are controlling the map, I either get my Sight Stone or I build Athene's or a Mikael's. Usually Athene's.

You provide amazing utility & poke & zone very well. I like to play her w/ someone like Draven or another ADC w/ high damage potential. That way you can capitalize on mistakes, like getting caught in a binding. At 6, your laser provides the opportunity for an almost guaranteed kill. Later on, the laser is great for using when you can hit all players on an enemy team in a team fight early on, or picking someone off. Also, always look to steal buffs & drags etc w/ it. My play style is centered around CDR (Lucidity boots, Athene's, 10% CDR from offense/utility tree). Also, don't under value the power of your shield in team fights. If you use it well, you will find it winning a couple fights a game.

Like someone said earlier, it's usually done by people who excel at Lux/skill shots.

PrinceOfUruk 02-14-2013 12:07 PM

Support Lux is good at zoning the enemy lane out, don't build damage on her unless you're retardedly ahead and your Ult is now a initiator or to be used to kill only when no one else can.

doomed2death 02-14-2013 08:47 PM


Originally Posted by jadelink (Hozzászólás 34626806)
Lux support ok but not good. Mostly done by decent lux players who don't get how to do a regular support, or find them dull. WIll not have the damage of mid lux, but still can be useful.

Strongly disagree with that...

I used to main support (mostly because when I first started playing League, I queued with my lvl 25-30 cousin (he was leveling as we played) and I didn't have the runes and masteries to competently compete at other lanes). Having played against so many individuals who were far better equipped than I (extra gold masteries), I can tell you that I can support.

Nor do I find supports dull. The only time a support is dull is when the ad carry is not very good at the game. Then, it's more frustrating than dull anyway.

There are several advantages to a support lux (or any other similar "support")
1) Superior aggression. Likely, the only champions able to match the aggression are Blitzcrank and Leona but then Lux has superior zoning to them.
2) Better scaling. Lux's base damages scale nicely into the game and building AP while balancing support work isn't that difficult.
3) Additional AP carry late game. If you play well with aggression, the assist gold and extraneous farm you pick up will let you be like 3/4 of a regular ap mid lux.
4) Support masteries give auto 10% CDR which is godly on an aggressive AP champion.

So yeah, no. Support Lux is like support Blitzcrank or Leona. Difference is that Lux hits harder despite having slightly less cc (2 second bind is pretty freaking good still).

On top of that, Lux comes with a shield (making her perform many the same functions as Janna. bind v knockup. Single target powerful shield v multi-target weaker shield that hits twice. Single target slow v limited AoE slow).

Support lux has been ran on some high level teams iirc so I wouldn't say it's troll nor for the bored. Anyways, I think that covers the "why run lux support" deal.

Stop trying to engage! Number one mistake I made when I first played lux as a support, I still remember. I thought I was like AP lux, all badass AP carry. hahahahahaha no. You may wreck other supports (don't try a leona or Alistar though) but you will get wrecked by Bruisers, AP Carries, junglers, ad carries with superior farm.

Focus on your powerful harass. Remember your passive doesn't scale off AP and it can deal a lot of damage; just hit them hard. Frequently.

You have CC! Your E isn't about damage, it's about slowing them down and granting temporary vision and proccing your passive. Your Q is a 2 second binding on 2 targets with an amazing cooldown.

Finish them! Your R is the awesomesaucelaz0r of legends. use it. Don't KS with it but grab extra kills from halfwayaccrossthemap. It let's your buildup gold.

Your laser... Also use it ot harass (it has a low cooldown anyway), to farm up lanes, to push, to push back pushed lanes, and to intimidate/redirect enemies. Stop thinking damage, start thinking utility.

I focus on CDR. I grab a Philosopher's Stone and Kage's pick ASAP with many many many wards in between. Then, I focus on getting a sight stone. Then Ruby Sighstone Then, depending on how the game is going, Aegis or CDR boots. Then CDR boots or Aegis. (A tough or stale-mated game means Aegis. To snowball your AD Carry with more frequent skill use, CDR boots. Either way, you'll want both). If your team really needs it, you can build that philosopher's stone to a Shurelya's. In my opinion, it's rarely necessary given the range of your skills to engage and to flee. Locket of Solari? IMO, overrated.

Then, focus on Oracle's Elixers (you should not die frequently given your range) and Morello's Tome. With this you have 40% CDR (a little over, but whatever). This means later, 24 second cooldown laser, mass spammed cc, etc. After that, you can build ap items and you'll farm quick between E and R. (My final build in a 50 min game has been: CDR Boots, Morello's Tome, Bulwark, Sighstone, Deathcap, Void Staff. My damage was not bad at all and I was still supporting. Sometimes, I sell the Ruby Sight Stone for a Zhonya's or something if we've pushed them far enough into base.).

The way I've played, I'm frequently aimed as often as the AD Carry or AP Carry due to the impact I hold on games. I often also have quite a few kills as I catch stragglers and I manage to snowball my AD carry quite often. Support lux is an amazing aggressor and initatior when well played

FlowyS 02-15-2013 10:24 AM

I run an extremely aggressive support Lux focusing on AP rather than support items. My goal is basically to make use of Lux's three spells that all do damage to their highest effectiveness rather than be a more traditional defense support. If I want a more traditional defense support, I'll rather run something like Soraka, Taric, or Morgana. If I want more defense, I'll run Taric. If I want more heals and shields, I'll run Soraka. If I need more cc, I'll rather run Morgana. For me, Lux is a offensive support that can easily stay back and still do a very good amount of damage; I intend to maximize Lux's strength.

Masteries: 9/0/21
Runes: Magic Pen Red, Gold Yellow, Blue CDR, Quint Gold
Build: Sorcerer's Boot, Sightstone, Liandry's Torment, Philo Stone (Kage's Lucky Pick optional)
Skill: Max E, Q at 1, W at 1, take R at 6/11/16.
Summoners: CV and Heal

Later: Runic Bulwark, Zhonya's Hourglass or Morellonomicon, Void Staff, Eliesa's Miracle

Rush magic pen as early as possible to deal tons of damage early on. With Haunting Guise, Sorcerer's Boot, and Magic Pen Reds, you should be looking at around 35 magic pen. Compare to a Lux that rushes something like Aegis, I'm doing alot more damage. Of course, I'm also way more squishy, but that can mostly be solved by staying in the back and using Lux's strength in long range combat. Enemies will be shocked when they see support Lux doing almost as much damage as a mid Lux. Support through Rainbow Lazerz!

Armageddal 02-16-2013 08:48 AM

She's a pretty good support. She does have a lot of utility with her Q snaring two, her shield working twice, and her area slow. She's great and getting away from ganks, and for dealing heavy damage. She works best with good early game champions, such as Ezreal or Draven, since she can do a lot of damage with her passive and laser. I recommend maxing your shield first, followed by E; Q is a one-point wonder. Don't underestimate your passive's damage output, and combo your laser with your carry's damage.

Late game she's a bit less useful, since her laser falls off so hard. I recommend building an AP heavy support build, since she supports her team more through the strength of her shield and laser rather than her CC.

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